A continuous practioner, but always new

Hello there,

I’m Autymn/Otto

I’m from a small city in New York State. I have been a basic practionee for many, many years, but I am recently new to this platform.
I took a DNA test not too long ago and said I am Danish(viking) and Celtic, with a little Mesopotamien thrown in. I am a Historian and this fact makes me so happy that it made me want to take a deeper dive into what my ancestors would have practiced.
I started researching different religions at a young age, secretly, because my mother was very strict. She was Russian or Greek orthodox catholic and any deviations were not accepted. Today she is much more tolerant, but we still do not discuss religion.
Anyway, I digress. It would be nice to get to know everyone and maybe even make some new friends. :smiley:

Blessed be!


Welcome, @autymn, to the community.

I love New York. (I have visited three times.) I am from Indiana. I don’t know much about Danish or Celtic but many on the forum do. I am sure we all have a lot to learn from each other. :slightly_smiling_face: I see you are a historian. I enjoy studying Mesopotamia and the Ancient Near East.

Are there any deities you are most interested in/revere/worship?


Hi @autymn! I’m Kasie, from West Virginia. Nice to meet you! This is a great place to meet new friends and learn, so if you have a question just pop up and ask, someone is sure to answer. If you want a good place to start, you can try out the Wicca Self-Initiation Course. Then poke about on the forum, especially the Activities Category. There are oodles to do and usually a challenge or two every week and that’s a great way to get to know people!

Hope to hear more from you soon!


Welcome, Autymn! :wave:

It’s great that you’re a historian. Do you have any favorite time periods to study?

I took an ancestry test too, and while the ethnicity estimates were too general, I got to expand my family tree with people I’m related to, and that’s incredible! We were talking about it here!


I love ancient cultures. Something about how people lived is just fascinating to me. I’m not as well versed after the first crusade, but I do have spotty knowledge about weird things. I’m fascinated by death and how we in a sense worship it as a living thing because it is the next great mystery. So I have a lot of morbid knowledge. But honestly, if given the chance to learn something I’m on board. I would love to build a family tree! Mine was more accurate for the more recent part of my ancestry, little more vague for older ones, but it did give me countries to begin looking that are linked to me and that helps. :smile:


If you’re fascinated by death, you probably already know Caitlin Doughty, she has a Youtube channel: Ask a Mortician.

Some of her videos are super interesting. She combines death and history. Recently I watched this one: The Bubonic Plague in San Francisco


Hi @Autymn/Otto one of my best friends has the last name Otto and she is from Cornwall in England. Love her to pieces. I am so glad you found your way to Spells8 community. Interesting that you are an Historian. Very cool. I traced family roots back to Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man and England on my Dad’s side…throw in a German Grandmother… I think you get the picture. I am in OHIO. I live with my 95 year old father. I get a very interesting perspective of life from his vantage point. Hope you visit often and we get to know you better!


A very merry meet to you, @autymn (Otto)! :heart:

That is so neat that you are on a quest to connect more with your ancestry and own personal history- I also have Celtic and Scandaniavan ties! :blush: It is a wonderful area of the world to study. Have you had the chance to travel there yet/would you like to in the future? :world_map: It is always so exciting to visit a place after spending a long time learning about it :two_hearts:

Please feel free to make yourself at home here in the forums- we are blessed to have you join us!

Blessed be :sparkling_heart: