A personal journal

I want to have a personal journal on the site/forum.

I want it to be subjected to the court of public opinion

This journal will be me finding the arcane in the mundane & vice versa.

Where should I post it? I’m confused.


I am new myself.
I would imagine if you wanted to record your thoughts and only wanted the coven to see it, you would post to A Sacred Space. You would create a tag with a personalized title. (If it ends up in the wrong spot other members can move it.)

I do not think anyone can see your journal/notes that you take in your Spell 8 course.


Seconding this! :+1:

The A Sacred Space Category is for coven-member eyes only and would be the best place to share your personal journal and reflections :blush: Feel free to create a new discussion there and fill the replies with your entries. I’m looking forward to seeing your journey of exploration, @john.knox :raised_hands: :sparkles:

Blessed be!


Thanks you, you’re really helping me in my journey of self-discovery.


It’s my pleasure! Blessed be :sparkles::grinning:


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