Ancestor worship

I was admiring the wonderful effort people are making with their ancestors.
In doing so, I pondered about remembrance walls, you know the kind. Grandparents,
Parents, kids cousins…
Other than the formality of an ancestor altar, what’s the difference? I speak regularly to my family that has passed on. I smile and have fond memories…

I’m in no way trying to be disrespectful, but I wondered what others thought about it.
Garnet :gem:


My grandfather died six years ago this Yule, and whenever I have a bad day, or a hard time, or I have a problem, I talk to him. This is my first year celebrating Samhain as a witch, so I want to honor her memory with an altar. Tears still fill my eyes when I think of him. I also believe that he is my guiding spirit, because he knows how to give me signs that he is by my side when I need him most. This year I am going to honor him as he deserves, with an altar, and one of the beautiful farewell spells that I have seen here in Spells8.

Thank you and blessed be :heart:


@Garnet I don’t imagine there really is a difference inless you want to out out items that would be difficult to hang on a wall. If the intent is to honor and remember your ancestors, that job could be done either way!


@Garnet Yes! I have a gallery wall with ancestors who have passed away, and a section for older pics of the living and it’s amazing how much my kids, family and friends stand and look at it when they come to the house. I also have an ancestor altar in my basement with my other altars that I made out of my great grandmother’s cedar hope chest. I think they both have a place in a home if you have the space! :orange_heart:


I want to echo what others have said- everyone finds ways to honor their ancestors and loved ones that work best for them and their connections. One witch may build a formal and elaborate ancestor altar while another prefers a humble photo in a place of honor- both are perfectly fine and would count as ancestor worship in my opinion.

I feel that remembering spirits and ancestors is the same honorable work, no matter how you go about it :blush:

Blessed Samhain! :candle::ghost: :sparkles:


I think it totally counts as an ancestor altar!

My grandma used to keep a family tree up on her living room wall – a literal wall painted like a tree with all kinds of family pictures. It was one of her favorite things in her house :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: If she were still alive today I can only imagine how much larger that tree would have been!


I’m laughing as I write this.
My mom had a remembrance wall… all over the living room. Her parents, Dad, of course, her brothers and sisters, their children, and their children’s, children.
Her half-aunts and uncles (GR. Grandpa Clayson had 2 children with his first wife and 15 with her second). Their children, etc.
Then it was my brothers and me, our kids, and so on. Actually, I’ve forgotten the color of the walls in the living room, but I can remember most of the pictures.
What a great memory!
: love you Jan


Yes, it gives a lot to talk about and think/remember for sure xoxoxo
Love you , :purple_heart: