Advice (My favorite topic apparently 🤣)

I do fairly frequent oracle readings, at least weekly but sometimes multiple times a week and now I have added in a tarot deck and I’ve asked questions of Hades about changes, mundane life, stuff like that and I’m constantly getting the same responses.

Tonight, I received my first ever tarot reading from a professional and it was like so wild - it was 1000% reinforcing what all of my draws have been doing but also adding some very specific clarification and I’m being told that unless I make a [very specific] change in my life literally something bad will happen to me, somehow. I’m not sure how to make that change, I don’t know if I’m strong enough to get through it, and it’s something that will affect my baby toddler the rest of her life.

The outcome wasn’t a surprise because I was already battling with whether to commit to making that choice but now that I’ve been told definitively, idk, it just feels impossible.


It sounds like the messages aligned and you dove a bit deeper- hopefully, whatever change is on the horizon, the advice from the tarot reader as well as your own readings have helped you see the choice clearly and are able to make the best decision you can! :pray:

No matter what comes ahead, wishing you all the best with it @annakya! Stay strong, believe in yourself, and don’t hesitate to work some good luck magick and/or protective spellwork to help you on your journey :sun_with_face:

Love and light! :sparkles:


Hi @annakya - when I’m faced with change that I am having issues moving through or doubting or even as you say that you may not be strong enough/impossible - I look at what will happen if I don’t act to myself and my baby — what will happen if I do. Or, what is likely to happen - best and worst cases too.

Compare the two and the result may give you strength.

Then, lay out a non emotional plan of action / timeline to accomplish the change. Many well wishes and best of everything coming to you in the form of positive energy from me - Jan :purple_heart:


I can’t imagine being in that situation @annakya :people_hugging: I’m glad the reader was able to provide you with clarification on what needs to happen, especially if you weren’t getting those messages to being with. At least the outcome wasn’t a surprise and you already had a bit of an idea of what needed to happen :pray:

Whatever happens, I’m wishing you all the strength and courage to make the difficult decision that needs to be made. I like @jan_TheGreenWitch’s advice – come up with a non-emotional plan of action, something that shows both sides to the situation. This might make the decision a bit easier to manage.