Angel Invocation practical book recommendation

Hi witches :black_heart: :star:

Lately I had been reading a book about Angels from Thomas Aquinas, a philosopher and theologian of the Middle Age and honestly is a very challenging book! But I didn´t find about Angel Invocation. Does anybody know a practical book?


That sounds very interesting, @laura6! I can’t say I have much experience with angels- but there are many invocations including invocations to deities on Spells8 that you could potentially adapt.

If you can’t find a pre-written Angel Invocation, maybe try creating your own? It lines up perfectly with this week’s themed challenge, too!

Best of luck and blessed be, Laura! :heart:


I haven’t tried it yet but I have this one. It also has some amazing reviews: The Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer.

Other useful books you should look into:


Thank you so much! I’ll pick The Grimoire of Armadel and The Magick of Angels and Demons. On a previous conversation here at Spells8 forum, a member recommended to download free pdf’s from the author Aleister Crowley. My particular experience is that I learned a bit about the meaning of the daemons. They are like “totens” for ceremonial magick, it’s quite a lot interesting, but I decided that I won’t use Goetia for my practices. Christian magic seems more what I’m looking for :black_heart:


I know an invocation that I do on Sundays for St. Michael Archangel :yellow_heart:


Sounds good!

There’s a lot of magic in Christianity as we saw in the recent topic: Paganism vs Christianity - Angela's Symposium, though usually, it’s called miracles, not magic. The Bible is full of spells and incantations.

The Arbatel of the Magic of the Ancients is a solid Christian grimoire. Also, anything by Eliphas Levi.

And I’m sure you already know of the Book of Cyprian or São Cipriano