10 Keys to Mantaining Optimism 🔑

Where others see roadblocks, successful people see opportunities. I recently found this post: 10 Commandments of Optimism by Shyam Ramanathan, and wanted to share these here:

I resolve to be calm in the face of chaos :relieved:

We all encounter chaos and change in our lives. It could be a health issue or relationship issue. Top leaders are usually calm during storms. They think before they speak especially when they are angry. So, take the time to respond and think about your difficulties. Whatever advise you would give your best friend give it to yourself.

I resolve to learn from setbacks :muscle:

Napoleon Hill famously said, “Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent benefit.” It is not easy to stay positive when things go wrong but that is the truest test of your optimism. When you learn from every setback you join the pantheon of greats.

I resolve to take 100% responsibility for my life :100:

I am not the first to suggest this nor will I be the last. Taking full responsibility for your life both personal and professional is the starting point of feeling great about yourself. When you feel you are in control of your life you are more optimistic. You also respond to life rather than react to it. Even your self motivation is directly related to how much control you feel you have over your life.

I resolve to love my life :green_heart:

Loving your life will ensure you are optimistic about it. If we love our lives we will understand that setbacks are temporary and we bounce back more readily. If we love our lives we will manage ourselves better.

I resolve never to blame anyone else :speaking_head:

If you engage in blame you will be feeling negative. The way to overcome that is to be objective and never engage in blame. Provide constructive feedback but never blame anyone for anything.

I resolve to do my best every day :spiral_calendar:

All of us can reach for the highest of our potential. The key is it is different for everyone. Not everyone can become CEO’s and I don’t think we need to. We can do our best every day and if we are convinced we did that then we will be happier.

I resolve never to compare myself with others :eyes:

Comparing ourselves with others is a needless distraction. With the advent of social media this is more prevalent. However, everyone is on their own journey and comparisons are never accurate. Comparing with public figures is even more dubious as none of us know how everyone reached their level of success. The best way is to celebrate others success and reach for our best.

I resolve to stay grateful in my life :pray:

One of the keys to optimism is to stay grateful. Writing every day three things that you are grateful for increases your positive stance. There are always things we can appreciate in our lives even when things are going wrong. We can be grateful for the way our lives look now and it doesn’t have to something big.

I resolve to take care of myself physically and emotionally :person_in_lotus_position:

Depending on your health situation you can take care of yourself physically to make sure you are at your best. Getting adequate sleep is another key. When you sleep 7-8 hours you feel great in the morning. Combining this with a good diet will ensure you are in a good mood most of the time.

I resolve to keep my input positive :+1:

Keeping up with the events of the world is good but we also need to ensure we keep our input positive most of the time. Whenever you read something inspirational or educational you generally feel better. If you listen to good podcasts you feel better informed and increase your knowledge. So, take the time to ensure your input is positive.

Love and Blessings! :raised_hands:


I am always calm, too old to get excited…lol…lived through too darn many things people went nutz about and ya know what? It always resolved itself…

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