A Great Disconnect

Good morning. I just got a cup of coffee & said the Daily Blessing & the Coffee Consecration. Then I spoke to Brigid & asked her guidance to get through today. I have been feeling a great disconnect from some things. I am checking in on Spells8 each day, but my actual practice has been waning. Today is the first day I feel connected after some signs slapped me in the face this week. I am going through some things & some days are harder than others. I saw the Snow Moon last night & was just in awe of her beauty. I shared those pictures here & with friends because I just couldn’t help myself. I wish my camera took such lovely pictures, I’m going to try tonight because I remembered that I have a new phone! Anyway, I plan on doing the ritual for the Virgo moon that @Abs53 presented to get back into my groove. I need some guidance & connection right now & I haven’t been feeling it for a little bit. It has just felt like I am going through the motions.

I think today I am going to go through my BOS and see if there is any inspiration in there or something I can do to help with what I am going through right now. My heart is in a weird place & because I am an empath, I am taking on the emotions of my daughter & my husband & I’m not taking time for me to feel. This is what I think is happening today, my heart wants me to feel & not feel for others.

Does anyone have any witchy tips for small things that I can do to reconnect with my magical path? I have been doing very little things. Using essential oils in my diffuser, when I remember I do my own 4 card draw for the day. I’m trying to think of something I can do or say to bring me back & use my faith to help me get through all of this.


I lit a yellow candle in my witchy space for mental clarity, I think I am going to do a smudge also. I plan on doing the Virgo Moon ritual provided by @Abs53 & I think I may do a mental clarity meditation today. If anyone has any other ideas that I can do this weekend, please let me know. I am definitely in the thick of it. I have my good friends to lean on & I am very proud of myself but weeding through this is just taking a toll on my heart because I am taking on other’s pain even though my own is enough for myself to handle.


It sounds as if you’re doing all the right things. I do think a smoke cleansing will help. It could be that this moon just has your head in the clouds. Maybe a good grounding ritual will help you out.



This is an older reply of mine to another post but it is something I fall back on often.

Anything you do that sets you in a meditative state can be used to focus on Brigid and to reconnect with your craft. With the big changes you mentioned elsewhere, you may hit mental blocks, even if your spirit’s fire is still being fed from your practices. Be patient with yourself because your mind and spirit will realign soon.


Thank you so much. I will try meditation after I get my space the way I want it. I decided to declutter and then I will use some sage in my room & light some palo santo incense to bring in the positive energy. I mixed up some Florida Water for my diffuser to give the air some relief too.


I second everything mentioned above but would add, forgive yourself. Sometimes life happens, we get lost, muddled, caught up… the fact that you want to reconnect shows to me your higher self has got your back.

Many people have “got lost” in the recent Mercury retrograde myself included. You know where you want to be now. That’s the first step in getting back on track.

As an empath you FEEL so much, it can be overwhelming. Take some deep breaths and remember, every day Is the opportunity to start again.

Lots of love :heart:


@Siofra , as @Abs53 mentioned, knowing you want to reconnect is the guidance you’re getting to get you “moving.” I felt at sorts yesterday all day. Maybe I’m am empath? I don’t know! However, i felt like i needed some support and I wasn’t getting it from friends.( Just needed some sympathy. I’m not one to ask for something like that. I’m usually the strong one and keep my emotions and probIems to myself) i promised myself that I would step back, because as you mentioned, i also take other peoples problems to heart, and it affects me. @Siofra, even if you just sit and light a candle to Brigid, is sometimes all the connection you need to get you started. Last night i got home from work and I put out my crystals, tools and made moon-water. I almost didn’t do it because I just got the Covid vaccine and I was feeling tired and my arm was sore. However, i said no, let me push myself. I wanted to sit infront of the altar but I had no energy. Therefore, i promised myself I would do a :full_moon_with_face: ritual tonight. It actually coincides perfectly because it is a healing moon. I’d figure I’d do the ritual for myself, ask for me! Since I’m always asking for others ( which i love doing! However, it’s ok to do you first, when you need it. Because without taking care of yourself, it’s impossible to help others)

Also, try the Beauty spell with the mirror, from the Spells8 BOS printables. I did it a couple of days a ago. I keep the mirror in a box on my Altar. I look at my reflection when I pick it up. ( Kinda feel like the wicked witch from Snow White. Lol) However, the spell is showing me that I need to love myself and reflect all the internal beauty which in turn makes your outward beauty shine through. At first, I thought to myself, this spell seems kinda of vain. But, than realized it’s really not.
I hope you have a great :full_moon: ritual…

Blessed be.


Thank you, everyone! After I did the blessing & consecration & just, in general, asked Brigid to be with me today, I lit a yellow candle for mental clarity, I puttered around my room & decluttered my witchy space. I put a Florida water mix in my diffuser, went through the pages I had done for my BOS & put them where they belong. I went through a pile of papers that was just collecting more & more. I have a couple of piles of clothes to put away, but I can do that later. I did misplace my sage & palo santo sticks, don’t know where they wound up, I know I didn’t get rid of them but I have no idea what safe place I put them in.

@walter I will look up that spell, I have a couple of mirrors I could use for that one. I have to learn to forgive myself though and to take care of myself. I always put others before me and make sure they are okay. Thank you for the recommendation to do it though!

I got some much-needed things done in my room that is also my witchy space. I’m taking a break right now. I am going to do some writing in my journal. I was going to do a tarot pull but the page I follow on Instagram that does daily readings, amazingly I was the only one there for her 3 card reading. So it was like a 3 card reading with clarification all for me! She told me to get some Apatite or keep some Amethyst by me for clarity today. I have to find a nice piece of Amethyst, I don’t think I have any Apatite, she told me why she wanted me to have it, I can’t remember right now though.

I’m looking forward to doing the ritual tonight. I am a Scorpio Sun with a Virgo Moon so it seems perfect for me to do it under a Virgo Moon!


Greetings everyone, so many great suggestions I may not have a lot to add, but today I have a blue candle lit, and I do a daily Tarot reading that has told me I need to focus on earth and air to maintain clarity and confidence as well as focusing on my creative side. So tonight in ritual I will call to the north and to the east for added guidance, and I will make some charm bags and work on some jewelry/charms.
I would also suggest a daily mirror affirmation but what I do is a little different. I use the bathroom mirror, you look deep into your reflections eyes and you say the following: “your full name (first middle last) you are an amazing person and I believe in everything you do every day.” I do this five times and usually by the time I am finished I can feel joyful energy welling up inside me. Try doing it before going into ritual and see if it helps.
I hope everyone has an amazing day. Blessed be.


@Saulamay thank you so much, I am going to do this before my Moon Ritual tonight. I am taking all suggestions and trying them. I hope to find a good positive daily routine for positivity through this time in my life. I appreciate you taking the time to help. Blessed Be :hugs: :star2:

I am feeling better than I was this morning. I took a calm shower listening to Woke Nation to cleanse myself & my energy to bring in positivity. Once I finished getting myself dried off & ready, I did a cozy up guided meditation for Self Compassion in Difficult Times.


I seem to be in the same funk as you are. I cannot seem to get my daily 3 card spread done, but I do my daily ritual and my husband keeps me on my toes with meditation (we do it together at 8:30 pm). I also do the Moon rituals either before or after our couple meditation. I will be doing a Black Mirror purification tonight but with it being cold, windy and overall miserable I may have to do it inside after the moon charges my mirror for an hour or so. I need to get in touch with my spirit guide.


LOL. I swear the things I’ve put in a safe place and never seen again. Or you find it after you buy replacements.

Sounds like you’re on the road to being connected again. That’s great!


@Abs53 Absolutely! I love this,


I can see them in the bags that I put them in, I just have no idea where in this room I put them. There aren’t many places for them to hide, so I’m really stumped. I was feeling drawn to Tiger Eye so I bought some gold, red, & blue. My tarot person recommended blue apatite so I got a pair of stud earrings & then a mystery box. The package will come with palo santo in it for ordering, so that will give me time to look around & maybe find them by “accident”.


If that’s not the truth for myself included! I’ve learned to be bff with grounding and black tourmaline! And, cleansing. You have a selenite wand, correct? Wand yourself with it to cleanse your aura. I’ll add a video on how to do that bc me trying to explain something like that is confusing :joy:

Sheetal is better at explaining that!!!
Hope this helps you girl!!! :blush::heart::heart::heart:

By the way, she touches her chakras with the selenite but I was taught doing it a couple inches above. It’s truly what works for you.


@christina4 thank you! I will definitely check it out. I have quite a few selenite wands! I love my black tourmaline. I will do the meditation to activate my palm stone later today too. Once I get my things done for the day, I will get to it.


Ohhh, I like!! :yum:

I have never owned a Selenite Crystal of wand before but always made an attempt to purchase one. Purchased a few on Valentine’s Day as honoring self love for my self with my sigil selflove spell.

After watching this video it motivated me alot especially when she spoke about the Chakras :rainbow:
This is something I always wanted to get done. So guess what I am going to purchase? My very first piece of selenite.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you for this video @Christina4

Off to Etsy I go…:running_woman::running_woman::running_woman::running_woman:


You’re quite welcome :blush: and any first purchase of crystals are exciting!!!


@christina4 this is good to know, thank you for sharing. I have a selenite wand that I place my Athame on since I started using the Athame in lieu of a wand. I’ll have to use it on myself later today. Blessed be.


Today I found my flower offering and I use it in simmer pots. It’s rose petals, lavender, and calendula. I have it on my altar now. I did the beauty spell that @walter recommended today. I used palo santo incense on my altar with the flower offering & I have the Florida Water blend in my diffuser again. I felt very connected today. Tonight I have most of my crystals out under the moon. I didn’t put out all of my jewelry because I have only been drawn to a few pieces. I did put out the bag I made with Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst, & Black Tourmaline. I was carrying that today so it’s out there.

I feel much more connected after the weekend & I want to thank everyone for their help. I am going to do the Selenite Cleanse tomorrow when my daughter goes to school and after I have my wand out tonight. I’m looking forward to doing it.

Again thank you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart: :heart_eyes: