Am I able to charge my crystals this way

Can they still be charged by the full moon this way or should I put it outside? I am also making Full Moon water


I think as long as the moonlight hits them, it’s okay. In truth, your intention is more important than anything else. :heart:


Yes! I do this when the weather is really bad. I’ve even left them on my altar and set the intention that they charge with the power of the full/new moon. As @BrightBear said, as long as your intentions are set for them to charge, that is the most important.


I’m with BrightBear and Amaris_Bane on this one, yes! :+1: I charge things on the windowsill and behind glass too. When I was living in an apartment building in the city it was the only way I could charge, as putting my tools outside was risking the wind blowing them into the street or some curious bird taking my shinies away :raven: :joy:

Totally fine to charge crystals indoors in my book! Happy charging! :blush::sparkles:


I am with everyone on this one, as long as they are in the window & you can see the moon, then you are fine with charging them that way. :two_hearts:


One can also purify/charge the crystals using Sea Salt and Palo Santo.

Immerse the crystals in the sea salt and let set overnight. Use the smoke from Palo Santo by passing over the crystals and making an intention to purify and bless the stones for their intended use.


You don’t have to see the moon because even if it’s cloudy, the moon is still there with it’s big moon energy. Just like the sun if it’s cloudy, you can still get sunburn.


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