Am I bothering?

I am really happy on the path I have chosen and am also excited over finding a diety lately after months of learning and reaching out to different dietes but am worried over some things am facing now, and that’s faith

I have little faith and believe in things I do, I hardly believe that my magick is strong enough.
Any advice or spell to boost faith in oneself
Merry meet :heartbeat::hugs:


Hi Amara :blush: I’m a bit confused on what exactly you’re asking. Are you asking if you’re bothering us? Because if that’s your question, let me assure you that you’re not bothering anyone here :blush::sparkling_heart:

If you’re wondering if you are bothering deities by making offerings and reaching out, then that is a question for those deities.

I do have some advise, though!

  • I only advise reaching out to one deity at a time. Of course, this is going to depend on how you view deities. I recommend watching this video about soft polytheism versus hard polytheism.

The reason for this recommendation is because working with deities takes time. Just like building friendships, building relationships with Gods takes time and effort. It isn’t a race and I always advise going slow rather than fast.

  • Second, you’re still new to this path so it only makes sense that you’re having trouble with faith. In my opinion, witchcraft isn’t just faith because it’s about practice and experience. Having a healthy dose of skepticism is important. However, what you’re describing seems like a lack of belief in yourself regardless of what you’re doing. This comes with time in terms of magical practice. Working on your confidence in your “mundane life”, so to speak, is a great way to begin building that confidence that will then follow you into your magical practice.

As always, we are here for you!


I have had trouble with faith as well. But I have been working on it by picking things I know I can have faith in. Like the Sun and the moon rises everyday. The moon goes through its phases every month. And for now the seasons change pretty much when expected :woman_shrugging:

Then when I do spells I just believe whole hearted that they are working. I have faith when I plant a seed that it will grow. I just try to find little things like that to help me build faith. It seems to be working for me so far :potted_plant:
You can always have faith that someone here will respond as well :wink:


Ohh Megan, u touched every part of my questions, I am only asking on bothering those on the forum with my questions
Am new on this path and seriously sometimes I get lost and confused, sometimes am too curious and trying to try different things at a time

I will check out the video
Thanks for the love


Thanks so much, I have glad am not the only one on this belief path, I hope u find the magick u seek within urself​:heartbeat::hugs:


You’re most definitely not bothering anyone here :blush: :people_hugging: We’re here to help! Ask any many questions as you need and we will do our best to answer them and give you our perspective :sparkling_heart:


How to develop one’s faith with one’s magic. In my experience, I don’t put faith in my magic, but more of taking coinciding cues from my surrounding environment to do it or is it working. So this may help if you lack faith, may not even need it. I’ll put this in example form, if it helps further to explain. Two hypothetical examples, a deity will use Bast, either you’re contemplating or have performed something attributed to Bast, so you’re outside and you see a black cat walking past you. Now if this is a cat that’s always around, doesn’t weigh too much, but if the black cat is an infrequent occurrence, or you’re talking to someone and he/she makes a reference to a black cat. Now spells, pretty much the same thing, want to perform a money spell or you performed it, and you write the amount down let’s say $10,000.00 (if you do) then through conversation with someone he she mentions wanting to win the lotto jackpot for $10,000.00 or if the amount is up in the air and you’re walking down the street and see a bunch of Monopoly money scattered around. May take them as cues it’s working, it may take some months to materialize, but the cues are indications that it has been set, if one wants to interpret it as such.


You’re not bothering us, sweetie! And you’ll get faith in what you’re doing as time goes by. I still have days where I wonder if I’m playing with pretty rocks when I meditate, so everyone has doubts at one time or another. The only way you’re going to learn is by asking!


Well, this is what I’m thinking. It might not relate to you so if it doesn’t, just ignore it. When I first started out, I thought about magic as a means to an end. After all, that’s what the books say and the metaphysical stores sell, right? A love spell, a manifestation spell, a protection spell. Magic did things for me because I asked for them and helped make it happen, along with my real-life actions. That’s how I thought about it. It motivated me, centered me, focused me.

Now, I have a more spiritual approach. I still cast magic spells for my intentions. I still like correspondences and symbols. But I am not always asking the Universe to do things for me anymore. I am engaging with it on a more relatiional level, getting enchanted by trees and grass or a storm in the sky. I am feeling more a “part” of it. Sometimes, I still want direction or guidance but if it doesn’t come, I am okay with that. I have become more patient rather than expectant. I am looking for wonder more than results, serendipity more than what I can predict.

So that’s a thought…to just go outside and look at the stars or walk barefoot in the grass, and marvel how you are a piece of it all. Let your mind still and listen to your heart. Your faith will be restored, I think.


Greetings @Amara,

Echoing what everyone said- you’re not bothering anyone at all! :blush: Your questions are always welcome here, my friend. That’s what a coven is for! :heart:

I can see you’ve already got some fantastic advice and support about building up faith and confidence within both yourself and your Craft- so I just wanted to share a spell that might be able to help you too :blush:

Self Confidence Spell

It’s not exactly self-confidence, but this yellow candle spell for strength and courage is another good spell for building up inner strength:

Yellow Candle Spell for Strength

It can take a while to find your routine and become comfortable within the Craft, Amara- no need to rush yourself or feel any pressure! Go at a pace that works for you and, most of all, enjoy the journey as it is happening :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Lots of love and light! :sparkles:


Dearest girl, to be unsure when starting any journey is normal. I think that we spend most of our lives in doubt or fear. Why? Children learn what they live. If children are scorned or shamed they will grow up to be insecure. Perhaps the religion we were raised in has instilled a sense of guilt. It’s kind of like ‘original sin’ inflicted onto a newborn babe. I never could buy that one.
The strength of your Magick will increase with time and practice. Ask anyone here.
Focus? Like medication, it takes repetition (MeganB has some great ones on YouTube).
Intent? What are you trying to do, and why.

You know what?
I’ll never achieve world peace.
I’m never going to turn lead into gold.
I’m never going to fly a broom.
I’m never going to turn my first husband into a frog. (Damn it!)

But that doesn’t mean I’m not strong and with my lovely circle of Spells8? I still may not be able to move mountains, but can climb them.
I may not be able to achieve world peace, but I can sooth a frightened child. I can’t fly a broom but I can sweep away my doubts and fears.
I can’t turn my 1st husband into a frog (and that’s ok, he already was one).
My point honey is that we all have our goals and sometimes we don’t achieve them but never give up and you keep asking your questions. How does anyone learn if they don’t.
I am sending you strength, endurance and courage
For you are more that worthy and we will all stand as a family!
Blessing and love


Beautiful ! :heart:


That’s really helped allot and am happy to hear different solution from everyone :heartbeat:


I feel u are right, because I have been a lot impatient this days and is troubling me, probably because of what am going through at this time or something
Am draining energy and …


Thanks sweetheart I really needed those love and kind words
I will check and try the confidence spells and also implore what everyone has said to me💓


Ohh that was a funny one about a husband frog😂
Thanks so much love, ur words are really encouraging and lovely, I think I would work on my patience and take time because that’s all I need now​:heartbeat::heartbeat:


As others have said, not a bother with the questions! Everyone has to start some where.

As to you other questions, the more you practice, the stronger you will get and your confidence will grow along with it. The more I practice, the more my self-assurance grows.

I am in a similar place as Mary in that I have a much more spiritual aspect at this point of my practice. I know the universe and my deities will give me what is best for me, which may not be what I think is best for me. I have learned that they will test you but to make you stronger, never giving you more than you can handle. I spend a lot more time in nature, just appreciating the world around me as a green witch.


Oh Amara, those i have interacted with on the forum (usually because i was in error) are so caring. They picked me up as i stumbled, explained, gave me a hug then a pat on the butt and off…go have fun. Like a loving parent would. I’ve yet to experience anything but positive. Consistently intending to do no harm here. Not saying i havent role played the ‘wicked witch’ in my own time.
Have fun playing with your craft. There is always someone around to catch your fall here. :person_climbing: :palms_up_together:
Happy casting


This is such a kind and truthful answer! What comfort! We are all different and are not all set to “full steam ahead!” Taking our time to learn is key, and it will come with time.

No. I can’t buy the original sim especially in newborns. Now I work with kindergarten, the last few years with special needs, and I can assure you their behavior makes me scratch my head. But I think that is called being human.

And we are so loved…


Thanks :heartbeat:,I really appreciate the honest reply from u​:heartbeat: