Adventures of Garnet - 2 {ghosts}

Hi everyone,
This adventure took place back in the '60s. It involves a protective spirit.

  • (I was too young and naive to think that anyone would hurt me.)

I was living in the upstairs apartment of a long-retired post office. The entrance was on the side back of the building, then up a steep staircase, probably 19-20 steps.

I’d had the odd feeling that someone was in the room with me, at times. But I never saw anything. I never felt fear over it, and I found nothing out of place. It was just my invisible friend.

One of our acquaintances came to visit, one night, after dark. We talked for a long time, sometimes he would bring up inappropriate and uncomfortable topics. But I always steered the conversation away from the subject. This man thought he knew everything about everything.
He kind of looked like Manson, Kind of creepy, Huh? This was before his murderous crime spree in California. He was just an odd, opinionated man.

When he brought up ghosts and I told him that I had one, he got excited and ordered me to show him. I walked to the stair landing, where I felt the “presence” most often.

Over a period of a few months, I had seen the 'ghost, dressed in a blue work shirt and overalls. He implied that he had worked for the railroad, long ago. This was realistic, as we lived next to an old, abandoned train stop.

As my guest told me that the Ghost was mean and evil. I told him that he wasn’t at all.
The fool tried to come into the landing with me and he was thrown back. When this happened, I too, felt a push and started falling sideways down the stairs.

I was dead, I knew it. I’d never survive a fall down those steep stairs.

I sometimes can’t believe what happened next. I felt something not only stop my fall but bring me back safe and sound to the landing. Needlessly to say, I was very shaken.
I asked my visitor to leave, which he did at a dead run. I sat on the couch like a zombie. Then out the side of my eye, the ghost materialized. He just smiled, waved at me, and faded away. I neither felt nor saw him again. I know it’s fanciful but I’ve often wondered if saving my life was the reason he was there.

blessed be
PS. Like my ghost, I never saw the visitor again.
It makes one wonder, why?


You never can tell! Thank goodness your ghostie pal was there! And cheers to being young and naive and for this amazing universe to keep us safe!


What an amazing story! I am so glad your ghost friend was there to save you from creepy guy! I love how the universe supports us. I am happy you were ok with the ghost being around. I wonder if that ghost was hanging around to be able to complete something he felt undone in his life and protecting you enabled him to move on.


Speaking of ghosts… kind of an offshoot really…

Over the summer my daughter found this “cool rock” for me. It has a partial hole in it & I believe she either got it from the small island off of where we live OR a beach from Martha’s Vineyard. So since she gave it to me it has been living on my dresser where my main altar is, but whenever go to it or by it… I have to look at it or in the hole, pick it up, something… I was talking to my friend about hag stones it was suggested that there may be spirit of some kind in there keeping me company.

So, since this upcoming week I don’t have much going on, I think I am going to use my divination cloth with penduluim to see if maybe there is & we can connect with each other a little more. I’m kind of excited but also kind of like… Well, this is certainly new to me & there is a little anxiety about it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Sometimes even when we are naive, there are “friends” looking out for us at the most important times. Whether or not we know it. :revolving_hearts:


@Susurrus keep us posted on your possible hag stone! I’m eager to hear what you find out!


Talking about ghosts. I’m sure my unit is haunted. I mean, I do live up the street from a very old cemetery that is in use today.

I have had thing fall of walls that shouldn’t have. I mean we are talking nails pointing up when they should be pointing down after something fell due to gravity. My daughter never wanted to sleep in the big room, cuz she saw a dark shadow in the corner and felt someone repeatedly sit on her bed. And considering my kid is not prone to having ‘imaginary’ friends, I took it with some value cuz she is also not one to make stuff up like that, anyways.

Recently, about a few months ago anyways, my oldest and myself went to the cemetery for a walk. We came back and didn’t think anything of it. Next thing I know my oldest says she is seeing things and feeling things in her room and the worse was the messy wet little girl she briefly saw in the bathroom at my parent’s place. She drew a picture and I instantly didn’t like it and it put a pit in my stomach. Sent it to my friend and she said she KNEW it came there.

My friend did a cleanse and it took an HOUR to get it to release her. She kept saying she could feel it wanting to strangle her. She managed to get rid of it but she said it was OLD, older than the natives. So yeah, that was fun. And when she came, she said there were 2 hot spots in my unit-- the worst was the ‘tar like’ energy in the corner of the room my daughter kept mentioning. And I had NEVER told her what my youngest said about the spirit. So it matched up.

Last night, I saw the hallway light turn off. My daughter and I are the only ones here. The light switch is up high and it just turned off. I went, though she was up getting a drink. Nope. Out cold. Light switch was in the off position, so it physically was turned off. Yeah, fun stuff , lol


Ohh! I love ghost stories. Thanks for sharing!


Oh my goodness, Garnet! I’m so glad you were saved by whoever your protective spirit was. Thank the Gods that he was there. That sounds like a very uncomfortable situation to be in :grimacing:

I haven’t had a ghost save me, per se, but I do have a funny story that involves ghosts :laughing: when we first moved to Florida into an apartment building, the local spirits of that apartment made sure we knew they were there. That first night, we woke up because my daughter had an accident. Then my fiancé got up and accused me of stealing his pillow (I didn’t) because it was missing. Literally gone. Not on the floor anywhere where we were sleeping (we didn’t have our furniture yet). The cat was also meowing from somewhere and we couldn’t find her. We went all over that apartment and couldn’t find the pillow or the cat, but I could hear her. Then I finally decided to open one of the hall closet doors that has the water heater and AC in it – it’s important to know that this door sticks and makes a lot of noise when you open it – to find my fiancé’s pillow sitting on top of the water heater and the cat came walking out from behind it. To this day we still don’t know how that happened but that was only the first of many experiences we had in that apartment!


Yes, please keep us posted about the possible hag stone.


Yikes! Sounds creepy.


Oh, wow! Were you able to clear the space or did you just end up moving?

I love ghost stories. But I am not sure I want to have one. :wink:


I never really felt the need to clear the space. The energy wasn’t malicious, just playful. Based on a few other interactions we had, I’m pretty sure there was at least one child spirit there. Nothing bad every happened :woman_shrugging: I just figured they were there first so as long as they didn’t cause harm to me and my family then they deserved to stay there just as much as us.


@AileyGrey & @Phoenix_Rose I will keep everyone updated in a separate thread once I find anything out. I’m taking a break for the day because I cleaned while my husband was outside then ran to do errands before he could mention taking a break for overdoing it… I came home & to my dismay but their pleasure, I was told no more & to get on the couch where I was met with my pickle to make sure I shared my blanket & stayed next to him :rofl: I definitely will let everyone know what I find out though.

@MeganB… I believe I would be the same way if the energy wasn’t malicious & they were just being playful & fun. As long there’s no harm to me or my family then I don’t see the harm in having them stay either.


That makes sense.