2 become 1, getting married!

After 10+ years, a few heartbreaks inbetween, having a daughter, and coming back around to each other… not only as evolved individuals but humble, honest and raw to the bone… we have decided to take our union a step further in this life and onto the next.

Ceremony and ritual aside, I’m trying to find some unique, stand-out above the rest, rings for the two of us. I thought about even incorporating our daughter because this isn’t just a union between him and I, but for us three as a family.

Any recommendations? I’ve been browsing through Etsy.

Please and thank you beautiful souls!


First of all, congratulations :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m not sure if this is at all what you are looking for, but there are two jewelry stores on Etsy I like that do rings that I definitely would describe as unique and stand-out: Love Mirror and Swank Fine Jewelry.


Awesome, thank you! I will check them out.


Congratulations on your decision!! :blush: This really sounds like a perfect situation and I wish you all the best in your union!!

When I got married, we looked everywhere for rings and ended up going to a local jeweler. There’s nothing like trying on before buying! :ring: Good luck!


congrats to all 3 of you


Congratulations to your Family!! How Wonderful!!!


Thank you! This is going to be an exciting chapter!


Yes it will be, and it will be wonderful!!

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A huge congraulations to you, @janelle! :raised_hands::confetti_ball::heart:

That is some big and exciting news, and I hope that you, your partner, and your daughter can find the perfect rings! :ring::two_hearts: Like Francisco mentioned, it’s great if you can try them on before you buy! I know a lot of local shops are closed due to the pandemic, but some online sites will let you purchase, try the rings out, and then if they aren’t what you wanted you can send them back for an exchange or refund :+1:

The shop I’m looking at for rings for my partner and I is Aclari- it’s a local Polish jeweler, but they have quick and free shipping, free resizing, and offer a refund/exchange service up to 100 days if the rings don’t work out. So we can try rings without leaving home and without worries! :grin: :+1: I imagine there are probably jewelers offering a similar service near you!

All the best of luck and happiest of wishes to you and your family for such an exciting occassion- congrats again! :confetti_ball::two_hearts:


How did I not see this??? Congratulations :tada::balloon::clap::gem: this is such a big part of life.i bet everything will be beautiful and picture perfect!!

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Congratulations!! Fab news!!:wedding:

My brother and sil designed and made eachothers wedding rings, maybe see if there’s somewhere near you that offers that? :bouquet:

Or if you wanted to encorporate your little girl you could all three have rings maybe with the same stone, or the same message on the inside of the band? Or you guys could have rings and she could have a necklace that shares the same stone or message?

Are there any quotes or stones or even times and places that are significant to all 3 of you? :heart:

I think it’s really sweet and individual thin gyou want to do :two_hearts:good luck!


Congratulations!!! I have seen some unique wooden rings that are gorgeous!