Advice on adhd assessment n smooth process

Ive started the process of getting adhd assessment as an adult. I’ve spoken to psych about where to start and ges said need to see doctor n get thing to see psychiatrist. . Great thats gonna be expensive plus the fact that thats more appts to try fit in and the waiting time. Whatever the outcome i cant ignore it anymore. But i need to process to go smooth. Isuck at doing medical appts esp with pain n exhaustion n i have periods of great focus n other times i can’t do squat. It makes not inly going to appts hard yet alone buying food or toilet paper​:woman_facepalming: lol yep :woman_shrugging:i ran out again. Always. N yet i pusg through to get work done bwcause failure isnt an option…

But the process sounds like withiut my challenges its going to be possibly long n challenging just to get an asssessment plus if that is why iam like i am then adjusting to that reality n figuring out whats adhd n whats just one of my quirks lol. Hopefully i can sort this out soon. Ive alreafy had concerns about being overly friendly or bubbly. Man wish id known this was possibiluty back when that came up maybe i wouldnt of beat myself up si much. .

But i guess question is, is there a spell or practical task that maybe anyone might know of that may make the process itself of going throygh assessment whatecer outcome to go smoothly n to not take too long. Also any advice bout ( im not sure if anyone might have gone thriugh or know someobe that has ) the process or gettibg diagnosed. Besides finally having ecplanation for alot of things never ubderstood about myself growing up and while ive accepted my weird n quirky side ecwn the easily distracted at times. Or jumping around in conversations. Zoning out. N the super focus n then millions of projects started but not fi ished. Damn i wish i could get more done without hours later being in middle if somergibg completely different n realise i left a task in the midfle of working on cause got a thought n following tgat down the rabbit hole and all tge other thoughts i forhot the original thing was doing. No obe is harder on me than i am but i have to hide so much n wirk harder to make up for failings but still fall short. Maybe if i can find out why im likr this i can find ways to fix problem areas. But i havr to fibd out if wgats been a possiblr very possible possibility if its whats causing issues so can try fix it cause ppl tell me just do it this way do this thar way but my brain just dont work that way. I try n then feel crap when i fail.

This has been a wake up call. N too much i connected to so i have spokem to psych about it n hes started me off by explainong next steps but any advice from pll who have been through or know ppl who have on how to help process of assessment go smooth. Is there a spell to help smooth process. Is there advice on what practical things can do. Any suggestions on herbal teas, crystals or other things that might help focus or self acceptance etc. Is there such thing as adhd crystals lol even if its not adhd condition itself maybe help with the adhd symptoms themself.
Lol im currentlg being very very weird holding my lil yoshi toy that has my Phoenix fitness challenge pendent on neck. N has become my emotional support friend lol i know its a toy but some days i do wish i eas allowed a pet. Its giving me sometjing to hold ( sensory ) and playinf with its hand in between fingers or patying its head is both sensory n gives me something to do with hand helping my fidgiting energy n helping me focus a littlw. I alsio found a wtist band in the box from same challenge with a zip pocket. . Maybe can put crystals in it :thinking: but its also a sensory thing too. Lol how i got to finding that??? I was looking for my scissors to do some work and i found the box from the chalkenge and the little yoshi toy lol and down the rabnit hole forgetting the scissors i was lpoking for n explorinf stuff in box before i remebered was loking for the scissors. Lol finally remembering i then went to bed to sit on to work with a bunch of extra stuff not been looking for. . Yep im one quirky person. . I am alice, the mad hatter and cheshire cat all rolled into one :joy: oh i also found there was a jounral in the box, found my knew physucal book of shadows :grin: on the front it says today i will rise higher than before. Yep phoenix theme all the way. And i just rememvered i was about to wash my uniform this morning gor work tommorow n never actually did it :woman_facepalming: i really need to get my act together. Id loose head if not attatched n of course i dropped a heavy wooden tray on little toe which not only cause it to ho purplr rightvaway but as it was corner of it it cut my toeopen. Good tjing i hsd bandaids in house. Hmm matve i need more first aid supploes considering how accident prone can be. Somwtimes worse than normal like that week of hell where smacked face in bricks, fell down stairs n almost got knife in foot now i wonder if that hadnt just been me, was probablt just going too fast n exhaustrd always go go go n trying to push throigh. Or the time got concussion from waking head on cupboard door. Also cut head lil all in past few months… yep maybe need to bace more first aid supplies. :woman_facepalming::joy: and i need to learn when to stop talking lol ok im shutting up now :woman_facepalming::joy::laughing:


I just have to say good for you for taking the steps to get this checked out with a doctor, Phoenix- while I haven’t gone through the process of an ADHD assessment before myself, I’ve jumped through the medical hoops and obstacle course for numerous other issues and I completely empathize with how tedious it can be. That being said, it’s so important to advocate for our own health and needs- you can do this! :heart::blush:

While I can’t think of any spells specific to an ADHD assessment, I would recommend looking at general good luck spells and wish granting spells- both of which would help to make the process go smoothly, quickly, and successfully based on your intention.

There’s a good luck sigil that you can draw and tuck into your pocket or wallet and bring with you. Sometimes it can help to have a physical token of luck that you can touch or look at while waiting for your appointment- I find it very reassuring!

There are also the spell collections- feel free to take a look. You could always adapt a spell to address the appointment and anything you wish to happen before, after, and during the visit.

I’m cheering for you and wishing you all the best as you work through this and navigate the labyrinth of health care- yes, it can be challenging, but it can be done! :raised_hands: :heart:

Blessed be!


I’m sorry you’re having to go to another doctor but it sounds like it’ll be worth it in the end! I don’t know of any spells either, though, sorry. Maybe write one of your own and use one of those fidget spinners or prayer beads to tie it to? That way you’ll have something to do with our hands.

Good luck my dear! Sending you good vibes so that it’ll come out for the best for you!


Okay! :clap: So, I have been recently diagnosed as an adult with ADHD. I’m also self-diagnosed with ASD (not seeking a formal diagnosis at this time). The ADHD diagnosis is one I have been working toward for a few months, not gonna lie. It took some time, and I went through one really terrible psychiatrist who told me my symptoms were from depression and not ADHD… never mind the fact that females with ADHD are much more likely to be misdiagnosed as having depression or bipolar disorder… or ignored altogether.

The psych I have now is really great. I didn’t have to do a formal assessment, honestly. I just answered some questions, explained my concerns, and told him what I thought. He prescribed me one medication, a non-stimulant, that I tried for a few months. It eventually stopped working the way it needed to, and now I’m on a stimulant medication that we’re trying. I’ve been on it for… almost two weeks, I think? This medication and dose aren’t really doing anything right now, but since stimulants are controlled substances, the doctor has to be careful with adjusting the dose too fast.

I don’t have any sort of spells or anything to share besides what’s already been shared. I think carrying a sigil with you is a great idea, and even charming your sensory tools to help with focus and concentration.

Oh! Okay, so I have actually used a spell to help me focus when I was struggling. I took a white candle, carved the word “focus” on it, held it against my forehead while affirming what I wanted, and then lit the candle. It helped!


@Phoenix_Fire I’m sorry you’re going through all this. I don’t have any spells but as a mother of an autistic teen, I do have a little helpful tips, if I may.
First, slow down, don’t move on impulse. Easy said, but when multiple things are firing through your brain, it causes an overload, increases your stress which can make you loose focus and have an accident.
Second, a fidget something is perfect. Jude (my son), has this small eraser, it comes apart like a rubic cube, and he puts it back together. Any fidget thing will do, it seems to calm his mind.
I know these are autistic helps, but anything to try to slow down.
You’re wonderful the way you are, you are not a failure. I don’t know the diagnosis process where you are, but it’s worth it in the end as it may help to put your mind at rest and ease any anxiety.
Sending hugs over. I hope you get a nice medical team to help. Blessed be :sparkling_heart:
Oh and I just remembered, a mantra. I Am Enough . You are lovely as you are. :sparkling_heart:


One thing I learned about ADHD (both being dx and having taught people) is that exposure to green spaces is important, clinically, can be as effective as stimulants (which I can’t take). So a little tip is wherever you work or spend a lot of time, try to have a window where you can see grass and trees, if possible, or take mini breaks to go outside. The other helpful thing is meditation, because you learn to quiet your mind. The assessment I had was not particularly long (mine was a computer based test) and only a little challenging, and I have had other neurological and memory assessments. I would not stress about it. Just get a good night’s rest before, relax and try your best. If you get stressed, just pause and breathe. Usually doctors and clinicians are super supportive. If you have ADHD, even if you try your best on a screening, it will still show up in the evaluation, plus there are other factors they look at, like how being distracted, inattentive or hyper has impacted your life. ADHD can look like other disorders or you can also have comorbid disorders…but that is common. For example, being overly friendly or bubbly (and I know exactly what you mean) can be a symptom of other disorders…but it could also JUST be your personality. It’s a disorder when it gets in the way of what you want to do: functionally, socially, financially, academically or vocationally. I think the most important assessment is how any perceived difference you have (and everybody is quirky in one or another) impacts your life in a negative way, and if it does, then get help to address it. My sister has it, my ex has it and they lead fulfilling lives. Everybody has something they struggle with. Don’t let it shake your confidence.


I wish you well on your coming assessment, and try to be patient with the neurotypical people, they don’t see through the same glasses and don’t always quite get it! :wink: :heart:

I had one before, and got put right on the threshold, told that they can’t really tell on which side I fall… :sweat_smile: However I could try out the stimulant medication, see what it does me, which was great :blush: I had a nice doctor who was incredibly patient with me, trying out different medications and dosages, but at least for now I’m better without, we’ll see when I get working again. Praying you get a fair chance to try things out too and see what works for you :hugs:

This is so helpful for me too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Really helps me slow down and find that connection with Gaia and her rhythms :smiling_face:

It’s so sweet, I love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And please don’t let people judge based on it… really it tells more about them than it does of you if they do :smirk_cat:

That’s adorable :smiling_face: And not “just a toy”… as witches we know nothing is truly inanimate, and that we make our own meanings. It’s not silly at all. :sparkles:

Stimming (sensory stimulation) is so important :sparkling_heart: It can mean the difference between coping or getting overwhelmed. I play with my hair and hands a lot, also random objects at hand, and it helps with staying grounded and centered. I’ve tried stim toys but I quickly get bored with the same ones :joy:

I love this :joy: Me and my girlfriend have been singing this song for the past month, I have a feeling you might enjoy it too :smile_cat: She had her assessment very recently too, I just showed her this thread and asked her if she still believes in coincidences :laughing:

We’re all mad here, and it’s okay :innocent: :smiling_imp:


Here’s my little cheshire kitten that I manifested on my trip, her name is Luna :blush: :two_hearts: She was right there in my hotel room waiting for me! :smile_cat:


@CelestiaMoon Sooo cute n cuddly :sparkling_heart:


Hi Luna! :wave: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: She’s adorable!


I love that song :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Aww, Luna is so, so cute! :heart_eyes:


Awww thank you lovelies :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello @Phoenix_Fire. I read yours and others on here and i must say i am thankful to have others here who know not just what your going through but me as well.

I have been diagnosed with ADHD since i was 5 and I just turned 37 last month. I dont remember much about child hood, but i do rememebr when i was diagnosed they gave me medicine and i was in a room for 6 hours eating different food. Thats because the food played a factor in how you would behave. The doctor i had was a doctor at the time for over 30 years and i was the worst ADHD case she had ever seen. So in my case didnt matter what i would eat or drink i would act the same.

I always wondered why i would talk alot sometimes and then be quiet as a mouse for several days. I also have the hyper focus as you and it is a gift and a curse at the same time. Didnt like it when i had to learn things that didnt matter to me. And then when i would be hyper focused on what i loved to learn about i would forget to eat, drink water and i would stay up for days on end.

I’m sorry i dont have any spells that can help you i am new to the craft and have been wondering if there was anything out there to help me as well. Thankful there are witches here with so much knowledge that can lead us into the right direction. But for what i do myself, i take some time in the morning and this is my meditaion, reflection, quiet time and ground myself. I hold my stones that i connect with most, light an inscent that takes me to my safe place and i use a smudge kit with white sage and cinnamon. I read that helps ground and center you. I do this for about 30 mins, and take a few breaths and tell myself i got this and thank the universe for another beautiful day. I also set timers so i do a quick clean. I have a list for each day of the week, for which room i will clean and organize that day. It sounds weird but i have to put things away in my house that everyone uses. If not we can never find it and if you ask me where it is i can give you great detail in where its at. So i guess i have OCD as well. Being organized has helped me out alot as well.

I found videos on facebook of other people what triggers they have and how to deal with them. And what changes they have made to help them out.

Just remember there is light at the end of the tunnel and it will take some time. But with practice it will get better. And remember to take a few mins out of each day if you can to breath. Relax and meditate.


Looks like I am joining another conversation late, but better late than never. I was going through the advice some of you shared on a separate post (Thanks to everyone who helped, you know who you are!), but then after buying the recommend books I found other articles on that related topic I am working on, in this site, so it is information overload now, and am starting to wonder if this website will one-day also have a calendar for planning spells in advance, instead of/ in addition to the “spell for day” page!

Heck the main reason I posted on here was so I could follow this thread and perhaps learn something as I would also like to get a diagnosis but in my country it would cost over $1000.

Also wondering what the similarities between male and female ADHD brains are compared to “normal” people.


Soo cute😍 love it


I just had to play this song when looking through responses people have given. Thanks for everyone whose joined tge conversation. It helps to know im not alone. Im dancing n singing to this song as type this. I love the love and care within this community. Warm higs to everyone.

On another side ive found a few runes thst might help to carry or draw on myself to help smooth process. Its worth the try​:grin:my rune card deck hss spme rune cards as talisman cards might start catrying on draw runes on me. Not sure about one for not forgetting what was doinh, getting distracted n doing sonetging completrly different or staring at something when get overwhelmed by so many tasks or even forgeting where i legt sonethinh n finding it in random spot but mayve i might be able to come up wirh something. Im holding my yoshi on my lap and i had a yoghurt sachet that got frpm petrol station last night. Intended to have as snavk on way home but still had it when got hone so put in fridge…so i had it today…n i wondered as had it whether it was worth buying sachets of food esp as im terrible for that. Eating i mean. Im either binging or not at all… thats why i started relying alot on protein shakes. Lol but most sachet of food would be baby food :woman_facepalming:is it weird that id actially cpnsider it just so i actually ate more regukarly esp like if out n about. Not sure it sachet food exists for adults. Other than yoghurt sachets of course. But maybe its worth looking into. Sometines it just takes toi much effort n thought to eat. Or to remember or to go get food. So much to do n unless in a proper state to go to get food which if i do means im like ok i better get thjis this and this as well as i dint know when ill next have right state to go to shops and a simple task of buying food turns into an overwhelming expedition and ofyen thats why i dont go at all n just rashon stuff. Damn that word looks wrong but mind blank on right spelling lol. Anyways i thonk ive gone off on another tangent lol


Hello @Phoenix_Fire

Many blessings to you. :heart:

If the adhd assessment is costly, ask yourself what benefit it would be to have the diagnosis. My doc said I wouldn’t be able to use any of the drugs for adhd and there are no adjustments at any workplace for adult adhd. As such all that would be available are techniques. Well, I don’t want to pay money to not have a solution. The techniques to help with adhd are not harmful. They help with many things even if the diagnosis said I had something else.
If you paid money to get the diagnosis and you didn’t have adhd would the tests tell you what you had instead? Or would you have to pay more to go through those tests?

I am not saying not to go just throwing out an idea that may save money.

To center, focus and ground, I like to carry a rock I found. It seems to have a bit of everything in it and has some weight to it.

I also like this YouTube channel called How to ADHD.
This girl gives great tips and I find it easier to accept my quirks now.

Other than the rock I don’t have a specific spell but calling on Archangel Jophiel can help when you want to clear your mind and your space. Archangel Ariel helps with divine magic so ask her to help you with what you need and she can guide your path. Archangel Zadkiel helps with memory and learning. I have Doreen Virtues Archangel Oracle cards.

My one friend suggested taking three deep breaths and then go and do the first thought that comes to me. This helps when there is such a jumble in my head that I don’t know what to do next.
Eventually it becomes less jumbled and I can make a list or at least feel less stressed.

Hope some of this helped @Phoenix_Fire !

Sending loving and supportive energy to you!


(Edit: This information is for the US only)

Hmm… that doesn’t sound right to me… :thinking: Maybe it depends on the employer and the employee, but the ADA does categorize ADHD as a disability.

The ADA includes ADHD as a recognized disability. For an employee who has ADHD, the act can require the employer to provide reasonable accommodations, as long as it doesn’t create undue hardship for the business.

Not everyone who has ADHD is a “qualified individual” according to the ADA, says Nancy O’Mara Ezold, an employment lawyer and partner in the Philadelphia-based Ezold Law Firm.

“If a person has ADHD but it doesn’t substantially limit any major life activity, then they’re not going to be qualified under the ADA for any help,” she says.

If you do qualify, it could mean that if you can’t get work done because of noise, you might be able to ask for a private office with a door. If that’s not possible, placing your desk in a non-central location, where fewer people will pass by, is a reasonable accommodation.

Asking for Workplace Accommodations - CHADD

I know that’s not entirely what the post was asking, but I just wanted to make sure that people know that reasonable accommodations can be requested by someone with ADHD (or any other disability) when necessary.

Oh, cool! I’ve never seen this channel. Thanks for the recommendation!


Hi @MeganB I should have thought before I posted - I’m in Canada, not the US. I wouldn’t get any real support if I was diagnosed with adhd per my doctor.