A Lesson in the Seven of Swords :sword_tarot:

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I wanted to share a new blog post with you all from my website, so here’s a little excerpt. You can read the rest on my blog if you want!

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We magical people are always learning and I am no different. I feel like learning takes a different route for me these days with my memory issues, but it still happens. Sometimes it’s nice to see things with a beginner’s mind, honestly. These days, a lot of my learning happens intuitively or when something just smacks me in the face. I mean, not literally. Not usually!

I pulled a tarot card the other day like I tend to do. The card I pulled was the Seven of Swords in my Traditional Manga Tarot. I don’t remember what I asked because at this point the lesson is in the card and what I realized rather than the question and answer I wanted.

I know the general meaning of the Seven of Swords. In the Rider-Waite Smith deck, the Seven of Swords depicts a person tip-toeing away from two swords while they carry five more in their arms. The person is wearing a green tunic, blue trousers, and red shoes (honestly they look more like socks, but I digress…) In the background are a bunch of tents set up. It kind of looks like how an army camp back then would be set up. In the very, very far distance is what appears to be a castle covered in clouds. The sky is yellow.

You can read the rest here → A Lesson in the Seven of Swords – 'Round the Cauldron


Thanks for sharing! It’s so interesting how one simple gesture in the figure can entirely change the meaning of the card. For example, one (in the Rider Waite) is completely out of balance, while the Traditional Manga Tarot shows a lot more stability. But I agree with you that the message here isn’t the person but the swords.