Always a witch...finding her way back

Hello all! My name is Nicole Daniels and I am 33 from Indiana. As a small child I was lucky enough to grow up in the country. I always found myself outside in the woods and in nature. I always lived being one with nature. I could feel and sense the magic around me even at a young age. Growing up in a Catholic family I never expressed my ideas on my beliefs. It wasn’t until I was a young adult that I got to stretch my wings so to speak. I was a young adult on the cusp of self improvement and clarity. I entered my first coven at 18. Unfortunately, as all things good my coven disassembled leaving me feeling lost and without a purpose. I turned my back on my beliefs for a while. I was angry and scared and hurt. Why would the Goddess and God allow my coven to break apart? Then about a year ago I realized it wasn’t my religion that had deceived me. So I started letting Wicca back into my life. I am starting fresh like a new born babe.


Welcome, Nicole! :wave:

That’s awesome! Your story reminds me of this quote: “The beginning is always today” because beginnings can happen more than once, or in different ways…

We are here learning the Craft together trying to improve ourselves as unique and diverse beings! Feel free to explore the forum and comment on any topic that you like.

Blessed be! :dizzy:

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Merry Meet! You will love it here, so many good people and great information. Covens ebb and flow… they form for a need, and when the need is met, they usually disperse and take the info elsewhere. We grow that way. Welcome Back!

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