Anger and television

Does anyone feel the anger, even rage in these ‘talk’ shows?
The shouting and verbal abuse makes me get angry too. I don’t like being angry, it’s like a cold ball in my chest and leads me directly into an anxiety attack! It effects me so badly I immediately leave the room.
I feel that it almost invites negativity into my home and I feel uncomfortable for hours afterword’s.
Just saying.


I’ll admit I don’t watch too many talk shows. Most times I find they have nothing interesting to say and, as most shows made for entertainment do, they’re made to keep you watching. They tend to cover outrageous stories, horrible stories, or very heartwarming stories.

When I see confrontation like that on TV between live people (and not as part of a fiction show) it makes me very uncomfortable because of past trauma I have with confrontation and anger. I change the channel and have to give myself a moment to calm down.


It depends on the situation being talked about I guess. I’ve stopped watching Steve Wilkos because it’s basically the same thing over and over and it’s gotten boring. I stopped watching the View because I was tired of politics all of the time. I only listen to Dr. Phil with half an ear anymore. It’s all getting to be like a broken record. I’d love to see something new on but I guess I’ll have to stick to my Law and Order reruns.


I feel the same way- or rather, more stressed and agitated than angry :worried:

I guess it’s like what they always say about “you are what you eat” except it’s that “you are what you watch:tv: :laughing: It can be really hard to cut ties (cord-cutting, anyone?) with favorite shows, social media platforms, even people, but surrounding yourself with negativity, anger, and pressure just leads to more of those harmful things in your own life.

This is why it’s so important to me to find good, supportive people and communities and join groups that promote health and positivity rather than drama and conflict. It’s easy to reflect back what is reflected onto you!

Sorry you watched something that made you feel like that, Garnet. Sending a big hug to you- feel better! :heart::hugs:


@Garnet I had a lot of the same emotions in watching anything like this. I just dont watch them anymore to save myself some grief. I also have been limiting social media as well to avoid similar feelings that these types of situations bring me. I dont want the negative around me, it feels better to not put myself in those positions. I completely feel where you are coming from.


I definitely don’t watch talk shows because of those feelings! It brings me down. But also, I almost feel embarrassed for them. How can you go on national tv and air your dirty laundry for a few dollars? I’m not into sensationalism at all. I don’t even watch the news that much anymore for the same reason. Every news story just points to the negative in our country and its all fear based. You can’t tell me nothing good happens in our country! Anything that has to do with low vibrational, dark, dense bull____ I don’t want to watch, anymore.


Movies and television shows have gotten more and more graphic, so much so they need trigger warnings. I have to think to myself what this is doing to everyone who is watching subconsciously. I can’t help but think sometimes that if we toned down the amount of violence and profanity and so forth or at least minimize the amount of R rated content, maybe things will improve a bit. My mom only watches comedies nowadays. We have enough violence and anger in the world as it is. We don’t need our media to be oversaturated with it.


The use of shared outrage to community build is shall we say something that is more common every day


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