A Friend's Life is in Danger

Moderator Note :warning: This post has been edited to blur words and phrases that may be triggering to some people.

Hello to all and I’m warning any reader now there will be information and words here that may be triggers for some and this is not meant to be a hate speech about the group and individual I’d mention and for my friend’s safety I’ll not give out any names,

my long time friend from senior high is in a perilous position and cornered in two different oppositions, First, a fraternity in my country has chosen to target my friend, the frat operates in a way that’s shielded politically and will kill on sight if a co member of the frat asks the favor to kill said target, they’ll also kill anyone who’d oppose them and make the evidence of the existence of the ones against them gone from the face of the Earth, my friend can’t ask for help in the authorities for there are members of said frat in different sectors of the general government and only said frat can decide who will join them, also there are uniformed police and secret police that are members of said frat too, my friend has this information because a relative is a member, the fraternity has chosen my friend as a target with the intent to rape, torture, kill then slice the dead body left behind and told me that they’ll commit suicide first over being killed slowly by those sorts of people

The second one, is one of the parents of my friend has been using magick for greed and control over my friend, I have somewhat helped stopped this step parent despite knowing this practitioner is skilled in Psychological Magick (this is used to control or influence anyone near the practitioner and the practitioner would have succeeded in controlling me too if it weren’t for the presence of the Anito keeping watch over me and warning said practitioner to never attempt it towards me or my friend),

Am I worried? Yes, this friend is one of the closest people to me and I wish I taught said friend the advanced versions of disarming a person with weapons 2 - 3 years ago in senior high. Even more so do I fear that the frat or parent I spoke of will do the same thing to anyone else if they all don’t end up caught in the act or finally taught a lesson not to harm others with malicious intentions. I want to rescue said friend from the scenario cause not only because I see this friend as a person but also as a surrogate sibling and I’d risk my own safety if it meant those who’d intend to hurt and control my friend would be caught and stopped, but I keep seeing what would happen to my relatives close or not if I do an action to to stop said frat, largely because it’s the principle of the thing, need there be a reason to save any life?

So now I ask what sort of protection spell other than the banish away spell could be done to secure my friend’s safety and well-being, I’d rather not lose another person I care for deeply again,

Blessed Be and Thank you,


I’m terribly sorry that your friend is in this situation!!! It’s horrible to even read. https://spells8.com/simple-spell-banish-negativity/
I found this spell. I’ve had a good outcome with this and I pray that your friend will too!

Also I found this sachet spell to protect your friend:

I know they’ll work! Keep positive thoughts and positive energy!! I’ll pray for you and your friend. And I’ll add him to my healing box for protection!!


Thank you @christina4 ,

I know that the friend I mentioned has feelings for another person both of us know and vice versa, except this friend is likely trying the hardest not to fall in love due to the knowledge if the frat realizes they have a way to exploit the weakness the person with feelings for him / her will be in danger and would likely end up in the crossfire, the suitor last I saw this person knows nothing about self defense or martial arts however this love interest does grip a person’s wrists very tight (I fell for the trick due to being unguarded that day)

Hopefully those 2 live a long life, if anything this friend deserves it for all those times she/he helped me out whenever I was in a flashback or panic attack during senior high and that day the bullies finally left me alone due to the threat of learning how powerful the self defense she/he is taught about even till now (specializes in arm to arm combat with little to no interaction with weapon/s) and for those times it became obvious to anyone looking for the signs that I just got threatened in the household I lived in and thankfully tells everyone else to keep their distance or I would have acted like some wounded caged animal to anyone approaching with different intentions (knows the signs of mental illness cause both of us have actually suffered from that albeit in similar but not exactly the same type of mental illness symptoms and partly cause I did research about it)

I’ll do my best to stay positive even though I am now reminded yet again in a much more harsher manner that the time I spend with my friend is potentially numbered thanks to that threat

Blessed Be,



First of all I’m so sorry this is happening to you. You are doing the right thing following your instinct and wanting to do something for your friend.

I think this is a case to call for the authorities. Talk to a lawyer and don’t let anybody intimidate you. See if you can record audio or screenshots of any of these threats or incidents if it happens again, and call the police.

A banishing spell like Christina mentioned is recommended. Cast protection spells for victims. Bring some salt with you and stay grounded. All the best :pray:


I’m tired of people hurting or intending to hurt my friend and I @Francisco ,

So I actually told her to do what the old group I was part of with it’s own members did teach me self defense though their specialty is the style with weapons, disarming a person with weapons without necessarily killing the attacker, rather kill the root cause of evil (metaphorically this means either breaking the bones of the attacker whether it be the wrists or feet or knocking out the assailant to unconsciousness by hitting parts of the lungs or the stomach) they also taught me to do in such cases, be observant and as much as possible use the similar method the military is ingrained to be in during war or times of conflict

“Don’t get caught, evade and escape as much as possible and if all else fails then take down the danger even at the cost of your own life while having someone else on his or her side record what is actually happening”, he/she is actually terrified of what that frat intends to do (I can somewhat already tell what else the frat members would do if my friend is caught and it’ll really drive anyone to insanity but I am not telling my friend the sort of suspicion I have about that thanks to being an unofficial member and because I was one of the apprentices of a school group leader that knows how street fights work and history of abuse) the threat the frat gave to my friend has no specific date, it’s a threat that could be done in short or long term run, it’ll be difficult finding a sector in the authorities where that frat has no influence on due to how large and scattered they are there, I’d ask a relative due to being a licensed lawyer already yet I also remember this relative has a family and infant to take care of and that frat will likely kill everyone else even infants or children (there are already next generation infants and children in both sides of my family, if their parents end up killed off by that frat I’ll never be able to forgive myself for making them orphans at such a young age where they’d depend on security, love and safety)


Hello to all,

Just a quick update to you all, the frat is still there albeit my friend has now figured out they’re not the sort of people to go up against in the open, he/she’s still alive and that said frat is truly a danger to anyone against them…as for the parent of my friend, the truth is coming out among family members about his/her parent’s nature to blood relatives of theirs,

Now we only have to deal with the frat…considering the ones covering the frat are somewhere in the higher ups, I’m recording all the conversation in a gadget of mine, that way I can ask for help in the military of my country…the frat is becoming more and more dangerous, at this rate I do fear the younger generation may end up oppressed in the future by them if not stopped in the present, So I’ll take a huge risk and ask for help from my country’s military who’s sworn duty is to “protect the civilians” Hopefully this entire ordeal ends when enough information and evidence about them is found, without resulting to my friend being harmed by them to the point of insanity just to have them finally caught in the act

Thank you to anyone that may have helped out in her other parent’s case, that one has gone on for years & Blessed Be,



Glad to hear that your friend is okay, @Anne2. I pray that you can both find the help that you seek and that the hand of justice will offer protection over this case :pray::dove:

Please stay safe and be well!



I was debating whether or not to chime in on this topic, but I decided to because I have a spell that could potentially help here, both with reflecting harm and removing its source. However, it is imperative that I start with a disclaimer.

This information is for informational purposes only and does not constitute as legal, medical or any other professional advice. Any actions are done at your own risk and without liability to the author of any sort.

With that said, it would be wise to collect evidence of the threats in writing or by recording, or by photographs and take these to law enforcement. If needed, perhaps a lawyer or detective could also assist. Your friend might also want to consider licensed counselling or therapy as a way to deal with these safety issues mentally and emotionally (none of which is implied within my answer).

Aside from this, magically I think a ‘return to sender’ mirror spell would be a great option for your friend. This type of spell uses the reflective nature of mirrors to reflect harm and ill intent, as well as any other form of energy, back to its source (even if you don’t know the source). Mirror spells, although not ‘protection’ or ‘cleansing’ per se, work great to ‘bounce’ energy back to its origin before it has a chance to affect you, in essence working as a cleanse, a protection and even a justice spell all in one.

Your friend could perform the spell on a small mirror which they could wear or carry with them at all times, reflecting the threats and danger back to its origin. In theory, since everything starts from a thought, which is energy, this should be effective on any threat, whether spiritual or not. When the targeting ‘reflects’ back to its source, it should reverse and ‘backfire’ on the frat, as if they themselves are targeted. All while not directing anything at anyone; simply returning what was done by others! Since the source of the energy and maleficent intent is not coming from your friend, in my opinion this makes the spell ‘karma-free’. It is only reflecting what is already there, not anything new.

You can do this by getting a small mirror (square or circular makes a difference in the intent, but both can work), some black salt, some sea salt, optional black and white candles, and maybe four protective stones. A good incantation/mantra is important for this. The idea is to call upon the reflective power of the mirror to ‘reflect’ all energies sent towards your direction. If it is a square mirror, imagine all four corners of the compass seeing themselves in the mirror and being faced with their own energy and image. If it is a round mirror, imagine the circular planet Earth filling the mirror and reflecting back upon itself. This blanket should reflect all targets back to where they come from, in each corner of the planet. Keep in mind that it reflects both good and bad, including luck.

You can place the protective stones at each four corners to represent protection coming from each of the four directions of the compass after this visualization. Imagine the mirror glowing and the reflective silver expanding from it, so far that it fills your room and reaches all corners of the planet, completely filling it with reflective mirrors. Then you can imagine the stones becoming so large in each corner of the planet that the create walls around you, protecting you from everything outside of the mirror. Chant the incantation a number of times, such as nine (completions) and then thank the Universe/divinity for the success of the spell. Carry the mirror with you at all times, 24/7 (such as on a pendant or in a pocket) and keep the stones with you whenever you feel particularly vulnerable or at risk. This spell can be repeated on any mirror with the same four stones. Just make sure you are the only one who uses or owns the mirror. Try not to let others look into the mirrors that have been enchanted by this spell.

This is one of my personal favorite spells, I love it so much! In addition to magick, I also think it is important that your friend cuts energetic ties to these people. Sometimes energetic ties can be created by accident, such as through fear. Any time when a person connects their energy to another, it can create a tie to them spiritually. So, after the spell is cast, your friend might want to do cord cutting to break off any lingering energetic connections. These can potentially create issues if your friend’s wyrd is intertwined with the wyrd* of the frat through an interaction or lingering association. Cords work both ways, so if they cut the cords on their end, the protective stones can help prevent new energetic attachments and further remove the threat potentially (from an energetic perspective at least).

*Wyrd is a concept in Norse religion and mythology that relates to the path of life, in simple terms. It’s a bit complicated to explain, but every action imprints your life and how it will play out, and this ‘life and how it will play out’ is essentially your Wyrd.

My Two Cents!


Your advice is worth a lot more than just two cents, @Katy_Mysticsens- that sounds like a fantastic ritual joining a mirror spell and cord cutting! Thanks so much for chiming in and for sharing your valuable wisdom :pray::heart:


Thank you @Katy_Mysticsens ,

I’ve actually contacted the authorities via email and stated I am willing to give out all the information about said frat to them via platforms such as WhatsApp where pictures of our conversation is there, couple of minutes ago, I had to figure out which of them to report it to, due to how large and spread said frat potentially is, there could be possibilities there are members of it within the authorities too,

The final trigger for me to finally state and give out information to the authorities regardless of being potentially targeted by said fraternity is that my friend intends to commit suicide to escape that frat even if I know there is another person both of us know mutually who’s in love with her/him, and yes I was told he/she actually wants to have kid/s in the future, from there the will I first had ended up even more resolute than ever for I remember reading some passage in Judaism in Sanhedrin Talmud that says in this context: “Whoever destroys a life, the scriptures considers him as if to have killed all of humanity or life itself” (it may not be too accurate, I didn’t learn the Jewish teachings growing up so if anyone’s Jewish here or know about Judaism in depth correct me if I’m wrong).

That can help out a lot for said frat has harmed others too, so really it’s not only my friend who’s in danger from them, rather anyone is potentially their target, I’ll likely be in their hit list soon too if it comes out to them there is an informant they’re unaware of but well, I’m willing to risk it, this world is a dangerous place not only because of ill mannered people but because of those who just let such people be

Blessed Be,


I may have potentially found it now, @TheTravelWitch it’s actually been days and days…I kept searching for a way to contact anybody from the authorities who is actually able to catch the members there, I may have found one, it’s ironic his name is the same as the Anito I have but with a different family name, but if there’s one thing I’m certain of that name of both of the two individuals meant “resolute protector” and the ones who usually bear that namesake live up to it

Thank you, I’ll keep myself safe @TheTravelWitch , after this ordeal is over I’ll likely have some semblance of freedom away from danger, well both my friend and I will hopefully be given that

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That’s great information! Thanks for your two cents that seem to be worth so much more!!!


Thank you so much for your kind words, and thanks also, @christina4