100 Types of Witches Video

I love Anais’ videos! After watching this I found that I really connected with dream witch, art witch, crystal witch, and nocturnal witch!

Which ones do you consider yourself as or feel connected to?


Holy crap. 100 different types of witches? That’s a lot!

I’ll have to add this to my watch later list and check it out when I have an hour to spare lol


100?? lol I am probably all of them…hard to pin down sometimes… a little of this and a little of that. I have to watch this and see what she says.


What an interesting idea for a video!! I feel that she puts into words (or “labels”) tiny aspects of the Craft that might otherwise go unnoticed. She certainly took the “types of witches” concept to a next level.

Some of the most unexpected types of witches from the video:

  • Personal space witch: The Marie Kondo of witches, they keep their space minimalist and tidy.
  • Emanant witch: They draw energy from spontaneous things like giggling, sneezing, coughing and involuntary behaviors.
  • Goblin witch: They hoard as many physical possessions as they can. So the opposite of personal space witches.

And my favorite one:

  • Communal witch: They bring people together and thrive off the energy that comes from that colective force.

Thanks for sharing @marissa!

For those interested, I made a video about The main 3 Types of Witches with the more accurate definitions (in my opinion).


I think this is a really interesting video- thank you so much for sharing, @marissa! :two_hearts:

If someone had asked me “how many kinds of witches are there?” I probably would’ve said about 10 or so general categories, with variations within- seems like I was off by quite a bit! :laughing:

It’s perfectly fine if some may not want to wear any labels, but I I love how she puts to a name to so many different paths or ‘flavors’ of the practice :blush:. It makes me realize I’ve tried more areas of the craft than I realized, and I’m glad to be a witch of many types! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkles: