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Good evening everyone

I am looking for a bit of insight and advice about occurrences in a dream last night:

To put it in context, yesterday morning i drew the death card as my daily tarot. Its the first time I’ve ever drawn it but i dont fear it having read up on meanings. I knew it was signalling new beginnings and letting go of unhelpful habits, ynoughts and memories.

I lost my grandpa and uncle, both of whom I was close to. I have grieved but never quite let go. Last night i made an affirmation to move on with my life and acknowledge that they are gone from this world but still with me. While praying at my altar in front of osiris, I said i was ready to acknowlddge and accept this but with his help, a sign, message or dream would provide the comfort that they were happy and safe on the other side.

If anything arose, id have expected one of those two to be involved. But no. In a dream last night was my biological father. Putting into context, im 38 years old and the last time i saw him i was 3. He made contact with me on facebook about 6 years ago but died shortly after, before we had met up in person. However, it was him who appeared in my dream. I had only ever saw photos of him on his fb but i was 100% sure in my dream who it was and i was aware of his presence. He kept bringing presents and piling them up, looking at me and smiling. Then he would be in the distance and would say “just give me a minute” as i passed him as though asking for my time.

I’ll be honest, this is a man I had no relationship with and who ive never thought about, even after his death so it was really unnerving for him to appear.

I am trying to make sense of the gifts. Is it symbolic of making up for things he has missed? Does he want to reach out? Im also uneasy that he might feel unfulfilled and is perhaps “stuck”. I am really not sure what to make of it all and what to do.

Your advice, as always, would be much appreciated

Many blessings



Huh. That is odd. I suck at interpreting dreams, but maybe you should write a letter to him, give him five minutes and see what happens.


I’m getting a feeling that it wasn’t just a dream but him actually making contact. The presents kind of tell me you meant much more to him than the other way around, and really it would make sense with your young age when he died. I don’t really have experience with communicating with the departed, but I’ve heard that unfinished business, especially emotionally charged, is a thing that can cause souls to stay around. Like finally getting in contact with you after all the years, and then never getting to see you. It makes me think of the gifts, maybe for all the birthdays he missed.

Sometimes the gods give us what we need instead of what we want, or what we think we need. We’ll have their view in hindsight. Or it could have been for your biological father’s soul, it was time for him to let go of this plane and that was the way. I haven’t worked with Osiris personally, but I know someone who does, she says that he has a very gentle and calming presence, easing the pain of departing souls and making their cross over easier.

Blessed be dear, and may you have the acknowledgement you’ve been waiting for :black_heart:


I’m with @CelestiaMoon I think he’s making contact.

A few insights… my father wasn’t around due to lots of things including a horrible divorce. Any time he was around he would shower me with gifts. I know it was his way of trying to make up for lost time when he knew there was no real way to get it back. He has since passed away.

Also, I never got to know my grandparents on my mother’s side. Another bad family situation. I wrote my grandmother a bit after I got married and had kids. We sent cards and letters a few times before she died. I was happy to be able to reach out before that happened.

(I’m telling that story to tell this story)

Well… I’ve been talking with my ancestors a bit over the past few years off and on. I just talk with them out loud. Sometimes I feel them, close or distant, other times I don’t. It’s quite healing, though. Sometime in mid 2022 I suddenly had a strong feeling of ‘contact your grandfather’. This was my grandfather on my mothers side… the other grandparent I didn’t get to know. He was my last living grandparent at this point. I kept thinking ‘I’ll write him like I did his wife. I’ll write him a letter.’

I had to look up his address. It took a bit to find him. But… he died in 2016. I had no idea. I was quite sad. But then I realized… CONTACT him. It didn’t mean a letter. I suddenly realized that he was nudging me, asking that I contact him, too.

I found photos online on a genealogy website, where his estranged family did take time to meet him before he died. I am one of three of his grandkids. Only one of them kept in touch. I feel like maybe he’s sad he never got to hear from me past meeting me when I was three years old.

(Again, it’s a long, painful and sordid story, please don’t judge)

Anyway. It really does feel like your father regrets not being there for you and wants to somehow show you love and support now. :heart:


Thank you for this. I really love this idea and would give me a chance to open up to how i feel too. Should i burn it after writing?

You’re right. Maybe i was fully uanware of him trying to make contact because i didnt think about him bit perhaps this is needed…for both of us to move on.

I thought this was perhaps the symbolism of the gifts. Things he has missed and wants to make up for. Thank you so much for sharing your story and for your advice.

Blessed be



Hello @Cosmic_Curiosity,

I’m with Celestia and Melora on this one- it would be one thing if it was something you dreamed out of nowhere, but this was a dream that came to you after you had specifically prayed to a deity for a message or dream.

I believe that this dream vision was the sign you had requested. Deities and higher powers can naturally see and know much more than we can. Sometimes dreams, visions, and signs aren’t what we expect- but they are, just like what Celestia said, what the deity thinks we need.

One possible interpretation of this is that you have done great work accepting and moving on from the loss of your grandpa and uncle, but that some part of you (perhaps your deeper conscious) has not accepted and moved on from the loss of your father. This is something that, at least in the eyes of your deity, needs to be worked on at this time in order for you to move forward.

The gifts and request for “just a minute” make me think that what is needed here is the gift of time- that is, to spend the time acknowledging him.

Although whether this means direct contact and communication with him or simply acknowledging his role and influence on you with the goal of seeking peace remains up to you. Whether or not you wish to open the door, and how far you wish to open it are choices that are in your hands.

Whatever you decide to do from here, I am wishing you all the best, Alan!

Much love and many blessings to you :sparkles:


I would burn it. I think there is a nice rite here on site but I’m on my phone. But yes, by all means burn it. Whatever feels good to you.


Don’t mind if I pop in on this- my first thought was that it was the Farewell Letter Ritual, but I see that ends with burying the letter instead of burning it. Maybe it was the Burn Away the Past Spell? :fire::thinking:


It could have been. Either one would work I think.


I really like the idea of writing the letter.I am going to do this as a means of letting out how I feel about the whole situation but also that I don’t hold any grudges to hopefully bring peace to us both.

I would like to burn it to release it into the universe

Blessed be



I hope it brings you peace, my friend!


Good luck and blessed burning- like Amethyst said, I hope it helps you find peace! :pray::fire::sparkles:


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