A Simple Ritual To Receive A Message From The Gods

Here’s a simple ritual to connect your spirit with your deity or any other divine/spirit being you feel close to.

You’ll need:

A trowel/large spoon. (Or your hands)
A pot and soil if indoors.
A consecrated stone.
Incense and matches.
Fat (animal or vegetable).
Flower petals, a colour that resonates with your deity/spirit.

Find a place outside (or inside if you can’t get outside) where you feel a strong connection to this deity/spirit. Bring your materials with you.

Light your incense.
Flip some soil whether this be outside or in a pot. (Flipping the soil informs of your presence, and flips the light. Light goes down and dark goes up.)
Pour the milk on the patch of flipped soil.
Sprinkle the petals on the milk to call in your deity.
(If you’re working with a demon, you can use this opportunity to call them in using their Enn)
Smear the fat on the left side of your stone.
Touch the stone with your left hand.
Place the stone next to the soil/pot.
Lay down in this spot, close your eyes and relax and let your mind receive any messages from your gods.

This little ritual was modified to include all practices and gods from the beautiful ritual below. If you follow the Norse gods you can do the ritual invoking:

Gabba. The great spirit of the white reindeer guardian of the elven world, so instead you would use white petals. You will need to do this at a Seita (a sacred place in nature where you feel the presence of the gods, normally a peculiar stone). As this place is set, you would be doing the whole ritual next to this stone. All other parts of the ritual are the same.

Here’s the video for the Norse ritual. Adapt it for a beautiful, dreamlike connection with your deity. :green_heart:


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The original ritual looks lovely, and I really appreciate your thoughtful adaptation of the spell! Thank you very much for taking the time to share this way to receive messages, @tracyS - it’s a useful ritual! :pray: :bowl_with_spoon: :sparkles:


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