A discovery I've made just now💚

Merry meet everyone Pink Sunflower here :sunflower: :yellow_heart:

I believe I’ve made a discovery. As far as what I’m being attracted to. I’m a sagittarius and my element is fire, but for some reason I’ve been attracted to plants and earth life. Is that weird?

Every since I made that harmonizing oil and held it close to my heart, feeling the warmth with all the earth inside the jar, I’ve been attracted to the plants and wanting to grow them and keep them close.

It makes me happy and brings me piece. :green_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Would you happen to know what your Moon or Rising signs are? There could be Earth signs in your natal chart & it’s enough to influence who you are & what you are drawn to as far as the elements.

I would also like to say that it’s a great feeling when you know that you are connected to something. Especially related to an item or tool that you crafted yourself. :hugs:


I’m also a Sagittarius. I love trees, and grow plants in my house (basil, garlic, rosemary ×3, thyme, mugwort, celery x2, amaryllis, ivy x2, a peace lily, an aberta spruce, and a cactus. I’m working on lavender and eastern redbud for the spring. Stat that).

My rising is Pisces and my Moon is Gemini. I also love animals. Who cares? If you have discovered a joy in living things, my advice is have fun with it and don’t worry about where it comes from. Where it is going matters more! (To me anyway. I’m trying not to be so opinionated)


Please don’t mistake my reply for being opinionated in any way. It was merely a suggestion because she had mentioned her sign. Some people take their signs & placements very seriously in how they affect themselves on every level. I’m sorry that I used the wrong phrasing.


Oh gosh no! @Siofra, I was talking about me, and only me! I wasn’t trying to make a sideways comment at you! And I meant no disrespect towards astrology either! I was only trying to say that in my case the astrology doesn’t appear to explain my obsession with growing things. I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to offend you or anybody.


OH!!! I am so sorry for the misunderstanding. I honestly posted it & was thinking to myself… this is not like him & I’m pretty sure I may have just read it wrong. I’m so sorry! Complete misunderstanding on my part initially. :hugs:


No, no, you’re good. Me and my big mouth! I need to be more careful. I’m glad we worked it out. I’m not here to offend anyone and I’m certainly not wiping my feet on anyone’s beliefs.


Siofra and I are good. Just a little Mercury Regurgitade :rofl::rofl:


That is absolutely what happened there, the Universe decided I needed a lesson in reading then understanding, and THEN responding :rofl: Mercury said, I got you :sunglasses:

Edit to say: @Pink_Sunflower If you can’t think of an astrological reason & you have always been that way, it shows that you have a lot of empathy & are a caring & nurturing person for things like that to incite such feelings for you.


Thank you both I really appreciate that :heart:


Indeed we are star :star2: stuff and yet as if that weren’t magical enough we are even more than that


Hello, @Pink_Sunflower I’m a Sagittarius also. I love the outdoor, especially being in the woods/mountains. I love having lots of house plants and always trying to grow new ones from seeds or by a piece of another plant.


there is a secondary sign. I forget now what it is called. So my sister, my sister in law and me are all water signs but we have a secondary element. What is the nomenclature for that, my poor brain…
Pisces water + earth - that’s me
Scorpio water + fire - that’s my sister in law
Cancer water + air - that’s my sister

When we all work together, we achieve magical things! We have very different strengths but understand each other I think because of the water sign commonality

So maybe your secondary element is earth (or like said, rising or moon sign). OR it could be just that works for you. I do a lot of work with fire in my practice but have very little fire in my chart. BUT I need it and yearn for it. Like um, a vitamin deficiency! So I think I compensate for that in my practice :slight_smile: :fire: :ocean: