An Interesting Article on a Working Witch in the UK

Britain’s First Offical Witch.

I thought that y’all might find this article interesting. Enjoy!


That’s amazing! I agree with her views. My favorite parts of the article

“you’re there to help people and aid your community.”

A spell is a kind of kickstart that gets the unconscious’ attention - things like archetypes, symbolism, candles, incense - they provoke an emotional response.’’

And a great piece of news to balance out last year’s article about the New Zealand Wizard who lost his job.


I love it! Thank you for sharing @Amethyst


That is so cool that she can file her taxes as a witch- and even deduct business expenses for spell ingredients! :star_struck:

And it looks like her and her partner have a website and blog too- I took a look at the blog ( what a great name! :laughing:) and it is adorable :two_hearts:

Way to take a witchy dream and make it a reality- this was amazing to see! Thank you, @Amethyst, for sharing such a lovely piece :heart:

This was an interesting read too- the “Wizard of New Zealand” sounds like quite the character! I love what he said:

When asked if he would curse the council over its decision, he said he preferred to give blessings.

“I give children happy dreams, general good health, and I want to make bureaucrats become more human.”

Definitely an interesting person- I would love to see the exhibit of his life and time as official wizard that they ran! :grinning:


I liked that part too! Makes witches seem less odd, you know? LOL.

You’re welcome! It was in my pocket on Firefox and caught my eye. Glad you liked it!

Wouldn’t you love to see the face of the tax-preparer going over her taxes? LOL!


Such an interesting article :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love when witches are recognized for the work they do, even in this capacity! It serves as a reminder that a long time ago, the village wise person was an integral part to the community they lived in. It makes me wonder how I can best serve my own community, too, not just the ones online.


It’s certainly a good goal, to bring back the village witch. Glad you liked the article.


Hahaha I bet it’s a very memorable tax return- probably adds a bit of excitement to the mountains of paperwork they have to get through :joy::+1: