12 Words/Phrases (Or Pictures/Emojis) of 2020

I’ve seen this on social media. I think it is wiser for me to share 12 words/phrases of 2020. :wink: Doing this without context because mystery is fun. Feel free to use either one (But if you do pictures, maybe a collage or make them tiny. :joy: )

January: best friends :hugs:

February: :desktop_computer: computer repairs

March: a time to reset :mask:

April: :couplekiss_man_woman: anniversary

May: theology :latin_cross:

June: :waxing_crescent_moon: :full_moon: :waning_crescent_moon: Wicca

July: love :fireworks:

August: :thinking: questions

September: death :skull:

October: :candle: rebirth

November: growing up is hard to do :man_shrugging:t3:

December: :star2: hopeful


This is cool! Thanks for sharing mate!


Thank you. :grinning: I am hopeful people will enjoy sharing their 12 of 2020 on here, too.


I will really have to think… 2020 seems to have gone on forever… I will think about it and get back to you :laughing:


12 Words/Phrases for 2020 Krissie Style

January: appliances hate me
February: my car is a year old!
March: my babygirl is 11
April: still too cold for my liking
May: my first born turned 21! (I’m old)
June: school is out/summer starts
July: I returned to my craft & found Spells8
August: beach days with my daughter
September: Love
October: Salem, MA
November: I turned 22 with 21 in shipping and handling/Social Security Approval
December: still waiting for Social Security, coming out of my shell


Such a fun idea, @praecog29! :star_struck: This is a great way to reflect back and organize a very chaotic year. Count me in!

January: New beginning :dove:

February: Lost :black_flag:

March: Chaos :boom:

April: Emptiness :white_circle:

May: Slow growth :seedling:

June: Movement :door:

July: Freedom :raised_hands:

August: Success :handshake:

September: Calm before the storm :cloud:

October: Autumn celebrations :maple_leaf:

November: Stress :confounded:

December: Winter cheer :christmas_tree:

Some months are definitely easier to sum up than others- like the few months back during Spring lockdown :sweat_smile:

A very fun activity- thanks again for sharing! :two_hearts:


@krissie117, It’s neat that so many people returned to their craft or started their craft around July. I love the birthday :birthday: phrase. I need to steal it. :sweat_smile: Maybe the partial lunar eclipse on the full moon :full_moon: had something to do with it? I have no idea what power was around at that time.

@TheTravelWitch, I really enjoyed the challenge of finding one word or short phrases for each month. It looks like your year was up and down, just like ours. I can imagine what some of your months were since you are in Warsaw. :wink: Thank you for doing the challenge. :slight_smile:


Oh, the one about shipping & handling? Yeah, on my actual 21st birthday I was pregnant & had my son Parker. So I usually start it there & all of the other years since I became a mother are shipping & handling. Feel free to use it whenever you would like! I enjoyed that challenge. I had to put my thinking cap on trying to remember what happened or stuck out about the earlier months. Thank you for challenging my brain!


What a fun idea, @praecog29!!

January: Banishing :cloud:

February: Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

March: Clarity :gem:

April: Triplicity :small_red_triangle:

May: Study :books:

June: Chance :game_die:

July: Statue :moyai:

August: Coffee :coffee:

September: Fire :fire:

October: Prepare :corn:

November: Celebration :jack_o_lantern:

December: Power :star2:


Mmmm… coffee… one of my favorites. People wouldn’t survive if I didn’t have at least one cup when I wake up. :laughing: My second favorite is tea & my go to during the day is Coca-Cola. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hahaha it’s a turbulent city to in live in right now, unfortunately! Yes- pandemic aside, there’s a lot going on. Many people are fighting for a whole spectrum of causes and the protests are a constant topic in the news. I’ve got my fingers crossed there will be some important changes and improvements in the new year! :blush:

It was a pleasure- thanks so much for sharing your fun challenge! :heart_decoration:


January: drowning :cocktail:
February: fun :dancer:
March: togetherness :family_woman_girl_girl:
April: drama :mask:
May: struggling :woman_facepalming:
June: stress :cry:
July: loss :broken_heart:
August: restart :house:
September: magic :first_quarter_moon_with_face::full_moon::last_quarter_moon_with_face:
October: obsession :heart_eyes:
November: purpose :clinking_glasses:
December: confusion :sweat_smile:

Gosh what a year! Thanks for sharing this challenge @praecog29 :kissing_heart:


Thank you, @Limeberry and @Francisco. I can’t take credit for the idea but I am glad you both enjoyed be bringing it to the coven. It has been a fun and unique way to review the year. Most importantly, it helps to reflect on such a crazy year and see not everything was doom and gloom. There were growth points, glimmers of joy and hope, rebirths, etc.


Oh boy! I’m not sure about this one! 2020 has been a rough one! Lol


January - hopeful
February- energetic
March- organizing
April -Gardening
May -Aging (my birthday LOL)
June - Blissful
July - Planning
August- Celebrating (Dad’s 95th birthday)
September - Prepping
October - Stretching
November - Thanking
December - Stressing


@berta, 95 years? That’s awesome. I hope to get that many.

It looks like you have had a decent 2020. I know we have all had struggles, challenges, and losses, but it is uplifting to see life was still giving joys, too. Thank you for doing this activity. :slight_smile:

@walter, I hope you still give it a try. There is no pressure to sugarcoat anything. If the year was rough, then it is the way it was. I would love to do this again next year and see how things can change in our lives.


I think this would be a great yearly tradition. Thanks @praecog29
I just have a hard time finding those emoji images. You all are so clever with them. I need to practice finding them.


I had trouble with the emoji part too. I tend to stick to the ones I know off hand. I know there are many more though.

I think a yearly tradition would be an excellent idea also!


🪱Jan-New Chapter in Abundance
:dog:Feb-Happy Place Inner child
March- Blissful :sunflower:Daisy
April-New Job :stars:
May-Health &Healing :woman_in_lotus_position::droplet::woman_climbing:t3:
June- Prosperity 🪄
July-Enlightenment Renewed :sun_with_face:
Aug- :arrow_up:and downs :arrow_down::sunrise_over_mountains:peaks & valleys!:national_park:
Sep-Harvest :rose:Death :wilted_flower:
Oct- Creative & New :broom:
Nov-Home & Fam :family_man_woman_boy_boy:


These twelve words and phrases come to mind for 2020;
Hoax, Lies, Inconsistant Lies, Lying Medical Experts, Lying News Media, Petty Tyrant Control Freaks, More Lies, Government Sponsored Suffering, Insanity, Deliberate Economic Destruction, Fraud, Slavery.
Maybe Carol Baskins belongs in there too.