11th Poem Named as: Remorse:

Hello and welcome to all,

I did say in the past in some old post I would write about the more somber side of life @praecog29 so here it is, I went with what I actually felt after learning of the oldest friend death, this one I had somewhat edited tonight, at this point I can still feel some part where the heart ached yet it’s no longer as strong as it was when I first wrote this a week or two ago which did leave behind years of bottled up tears worth on my end. It’s still there yet as I have learned in the passing years the feeling never exactly leaves one just learns to live with it,

Blessed Be,

By: Margaret

Should’ve grasped it
The chance to say
Actual internal feelings

An oath unfulfilled
What could’ve been
All that’s left behind

Fled like coward
What I’d give
For your presence

It’s all sincere
Time beside you
Formed a bond

A love which ached
As seasons change
The connection strengthened

Yet fate can be harsh
A less taken road
Is paved for us

Earnestly tho’u wishes
See again treasured laughter
When three were together

Continuing a legacy
Is all thy can do
So tho’u isn’t forgotten


Thank you, @anne2. Beautiful and easier to remember than my “book” I wrote this week on Facebook. I’ve went through a lot and your poems have been an incredible help to my healing.

There are many adventures to enjoy, experiences to have, people to love, and ideas to believe. At the end of my short life, there will be few regrets. I lived and I loved. Maybe not perfectly, but I certainly tried to be a better person than I really was.

There are never enough drugs. There is never enough alcohol. There are never enough people to use (or be used by) for bodily pleasures. There are never enough toys, clothes, homes, vehicles, or electronics. In a world with never enough time, why do we waste so much of the little time we have chasing meaningless things?

Love and be loved. Hold the ones you love tight. And find people that will never let go of you. When you look back on your life, these are the things you will cherish. These are the things that will bring meaning to your life. My [only] regrets will be when I didn’t [always] do that. Don’t let those be your regrets, too.

That’s the biggest thing I learned and it appears it is a point in your poem. We need to cherish the people we love more than we cherish anything else. There is never enough time and we should embrace those we love with the limited time we have.

:pray:t3: Thank you for sharing your talent with words with us. :pray:t3:


Sadly beautiful, especially that first stanza. Well done.


Powerful and beautiful @anne2. Your words are indeed somber, but through them they also carry the power of healing and the knowledge that what you had isn’t truly lost- you carry their memory in your heart :heart:

Well written- thanks for sharing! :sparkles:


Sometimes I wished I actually told him the phrase “I love you” prior to the years before the accident occurred, at the very least it would have decreased the grief felt, especially cause I had begun to have hope in the oath between him and my younger self back then, even if the age of consent is 12 years of age in the Philippines and still is now culturally and traditionally in the tribes of the provinces, both sides would have waited till we were old and independent enough to actually do anything intimate and consent to any act done

In a way, yes it is @Amethyst

As the years passed by I actually have difficulty conjuring his face @TheTravelWitch , sometimes I think my brain did that to keep me sane cause I’ll never be able to cope with it if the last face of him I’d see is one that’s fearful of death in the accident, what wasn’t lost however were both the actions and name, I’ll probably won’t forget the name not when his name in Japanese actually means ‘sincere or genuine’ and he lived up to that name as much as possible in the limited time he was given, I’ll probably never surpass that amount of kindness he gave me I can only do the same thing he did to everyone else I know of or to any stranger or kid needing it


That’s a beautiful point! Thanks for sharing this!


Thanks for another beautiful poem @anne2 I connected to it.


You’re welcome too, @christina4


I did not know your special person, Margaret, but from what you’ve shared and through reading these kind and generous words of yours, I feel that he would be very proud of you :heart:

“Memories” are intangible and abstract- they come in many forms and varieties. Even if the vision of his face fades with time, you will always hold the memory of his kindness. And through your actions of spreading love and care, I think it is safe to say that these actions too can be part of honoring the memory of your lost loved one :blush:

Love and Light to you, Margaret! :pray:


AmaLee’s Remastered English Cover of the song My Dearest by GuiltyCrown pretty much explains what could be the perspective he has of me from the past to the present and future and of himself in accepting what would occur to him in the long run,

Either that or a mix of both pride and joy to the point he’d give up everything else to keep me safe and secure from anyone else daring to hurt me again, he already did that once after a fight with a sibling and had reprimanded the person, if necessary, he’d do it countless times again, guess that is enough of a sign to know the he was actually decent and genuine that I fell for him,

That’s the one other thing I hope to accomplish, he didn’t live long enough to be able to do that so I want to do what he wouldn’t be able to in the living realm while watching from the stars

Thank you and Blessed Be too, @TheTravelWitch