A New Witch in England UK

Hey Everyone,

Just popping by to say hello as I am new to the site and new to being a witch, my name is Rebeckah and I am 46 and would love to meet other like minded people as currently very isolated with my practice. I am also a psychic medium, tarot card consultant, and a Reiki Master.

Blessed Be xxxxx


A very warm welcome to you, @Freya! :heart:

Please make yourself at home here- the coven is blessed to have you join :blush: As you are beginning your magickal path, I recommend the Spells8 Complete Courses. They are a wonderful and free (just be sure you are logged in!) witchy resource covering many aspects of magick :books:

Please know that you are warmly invited to join in on any of the ongoing Forum Activites- they are great way to practice your talents and get more involved with your new coven!

It is a pleasure to meet you and I’m looking forward to talking with you more soon. Blessed be! :sparkles:


Hi Rebecka,

Welcome to the forum! :bouquet: I am from Berkshire England, in Thatcham if you’ve ever heard of it?

You will be right at home here, everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable.



Yes I know it well as have family near by, thanks for replying to me that was super kind of you. I am feeling very at home and like finally I have found myself. xx


Welcome to the Community :slight_smile: I’m Lisa and I live in Scotland with my children <3 I’m an eclectic Witch and a Norse Pagan (very new) So glad to have you here <3
I’ve only been here a week but I have been so welcomed and found so much light here <3 I also practice alone where I live and this Coven has been a blessing <3
The courses really are amazing I’ve been working my way through them, the guided meditations and The Self Initiation have been my favourite so far :slight_smile:
I look forward to learning with you <3 Blessed Be <3


Welcome to Infinite Roots! We’re glad to have you here! I’m Christina and I’m from New York. I perform reiki as well as crystal healing and energy work. It’s so nice to meet you! If you need any support or help, give me a shout or anyone of us would be glad to help.
Blessed be


That is an amazing welcome and I love Scotland we have book a holiday there next year and I cant wait! Thank you for saying hello it is much appreciated. I am just working my way through the courses and I love the tarot xxx



Thanks for the message and I would love to come to New York someday it is a dream location for me !! I have 3 children all grown up now but they all have Asperger’s Syndrome so that it can be tough, but we are always laughing xx


Hi @Freya and welcome. I’m also new and I’m based in Bedfordshire.


Welcome to @Freya & also @Liisa & @IrisW… I’m Siofra from Cape Cod, MA, USA.

I have ancestry in England & Scotland & the surrounding areas. I would love to go visit any or all of those places. Just to have the experience & see what I can see. I haven’t really left the United States much. I did go to Grand Cayman & Mexico during a cruise a few years back when my boys were younger. I love my area because I am right by the ocean & can walk to it whenever I want. I use the beach sand in my resin crafts when I do the ocean effects in them.

I hope you all have a great day & if you have any questions or insights feel free to join in the conversation! There are some really nice & helpful people here & very supportive.


Merry Meet @Freya! I’m Amethyst, from West Virginia over in the States. Glad to have you aboard! You’re lucky, it’s Monday, and the great and wonderful @TheTravelWitch put out a new Merry Meet Monday - Forum News. That’ll let you in on all we’re doing this week, like our group tea time and energy work. Things like that.

If you have any questions, just give a yell and someone will pop up and help you out! I look forward to learning from you in the forum!

Blessed be!


I cant sleep so thought I would reply I am loving your blue hair! xxx


I love your hair @Freya & @IrisW. Do you do any other colors? I just stay with the blues. I absolutely love it. Right now it is where it needs to be done with root color, bleach, & blue. I have to do that about once a year. The other times we just refresh the blue with what is already there. People have started telling me that they love my mermaid hair because of the way it has faded in some spots. :rofl: :mermaid:


Mine has been almost exclusively blue for about a year now. I’m a solicitor and whilst I’ve experimented with colour somewhat over the years, the wilder colours weren’t really considered “professional”. But when we went into lockdown last year I thought “I’ve always wanted blue hair” so I’ve tried various shades but like it bright! Work know it’s this colour and I’ve got a promotion in the meantime so I’m not intending to change it unless they specifically tell me to :slight_smile:

I love the colour of your hair @Siofra. Mine needs a fair bit of maintenance. Although I’ve been going grey since my mid 20s (I’m now 38) the roots are still fairly dark and don’t take the blue well. So I have to bleach and use permanent colour on the roots then I use semi permanent on the ends so it doesn’t get too badly damaged.


@IrisW I do the same thing. I have been going gray since I was 17 so I know all about the maintenance. I think it looks good on you! I’m not changing it to another color anytime soon either. I love it this way!


I love Blue - I might have a go at that next, I think I have always just been read as I feel that Is what I am drawn to the most xxx


Merry meet @Freya :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sending you a BIG hi all the way from across the Caribbean, its such a pleasure to have you here with us I am NickWick. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and please make your self at home.


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Hi Iris,
Hope that your having a wonderful start to the day and a great day to follow !!


Rebecca xxx


You too @Freya