A Flickering Flame Sparks Joy 🕯

I don’t know a single witch who hasn’t worked with candles or fire before. It is possible because allergies and limitations exist, but for the most part, candles play a large role in the practices of many witches. For myself, I love candles. The ambiance that comes from a dark room lit only with candles is one that can’t always be described in words.

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How do I use candles?

For the most part, candles in my magick are just accessories or a means to keep fire :fire: around. I don’t typically do much candle magick, but occasionally the inspiration strikes me. Recently, I wrote a very large candle magick spell for the Blue Moon on Samhain. This is a candle that will be kept for a long time – hopefully about three years to the next blue moon – that I will light at least once a week or whenever I have a flare in my health. This candle is carved with symbols and anointed in an oil and herb blend I made specifically for this spell. :herb:

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Candle Magick is Simple

Many people who do not practice witchcraft are unaware of the simplicity of candle magick. Just lighting the birthday candles and blowing them out while making a wish can be a candle spell!

Here’s a quick candle spell I wrote just now to show how easy it is and how you don’t need huge or elaborate candles to do it.

Grab a yellow birthday candle, one that looks like the one above. I chose yellow because that is the color that is commonly attributed to Air, and Air is what we’re going to be using. Air is also a color commonly associated with happiness and peace.

Cup the candle in your hands and whisper your worries to it. Are you scared of something? What is keeping you up at night? Do you have a fear that is stopping you from doing something? What about a worry that you won’t get that new job? Whatever your worries and fears are, whisper them to the candle.

When you’re done, say the following…

By Air my worries will be none,
when the flame is done.

Light the birthday candle and place it somewhere safe, letting it burn all the way down so it extinguishes itself.

See?! Super simple!

I also like candle magick because it is versatile. Don’t have a birthday candle? Grab a tealight! Don’t have a yellow candle? Grab a white one! Or one that makes you feel happy!

As @TheTravelWitch says…
May the warm glow of candles always light your way and give your magick an extra sparkle!

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I love it! So many new witches come here asking where can I start on my path? Well, here ya go! :slight_smile: Thanks so much @MeganB :heartbeat:


Great post!! Thanks for sharing, Megan!

I agree that the versatility is an amazing quality in candles. You can work with color correspondences, numbers of candles, sizes, scents, oils, and even the kind of wax in the candle. No two rituals are the same!


Candle Magick is always my go to!!! I love how simple and straight forward the spell you wrote is


You sum this up beautifully, @MeganB! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Candles are such a great pathway into practicing magick- there are so many ways to use them! :candle: And I love the words you choose- a gorgeous chant :two_hearts:

I’m counting the quote and personal tag as linking back to the challenge, as this gorgeous candle spell absolutely counts towards the current Weekly Challenge! Thanks so much for sharing! :heart::candle: :pray:


You’re welcome! :heart:

If there’s anything I’m not a fan of, it’s complicated magick. My Blue Moon spell was pushing it for me :rofl:

Thanks! And I’m glad it counted :laughing:


This is super @MeganB ! Thanks for the spell … you are the second one to suggest birthday candles. I like that idea.
On another subject… birthday candles would be great in a travel altar


:birthday: Birthday candles are great because they’re small and relatively cheap. If you need a spell done and you have to let the candle burn out, I always recommend either a birthday candle or a small tealight, that way you’re not waiting for hours – or sometimes even days!


Awesome @MeganB! I remember using candles from when I was younger. I always liked them and the mood they set for the situation. When I first came back to practice, I used birthday candles before I got the different colored candles. I used to collect different types of candles that looked like regular objects or I would melt candles over the tops of bottles.