Advice for a spell to deal with an unpleasant person

I am a teacher and I have a very unpleasant parent that I am required to work with. Communication with her is never pleasant and she is very aggressive. Which spell would be most helpful?
An anti anxiety spell for me
A sweetening spell
The Bully be Gone
Or do you have a different suggestion


@crystal5 honestly my knee-jerk reaction was a freezer spell, but I’m assuming you will have to deal with the parent throughout the year.

Bully Be Gone may be a good one to try & having an anti-anxiety bowl on your desk or area may be helpful.

You said that she is aggressive though which is kind of concerning when the subject is most likely her child, so could you maybe have a 3rd party when you have to meet with her or a 3-way call that includes another person from the school… a guidance or adjustment counselor, resource officer, (I’m not sure what would be available in your school or school system) If you explain your concern maybe they will have you meet with her in a conference room with another coworker with you?


Those are all good options. If the person seems to be sending a lot of aggressive/bad energy, another option could be a return to sender spell since because it doesn’t add anything extra, simply returns intent.

(I say that because I personally prefer to leave curses as a last resort.)

Light a black candle that will absorb any negative energies around you, and if you feel it necessary carve the name of the person to send all that back to them. Use salt if you prefer.


@Susurrus freezer spells are great. And can be manipulated your way. My sister and mom are in my freezer and i only speak to them when i make first contact. Bully be gone or bitch be gone spells are great too. And u can always tweak them for your situation.


I have had someone in my freezer for… close to 2 years now & not one issue, message, look, nothing. She’s staying there :rofl: I am contemplating putting someone else in the freezer, but it’s a tricky situation so I’m not sure that if I do it, I will get the desired results. I don’t want my 13-year-old to do it because I haven’t taught her anything about practicing things like that where she is going through junior high & high school. I kind of want her to learn social skills & when it’s a good idea & not necessary.

Otherwise, she’s 13, anything can happen at any time with friends… I’d have a freezer full of jars or rotating jars. :joy: So I haven’t even mentioned them as an option to her because that whole learning life skills & social skills & merging them with getting schoolwork done & not socializing instead. She needs to work on that more this year.


@Susurrus yeah i agree with u there.

Too funny about your daughter. U would need a new freezer just for her. Lol


Seriously, maybe a separate one in the basement just for her jars :joy: There’s a lot of drama for junior high now, I don’t remember all of this happening in 7th grade… a totally different experience for me. It doesn’t help that she’s beautiful & doesn’t look 13 at all or act it… she has always been around older people. Her brothers are 7 & 10 years older than her & as such, so are/were their friends. So unfortunately she grew up faster than I would have liked, but she has a good head on her shoulders too. So it’s a balancing act with her :laughing:


I like the idea of an anti-anxiety bowl or jar, especially kept somewhere close to where you two speak to each other. It’s possible that the parent has dealt with crappy schools and teachers before and is automatically on the defense. I’m not saying their behavior is correct or appropriate but maybe some perspective on why the parent is aggressive and not-so-fun to deal with can help you decide which direction to take.

I think my first course of action would be some sort of sweetening spell. You could even use some glamor magic to make yourself appear more confident, welcoming, and peaceful in the situation – not saying that you aren’t but if the parent perceives those more than their aggression it may help!


Ha ha u would need one. I too dont remember junior high or high school being filled with so much drama and bullying as it is now. My son went thru alot of it. Maybe she can do a bully be gone spell. Or even candles against it all. Definitely needs protection around her. I know u have some, but maybe letting her do something small like that will help her have some peace.


When she was younger I would make up pouches for her backpack, but since she is taking an interest I kind of oversee what she is doing or explain her options for what to do with it. She does the work though, I’m just a bystander. If she winds up with a mini freezer in her room, I will have to step in & be like… listen this isn’t the answer :laughing:


I would try a communication spell so that your words are heard in a productive way. Florasphere - Flower of the Day ~ 🌼 Cosmos (Cosmos spp.) Parents can become defensive when they think they are misunderstood or judged or aggressive when they think their child is not getting what he or she needs at school or is otherwise being unfairly treated at school. Raising children isn’t easy. Some parents, including myself, also had past negative experences with teachers and that can color their interactions. As a special needs parent, it paid off for my son for me to be aggressive in school meetings for obtaining my son’s rights in school as well as the rights for other special needs students. It was not always pleasant for all involved but the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Consider too (and I have also been a teacher) that while teachers do have parts of their day where they collaborate with their peers, much of their work is on their terms where they are telling students what to do. I have found that many teachers for this reason are not readily disposed to take suggestions, or they may take feedback from parents as criticism. In fact, there’s not a school I have worked at where parents were not complained about or otherwise seen as an opposing force in when teachers let their hair down, sadly, in the teacher’s lounge or staff meetings. It doesn’t have to be that way. Could that be a factor? See if you can find a middle ground – we had a a communication notebook (it was a composition book - they are sturdy) that went back and forth in my son’s backpack. The teacher wrote comments and questions in the notebook as did I. That home/school communication technique solved most of our issues! I kept those notebooks and they were helpful records of my son’s needs and progress.


Hey Crystal,

Sorry to hear that you’re going through this, sounds like a tough time.

I don’t think that any spell is required here. I’m speaking from my professional experience as someone who works within the social industry.

Mum’s distress has nothing to do with you, however her disturbances are clearly having a great impact due to her frustrations being dropped into your lap so to speak.

I know that you are at your wits end to bring it here, but just keep being kind to her to start, and just ask “how are you?”

You see it could be that mum has no support for herself and could be dealing with a great challenge but if you just ask her how she is this not only disarms her but let’s her know that you do care and makes her feel safe to open up to you without any defense coming between you.

When others take their frustration out on us it’s rarely anything to do with us, some just don’t have any coping mechanisms some were never taught emotional well being.

I hope this helps.

If you would like to chat further, send me a message.

Jeje X


Hahah I had my 17 year old daughter come and ask me to do a freezer spell for someone too… Some girl who has eyes on her boyfriend… :thinking:… If we had to do freezer spells for every situation there would’nt be any space left for our food…


This is very true haha :sweat_smile:

Last night I had some issues with the airline company we are flying with today- wonder if it’s possible to put a whole airline in the freezer? Although I’d probably need more than one freezer for that (not that I have any freezer at the moment lol) :laughing:


I can’t agree more & at my daughter’s age… the relationships with friends & others can change within hours :flushed: She is learning not to tell everyone who says that they are her friend everything because at any given time that can change & then change again hours later. Also she learned a great lesson about handing out her password to friends too. If that person gets upset & has the password, they can post in her account then say she said it. Ah… navigating the teen years is so much fun with the added “benefit” of so much technology & social media everywhere for them.

I only have that one person in my freezer for good reason, there’s really no one else that I would put in there unless it was becoming issue to me or my family’s mental health or otherwise damaging despite all other avenues being at least attempted.

My daughter is very interested in what I do, at times she is more attentive, but still flighty & kind of does it then puts it away for a little bit. I think at her age, it’s more influenced by her friends when she will & won’t engage with me about it or how much. I suspect that’s normal for junior high though & I don’t push it, I let her come to me.


YO tell me about it… Half the time I am in a flat spin because it seems I am the enemy who knows nothing about life. They say the best time to hire someone is when they are teenagers because that is when they know EVERYTHING…

I have learned to just nod my head and say yes of course you know dear… It saves a lot of fights and performances… I relish the day when she has a teenage daughter hahahah…

I have to say though, my’ daughter is 17 now and I have started noticing subtle changes. I feel like she is starting to grow up now. Not so on her high horse anymore.

They didn’t take us aside in high school and teach us to be parents did they. It’s really tough sometimes. But I must say when they make you a cup of coffee and give you a little hug and say they love you… Ah… nothing more rewarding… And then 5 minutes later we being told that we don’t know what it’s like to be in school and bla bla bla… I just smile and say yes dear…


Oh my can relate to that entire passage!

My daughter & I have come a long way because there was at least for a little while that I was like her nemesis… now I listen & if she asks I answer or I just say what do you think you are going to do to see where she is at & just tell her things like you do.

I savor the moments when she helps or does something for me & I get a hug & I love you from out of nowhere. Even when she kept me up for an hour & a half because she was excited about what was happening & sending me pictures & telling me all about it in her excited times, I was in heaven that she wanted to share the experience with me. :revolving_hearts:

This part definitely wasn’t in any class about parenting & girls… WAY DIFFERENT than both of my boys. Lol :joy:


O wow you right… those excited moments… They are awesome… Gee I am so glad to be talking to you about this… Someone else who experiences the exact same things… YAY… I am not alone… and no I am not the only one on the planet who has a teenage girl… YES YES YES… so different from boys…

Thank you for that relate. You were right… When i joined spells 8 you did say there are friendly people here. Sjoe i can’t explain how awesome I am feeling right now. I have been solitary for so long I guess I came to the conclusion there are no other people out there like me… You know… witchy and all the other things we do… :grinning:


Oh you have a whole community of them!

Right after I had logged out for a little bit, I started getting pictures & messages from her about the trip she has been on with friends of the family. She is so excited :star_struck: & has some amazing pictures :framed_picture: that she has shared & said there are a lot more but is saving them for when she gets home… which will be either Saturday night or Sunday morning :thinking: Depends on the flight :airplane: home & how they are all feeling :zzz: & when they get back to where we are :rofl: … crying happy tears this morning over here! :heart_eyes:

I told her to enjoy where she is because here it’s 39 degrees & that’s without the windchill :wind_face: Right now she is enjoying the sun :sun: and much warmer weather. Can’t say that I’m not a little jealous about that… :joy:


Hi yes, I’d like to sign up for whatever parenting class it is that teaches you how to parent teenager girls :joy: my daughter is only 9 but it’s coming faster and faster every day :flushed: