Angels 👼 & Numerology Masterpost

Angels & Numerology

We have compiled a list of the topics on Angels :innocent: along with Numerology within the forum :hugs: A lot of times, there are groupings of numbers referred to as Angel Numbers so both topics are in one post.

As we come across more of them, we will add them to this post as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Angel Numbers & Numerology


Wow! Thank you for this compilation Siofra! :hugs: I think that this one must be bookmarked as it would be so easy to know all that is needed regarding these subjects by visiting this masterpost! :clap:t2: :smiling_face: :innocent:


You’re welcome! I figured it would be easier for the to be in one place… plus the 2 kind of work with each other at times so I combined them :hugs: I hope it is useful for you! :revolving_hearts:


Such a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about angels and working with Them in the Craft! Thank you so much for collecting all of the posts in one spot, @Susurrus- this is really great to have around! :pray: :angel: :heart: