10/10/2020 Affirmation

Message to self:

“I no longer force relationships.

I allow everyone to flow freely.

I allow to come & I allow to go.

I am happy and content because

the source of my joy is within me."

~ Lukas Notes


This is so powerful!

I have been slowly becoming more aware of the subtle and sometimes completely unnoticed things I do in my life so as to be able to hang out with so and so and various stuff like that. It’s crazy how so many of us live our lives disregarding ourselves and consuming our energies thinking about other people.
Not to say we shouldn’t serve others but there are healthy ways of doing that while still holding space for ourselves.

Thank you for this reminder!


Gorgeous, @christina4! A lovely affirmation for a special day- I realized on Saturday that the date read 10-10-20-20! I don’t know much about numerology myself, but it felt like a powerful day :raised_hands:

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It deals with numerology. Here’s a link that explains why it’s important.


Ohhhh thanks for sharing the link about numerology, @christina4! :star_struck: Looks like 10/10 means a double dose of strength with astrology on our side- and actually, looking back, Saturday was indeed a very good day! :grin:

I hope you had a very lucky and exciting 10/10! :raised_hands: