100th weekly CHALLENGE- The Thrifty Witch!

Thrifting either esty, thrift shops, antique, ebay have all played greatly on the rebuilding of my craft.
For this I’m solely going to talk about my portable alter and spell kit.
As a disabled vet I can tend spend a great deal of time in the hospital I don’t like not being able to practice while in so I wanted to have an alter I can bring with me.
At two different thrift shops I found these art boxes meant. The larger one is to be fitted wit spell components, my micro apothecary and collection tools.
The smaller being the alter open flat this becomes the alter the cloth covers it than I can use chime candles and tealights. The incense burner came from a yard sale. Half of my components come from lots being sold by a person on eBay who sadly went all in to start and found witchcraft wasn’t for her.
The tiny goblet cane from a yard sale and the bell was found in goodwill
The brass candle holders came from a youth ranch thrift shop in Idaho
The tiny tin is to hold crystals
This setup is fully a thrift setup so I’m still adding more to them before I go in for surgery at the end of the year.

I’m still formulating how to do certain things with it. The two cases will strap together with belts so the alter can be removed and another case can be held when out gathering spell components
All in all I spent about $65.00 for everything here over the course of 6 months


Everything is stunning- I know you collected your treasures bit by bit from various sources, but they all come together like puzzle pieces to make a beautiful masterpiece. Your travel altar and spell kit are really something special, and are uniquely yours- I hope you are proud of what you have put together, @LadyDennaRahl! :heart::blush:

Wishing you all the best both with collecting more thrifty finds to further enhance your travel kits, and also wishing you well with your surgery! :pray::two_hearts:

These were lovely to see- thank you so much for sharing about your amazing thrifty witchy kits! :sparkles:


Oh that is gorgeous. U just gave me a wonderful ideas for mine. Thank u


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