A pick me up

Please be advised there is a possible Trigger Warning.

Hey y’all! So I have an Trigger Warning

:warning: issue with depression, anxiety, possible bipolar disorder discussed between me and mg doctor, healing from past traumas and negative mindset, and hell probably more that I don’t even know! :joy::joy:

Anywho, in my spiritual journey, or just daily life, I struggle to get up and do the things I want to learn and accomplish. I will do stuff for a bit and be all happy and knowing, then find myself being lazy and procrastinating. Like I watch all these things others are doing and look at different things I want to do but I just don’t and then I get all moapy about it. It sucks because there are all these beautiful things to do and I don’t feel productive. Also, I let fear get in the way of going to meet new people though I so wish I had someone like me. Being an empath as well, I need downtime to recharge but then I take too much time lol. Please send me any kind of vibes that would be beneficial! Love yall all for this group being a good community to come to!


Oh @Gypsy_oOo_Soul don’t be to hard on yourself. We all get that way. I did a motivation spell with an orange candle this morning because I have sooo much to do. I think the spell is taking a little while to work. Lol. Sending you love and light!


I am definitely too hard on myself! I feel like I am not connected to my practice right now. It has to get better with time though.


Take it as it comes. When the time is right you will know. Try not to compare yourself with other people. You and your practice are yours alone, and this is a happy place to get inspiration.


Darling friend,
I got a reminder about seasons yesterday! There are seasons that we should be busy and productive and there are seasons when we need to tuck in and rest. Perhaps, for one reason or another, your body and spirit are telling you to rest. Perhaps if you rest without fightIng for just a bit, it will be easier for you to come out of it. Also, be sure you are drinking plenty of water, get outside in the fresh air if you can, and maybe grab itamins. Also, if you are taking medications, be sure to let your doctor know if they are becoming less effective for you. I am sending you so much love. It’s hard and frustrating to be in a funk! Wishing you well!


@Gypsy_oOo_Soul I believe that acceptance of where you are is the biggest change maker.
You don t have to do anything, not really. You don’t have to be anything, sometimes you learn the most of your darkest moments. So if something strong inside of you wants to be there, even when it s certainly no fun place, then be there. And maybe that is enough to let some light in from a corner you didn’t expect. Because acceptance will make you softer and gentle towards yourself and makes some cracks in walls you might have build
I am sending you love and acceptance :heart:


Dear One,
I feel you… I have been where you are, buried in darkness :cry: @Gypsy_oOo_Soul
It’s not easy being an empath and you are not alone… there are several of us here.

Here are a few things I do to help me feel better:

1. Mirror Work: Make funny faces! Smile! Say, ‘I love you and accept you completely!’ Repeat every time you look in the mirror!

2. Watch your words: Notice what you say to yourself! Just watch and notice… This is the first step in changing the negative self-talk and when you are ready YOU decide to change it, and then you can say something positive instead.

3. Do NOT compare yourself to anyone else ever: You are unique and beautiful in your own right! You are more magical and powerful than you know! You are not meant to be like anyone else!

4. Do NOT care what others think: What you think is all that matters! When I told my first husband I was leaving, the first thing he said was, ‘What will the neighbors think?’ And that was the last thing I cared about. He also said I was cold-blooded! That shook me to the core, but you know I left anyway… a hard lesson learned.)

I hope this helps you, there is no quick answer, but this is a new beginning or can be if you choose.

Sending you love :heart: and light :star2:


I wish at this point in time I was in a better space to properly answer this on my own, but I am going to have to agree with @marsha about this one plus with all 4 points. :revolving_hearts:

I’m also an empath, I do a lot of grounding, releasing, healing, protection, and cleansing. I also had to learn to keep my energy to myself without it just attaching to everyone. They were hard lessons learned, but again, I agree with Marsha about that one too. :people_hugging:


@Gypsy_oOo_Soul everyone has given such good inspiration, I don’t know if I can compare. But that’s just it, I can’t. No one else can be me, and no one else can be you. Don’t compare yourself to others. To me, it would be work getting out of bed at all each morning if I had to deal with what you have to.

Instead of seeing the negatives and comparing yourself to others, see the positives. You got out of bed today and checked the forum, that’s great! Being an empath is especially hard these days, it seems the world is getting nastier and nastier. You are doing the best you can and deserve to be celebrated for that!

Anyhow, that’s me off my soap box. Sending you love and light and hopefully you’ll get to feeling better about this soon.


@AileyGrey Aww thank you! Seasons come and go and for me they swap to much lol. I did actually just see my doctor and she upped my meds and i see her again in 3 weeks to see if they are still helping. I started taking vitamins but i need more water and to get outside more!


@martje i certainly have some dark corners. I have been through rehab and therapy in the past and had to look at some dark stuff. It is hard to really shine sometimes. But i knoe that i have a light in me and i have actually been told that by a couple strangers and people i knpw that i am light. I am trying to embrace that again! Thank you for the love!


@marsha @Siofra_Strega. @Amethyst i agree %100 on everything yall have said and i greatly appreciate it! I need to just get up and do these things! I started meditating again and trying to dive deeper into myself. Man i wish i could get together with people like us! Thank yall for the love and i send it right back to yall! May yall be filled with love and light!


Remember you’re like a glow stick… sometimes you have to snap before you can shine!


Greetings @Gypsy_oOo_Soul,

First things first- sending you big hugs! :people_hugging: :heart: It is tough to get stuck in a rut and I know firsthand how hard it be to pull yourself back up again. That being said, you can do it! A big part of moving forward for me is the momentum- it is hard to get start, but once you’re on a roll again things will be easier from there.

You’ve got some really fantastic advice and tips from others, the only other things I can think of is in regards to what you said here:

I took a psychology of happiness class and I remember all the studies they showed us- “negative” social media sites (looking at you, Facebook and Instagram) do a massive blow to our egos and pride.

Scrolling through the posts gives a little boost of dopamine (and that destructive dopamine reward loop), but that little boost doesn’t last- not to mention that what we see on social media is often just the glory moments of someone’s life- it’s an exaggerate truth (or not the truth at all).

My best advice for you, is that when you feel the first hint of sadness, jealousy, FOMO, depression, etc- switch off your phone. Take a step back. Open up a picture album or list five achievements or think of ten things you are proud of or grateful for- do some positive exercises that take the focus off of others and back onto you.

Because you’re your own unique, special, wonderful person @Gypsy_oOo_Soul- no one has overcome the things you have, no one is at the same point in the same place in time as you are, right now. You’re you and you’re amazing! :heart::blush:

Love and Light!


I hope I helped you a little bit, @Gypsy_oOo_Soul. :people_hugging:


The Rider-Smith 8 of Wands tarot card come to mind, hit it while it’s hot.

For a day or two, if you can try this exercise if you want to, every 2 or 3 hours, from the time you get up, take a nice brisk or power walk or lightly run for 15-30 minutes (whatever you can handle safely). This will pump oxygen into you, and being that there is another physical activity coming up in the next 2 or 3 hours, help to not sulk back into laziness, and you’ll be energized, oxidized from the walk or run you just did to do something.

Feel compounding it, one on top of the other, helps kick out the procrastination better, and maybe scare it from coming too soon, and pick up a more energized momentum.


This is super cool advice!


This happens to me quite often. As someone that has some mental health issues that cause me to lose interest in things, be very tired, etc. my practice waxes and wanes with my mental health. And honestly? That’s totally fine. Your practice, in my opinion, should be fluid and move with you. If it is too structured and rigid, I find myself getting stuck and down on myself when I need to skip something because I physically or mentally can’t handle it that day.


Just wanted to add a footnote to my post… When I said “buried in darkness” I was referring to my own struggle with depression!


So, since my last response, I’m trying my hardest to do one thing each day, anything but I’m finding it difficult to find the path amongst the obstacles myself.

I know it will pass, but right now I completely understand where you coming from this & you are not alone.