An infant witch

Hello everyone my name is Jackie and I just started this journey like a month ago. And I have been reading, researching etc but its very overwhelming. I finally found something that I think I can understand and be held accountable cause have to do work in a timely fashion. And I am hoping to be able to meet/talk to people. I moved here to Colorado from South Jersey. So it gets a lil lonely out here. But I am so ready to start down this path and learn and get some guidance on how to do this the right way.

    Blesses Be

Hello, @jackie2 You have come to the right place! There is a lot to learn and a lot of people that are here for you and willing to help. Everyone here is really nice and helpful in all matters. I hope you stay for a little while and get comfortable.


Hi @jackie2! Welcome! It’s wonderful to have you here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
If you haven’t already seen - this is a great place to get started:

I look forward to hearing more from you in the forum. Any questions or fun/interesting things you find or just anything you want to chat about - that’s what we’re here for! :heart:

Welcome, Jackie. I love South Jersey, great beaches, many summers Spent there. That’s a big change from Jersey to Colorado. I hear it’s beautiful! You’ll learn alot here. Everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable. I’m still learning as I go, and become more confident as I learn.


Merry meet @jackie2! I’m Kasie from West Virginia. It’s nice to meet you, hope to chat with you soon!


Welcome, @jackie2! You and I have been at this for about the same amount of time. I can say you have reached the right place! I love this website and this forum!


A very warm welcome to you, @jackie2! :blush:

I am also a witch originally from the USA, but I currently live in Europe- sending greetings from Poland :wave: You’ve found a good place, the forums are a coven community of witches from all over the world.

To help you feel more at home here, please feel free to join in on weekly events like the challenges (every Wednesday) and the group tea and talk ritual (every Thursday)! As you explore the forums, you are welcome to jump in on any topics of interest and don’t hesitant to reach out if you have questions!

It is a pleasure to meet you and I can’t wait to talk with you more soon- Blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


Thank you very much for the invites. I hate to say this but I am a lil slow when it comes to figuring out where to go. I end up reading something and then I keep.hitting other topics, am


No worries, @jackie2! I know there is a lot to see around the forums- and clicking links can quickly lead down many paths! I would recommend starting on the main page and browsing the most recent topics first. It’s a good place to start! :grin: Enjoy!


Welcome @jackie2! Understandbly the overwhelming feeling is a lot, but Im sure I speak for everyone in saying we all have had it at one time or another.

And Yes, the intent to research one thing but getting looped into clicking on so may others!!! Take Notes on pop up ideas you want to go over or learn more about, as well as tracking your progress. That definitely helped me a lot! Whenever questions pop up come here on the forum and reach out by creating a post, or you can check out the Q&A: Ask Freely and Learn about the Craft!
I think you’ll see that there is a lot of support here for you while you’re discovering your path.
Blessed Be and Congrats on joining,