2nd Dose of CoronaVac

Hello and welcome to all,

I just finished being vaccinated with the second dose 0f CoronaVac scheduled today several hours ago, it’ll probably take me two or three days to recover from this 2nd dose, so far there has been no fever yet, only muscle cramps in the injection site, this time I’ll try to endure this dose without any Ginseng to see just how strong my immune system is already in the next two to three days, I hope you all stay safe and well,

Blessed Be,


It’s nice to know that all went well with your 2nd vaccination. Nice the you are feel ok without any fever as yet., do continue to stay safe.

Blessed Be💫


I had the Moderna shot and surprisingly did much better with the second shot than the first. I only had mild soreness and heat at the site of the injection. I did have mild fatigue for a couple days but I’m used to that from my migraines so I was able to work through it.

I got all goes well! Sending positive energy your way.


I took tylenol and motrin for a day or two with my second dose. Drink a lot of water and hydrating fluids. Sleep as much as you can or at least rest so your immune system can use the energy. I’m very happy you got a 2nd shot! :rose: :rose: :bouquet:
bless be


Glad to know you’ve got your second jab and it’s going well, Margaret! Keep well!


When my daughter got her 2nd dose, that’s what she had too. Muscle cramping & soreness in that area. She said it felt like her arm got heavy. I believe that she got Pfizer’s. I had the Moderna & the 2nd dose I felt fatigued & lethargic the next day & then perfectly fine the day after that one. I’m happy that you worked through the days after & its going well! :star2:


Congrats on your second shot @anne2! :tada:

It sounds like @jessica55 and I had a similar experience. I also got Moderna and the second dose was a bit better than the first. There was some soreness and fatigue, but it was washed over by the sense of relief I felt to finally be fully vaccinated :grin::+1:

Rest well and congrats again, Margaret! :blush:


Thank you @NickWick , I actually ate Chicken Noodle Soup with Rice and Broccoli for the entire day after the vaccination, it worked, the only side effect were muscle pain or cramps in the injected site for a day or two, continue to stay safe too

There hadn’t been any fever at all, and the best part? @jessica55 while I was in recuperation after the shot the banishment for negative energies spells I’ve read and heard of in the forums in the past came to my mind and actually works (did it to my dear friend in danger, it banished away the negative energy cursed upon his/her biological parent), said friend is surprised I did such a thing without him/her knowing about it

I drank many fluids and Chicken Noodle Soup with Broccoli and Rice for the whole day, some light activity then rested @Sarall

Thanks @Amethyst , Same to you, keep well too

That’s also mostly what I just felt @Siofra , although I did differentiate my diet for awhile after the second shot, I still have at least another week before I try out an alcoholic drink I’ve been meaning to test and create a variation of (those not of legal drinking age in different state/provinces/countries don’t attempt what I’m about to do)

A different friend of mine intends to be registered for vaccination, after hearing I got fully vaccinated, Thank you too @TheTravelWitch