1/21/21 Daily Affirmation 🌓

Message to self:

“I am protected and supported.

The Universe has my back

because I believe in myself

and my vision unconditionally.

Everything is coming together

nicely; I have nothing to

worry about. All is well.”

~ Lukas Notes


I just did my tarot for the day and made my choice. This is the feeling I have after deciding on what to do. I love these they always resonate in some way with me each day. I missed the last couple because I wasn’t available, but I am going to go look at them & think about how my days went & see how on point they were. Because I know they were perfect


When I read this I feel a loving mixture of support, encouragement, and the bright chance of success :star2::grin:

I love reading these, @Christina4- thanks! :pray:

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