A very lost and confused soul

Please send positive energy to a former friend of mine who has totally lost herself in drugs. In 3 months time she has lost everything. Her name is Katie and I need all the extra energy she can get


So it is. Sometimes we go through these things to learn lessons, either those around us or ourselves. It hurts I know…sending love to you and positive healing energy to her.

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Get a photo of your friend and a white candle. Calm and still your mind. Light the candle near your friend’s photo and imagine love and good vibes pouring from the universe through you and out into the beam of the flame, surrounding your friend in an uplifting bubble of goodness.

I usually advise against casting spells for others but it seems like she really needs the healing energy.

Another idea is to do a bottle spell for her. Fill it with something to symbolize her and happy things like glitter, herbs and flowers. Shake it everyday until she feels better. But most importantly, give her lots of love and support.

Sending you my blessings! :pray: :dizzy:


I will do those…she is one of those people that absolutely do not belong in my life, negative follows her. However I worry about her and more than anything want her to be ok. Thank you for the vibes…I feel better already.


I know the feeling. Negative people have a negativity nexus that follows them around, and you can get sucked in quite easily. There’s almost nothing you can do to turn a negative person around.

But if you know you have some influence on her, tell her to learn to say something positive every time before they say something negative. Some people can improve. Otherwise, I generally try to avoid people who embrace negativity as their lifestyle.


It’s a sticky situation. She currently strongly dislikes me and that’s fine with me. But I can’t just lose 10 years of friendship and stop caring. Since I can’t talk to her I just send her positivity.


hmm sometimes we are told not to interfere in anyones life, because it is for reason so they will learn. IDK…