Amount of spells

Does doing 2 (different, but for the same intention) spells in a short period of time enhance it or is it not good?
For example if I did a spell on the first quarter moon, is it ok to do a different spell, but for the same intention so soon, on the full moon?
Similar question- is it ok to do one spell for one intention on its corresponding moon phase and then do a different spell on another near corresponding moon phase but for a totally different intention. Or is that too many spells / intentions in a few days or weeks time


Hi @saige,

Excellent questions!

Regarding casting two spells with the same intention, there are many ways to look at it. One possibility is that they will amplify each other, like coming at something from two different angles. Some spells go well together so it can be a good idea.

The thing you should avoid is turning the process into a production line, moving from one spell to the next mechanically. Each one should get your full attention and energy.

Spells require your will to be focused. If you are thinking about another spell you did, or the one you’re going to do next, it’s very difficult to focus the will strongly enough to achieve a good effect.

Sometimes we think we need two different spells but they are branches of the same issue. Like thinking you need more money and a new job, but in reality if you only had a better paying job, you would have more money.