Ancestors Invocation/spirits connection

Hello, I’m beginner.
It’s possible to invoke ancestors? How? (I setup ancestor altar)


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This prayer is to invoke ancestors?


I sent you this link because I thought it would be a good place for you to start. Anyway, I hope it helps you get started.


I already read it. I’m asking if I can invoke on certain ritual or it will be always with me


@gabriel I think there was a misunderstanding with your question…

I understood part of it as @marsha did & she shared a wonderful link with you about how to get started with an ancestor altar. Whether it is set up all the time or at certain times of the year… is totally up to you & your practice.

Also whether your ancestor’s altar is separate from your altar, is also totally up to you. I actually just setup a loved one’s/ancestor’s altar beside my bed. It also works for when I do my meditations :smiling_face:

It is common to work with an ancestor altar at times when the veil is thinning or thin… ie: Samhain

As far as invocations & such, I am not very knowledgable about those for ancestors, there are rituals for different types of divination to speak with ancestors. You may want to try these articles also for more information:

Hopefully, someone with more experience will have better answers for you if you cannot find anything within those resources. :smiling_face: Welcome to the forum! If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know :infinite_roots:


Hi @gabriel
I can’t answer that question for you, because I don’t know. There are lots of friendly and helpful people here, so I’m sure someone else can help you!
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Hi @gabriel. I work with my ancestors but my work is complicated. My mother was adopted so I do not know her side of the family. I additionally only know to my great grandmother on my dad’s mom’s side. Beyond that, it is a mystery. However, I have found that I am still able to honor and call on them when needed.

If you have not started with veneration, I suggest you start there before trying to call upon them for aid in a spell. They may come willingly without it but it establishes your relationship with them beforehand. There are many ways you can do this, from creating an altar to praying to them daily. I strongly recommend Honoring Your Ancestor: A Guide to Ancestral Veneration to anyone working with their ancestors.

From there, you can call upon them for aid just as you would a deity, elemental, or spirit. You will have to find the way to call/release that works with your ancestors, and it may differ between them. I have two sets of invocations/evocations and releases, as what works for my Irish/Scottish ancestors doesn’t work with my Portuguese ancestors.

Here are some additional forum posts that can guide you for calling on your ancestors:

I hope this helps!


Hi there Gabriel, welcome to the forum! :partying_face:

I know you’ve already gotten some great links and advice here but I wanted to add in my thoughts as well.

I don’t work too close with my ancestors right now, though it is something I plan on doing in the future. However, your ancestors are always with you, in my opinion. While they may not always be there to help you when you call, especially if you haven’t worked on that relationship, ancestor veneration is always a great place to start. I think you’ve got a good start with setting up an ancestor altar!

We’re happy to have you here and look forward to getting to know you! :heart:


@gabriel I understand you want to jump in, so do it! You have terrific advice here already - here is mine, it’s long because I didn’t give links, I just responded with my own words with what I think you need, so here goes……
Connecting with your ancestors is a deeply intimate and unique process. While developing your ancestral practice, consider the traditions of your culture and immediate family. It might feel comfortable to implement what others tell you to do however, trust that your intuitive guidance and traditions of your immediate ancestral lineages will make your own practice stronger. Connecting with ancestors especially spirit guides or pointedly getting what you want out of them takes time, willingness from them and patience from you.

Reclaiming is an act of remembering. The act of you wanting to reclaim your traditions is an honorable intention and an easy way to call in the spirits of your ancestors as an act of gratitude to them. This creates a bond to you through the living to the dead and vice versa and is a next step of veneration which is where you would start if you feel it is needed.

An ancestor you weren’t close to or never met can still come through in Spirit. Unless they never crossed over or didn’t believe in this work — so don’t expect that ancestor to throw you a welcoming party when you decide to call them into your spiritual work. Although you don’t need to have a direct relationship to an ancestor in order for them to want to work with you, having a past rapport with them certainly helps energetically to call them in faster.

Process: To begin calling in your ancestors you’ll want to consider doing so in the efforts of building an altar, prayer or ritual work. It looks like you’ve set up an ancestor alter, so great!

Offerings should be given and range from something tangible like their favorite food to something more ethereal like a promise you will uphold in their honor. Building out an altar is a strong method to connect with them. Build your altar according to your ancestors’ needs. What did they enjoy while alive? What flowers did they love? Did they like coffee or tequila? Leave those out as offerings for them to signify you are building a spiritual relationship with them.

Calling in your ancestor in meditation is likely the easiest and fastest way to feel their presence. Let me say that again: Calling in your ancestor in meditation is the easiest and fastest way to feel their presence. Take time to sit in meditation for 10-30 minutes and specifically call in whichever ancestor by name you feel most connected to and ask them to talk to you.

Lighting a candle is a way to call in their spirit as well. Designating specific candles for your ancestors is something they might enjoy. Take it a step further and buy a candle in their favorite color to let them know you’re ready to work with them. Celebrating their birthdays by making them a special meal or lighting a candle on significant anniversaries is also very effective in creating a dynamic with them and can be a tactic to engage them for the very first time.

Finally, use your intuition to guide you and give you next steps. Relatives still alive that knew the ancestor as I’ve stated above is the best way to find out more information about how to connect with them during meditation. Also I recommend visiting their burial sites is also something worth while in my opinion. Connecting with your ancestors will look different and similar to others in a variety of ways. Your intention is the only thing that matters when working with them. Where do your intentions derive from? Are they genuine and loving? Are they only for self-serving needs?

No matter what, be committed, have patience and enjoy the journey! Welcome to the coven! :green_heart:


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