And then there were 4 ✨

So we’ve had Pluto, we’ve had Saturn, next up it’s my girl Venus’ turn to retrograde for the first time in 2 years :blush:

The planet of Love :heart: went retrograde yesterday- brace yourselves guys because this one is a big one! Venus retrograde is commonly thought to be the most strongly felt retrograde of them all- yep even over dear old Mercury!:white_circle:

As if 3 planets in retrograde wasn’t crazy enough, Jupiter joined the gang today-

He’s kinder than Venus, you’ll be pleased to hear, and tends to encourage people to look inside themselves, and reflect spiritually.:yin_yang:

Anyone feeling the effects of the 4 retrogrades at the moment? I sure am!! :dizzy_face:


Today I was reading about Venus retrograde in Gemini,

With Venus retrograde in Gemini , our needs for communication and connection may be high but frustrated. (…) Some of the more challenging associations of Venus in Gemini may be particularly prominent and/or hard to take, and these include gossip, superficialty, two-facedness, and emotional unavailability.

…which is funny, I must have sensed that coming because last night I posted this Spell to Stop Gossip :shushing_face: which is an easy jar spell to freeze someone’s words.

Thanks for the update, @mrs!! :pray: I will read those articles. How do you rate AstrologyKing for accuracy?


Good information to have, explains a lot of things! People say the planets and stars have nothing to do with us…ha ha ha we are made of stardust.

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I don’t know much about astrology, honestly. It’s never been something that I’ve looked deeper into - and I do find it to be kind of confusing. Anyway, for the last several days I’ve been feeling extra rundown and grouchy lol maybe all these planets in retrograde is why?


you and me both, just sooo tired, and yeah the planets play on us all the time…bummer


It’s crazy!! At this point I believe prime numbers are less confusing! :laughing:

It goes to show that Astrology is truly a career that takes years to master, not something that can be condensed into a 2-minute horoscope.

But there are some really good teachers out there, I personally enjoy watching Nadiya Shah and Steve Judd Astrology


@MeganB yes it really is so confusing and like @Francisco said it takes years to learn. I would love to be more knowledgable and I’m learning a lot but I rely on cleverer people for the majority :joy:

@Francisco I rate Astro King highly :grin: I’ll check out your recommendations. I really enjoy astrology.

@roxanne spot on, its crazy how much it affects us! I find it so interesting :sparkles: