Animal sacrifice (TW)

Merry meet I have been asked to pay for an alignment spell by purchasing two pure kids goats at a total cost of $1,600. They said they will sacrifice them for me. Is this real or am I being taken please respond. Merry path


I do not know the price of goats where u r however regardless the price (if it hasn’t already) should have been discussed prior. Also i would say if they haven’t done it yet make sure you are comfortable with the idea and price etc… Overall it is up to you and if you are happy with all aspects and truly believe it will help then there’s nothing stopping you but be careful you are not being scammed…


Merry meet @david8,

I should begin by saying I am strongly against animal sacrifice in my own personal practice, but I do know that there are other practices that revolve around it. But even putting aside my own personal ethics and looking at this situation from a neutral point of view, there are a few red flags you might want to look into:

  • :goat: Are they saying that $1,600 is the cost for the two goats, or for the entire spellwork? Having lived on a goat farm, I can assure you that two baby goats would cost nowhere near that amount. I can only assume the vast majority of this expense is for the ritual itself.

  • :open_book: What is their magickal background? Animal sacrifice is rare these days- while common in ancient and traditional practices, things such as Haruspex require years of training under a proficient teacher. What practice are they using, and how much training have they had? If you are paying for a service you have a right to know this information and should expect a high level of professional experience.

  • :scroll: Is there any proof that they will carry out whatever ritual they are promising you? How will you know if they did the ritual on your behalf? Most purchases with that price tag come with a proof of purchase or some kind of guarantee- if not for successful results, at least some proof that the procedure was carried out on your behalf.

  • :phone: How did you find out about them? Were they referred to you by a trusted friend or trustworthy source? Or did they approach you with this offer and ask for your money (very sketchy)?

It sounds like you are having some doubts about their authenticity- and I certainly wouldn’t blame you! That is a hefty price tag for magickal workings, especially if you have no way to ascertain that they will actually do the ritual and aren’t sure about their trustworthiness.

In the most friendly way I can, I would recommend you approach this one with extreme care, David :pray:

I also offer you an alternative- if you are able to share some details about your situation, the coven here can offer you spellwork recommendations you might try. There are often many ways to solve a problem- and the suggestions we can offer you come for free (no sacrifice necessary) :blush:

Blessed be!


@TheTravelWitch_Bry And this is why u are awesome

Well…and many other reasons. But holy crap. I dont think any of us could’ve said it any better. :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Awww you are very kind, @christeena :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m always happy to try and help a fellow coven member when I can! :heart:


That’s a big red flag in my opinion. However, I do know that some practitioners still practice ritual animal sacrifice. Who is asking you to pay this price and how did you find their services?

Definitely seconding everything @TheTravelWitch_Bry has said. Be careful :pray:


Merry meet and thank you I have had my doubts from the beginning and now am told that they are call Trader Witches A new sect I have never heard of this ?? they supposidlly raise money by trading in bit coins.
As a note on the goat sacrifice I was and am opposed to it, they told me they switched to herbs the cost was goats and ritual I am new to this work as i have been a solitary witch for over 40 years thank you so very much Merry Path


Thank you so very much this is leading me to have many doubts about their authenticity.


I was told I needed to be in Alignment with the process but have never had the process explained to me, I receive hardly any training other than weekly meditation. My family was in deep opposition to my Path so I was told this would remove all negativity I am not allowed to communicate other than facebook mesenger and hang outs, thank you David


I was approached on facebook
I asked to attend the ritual in person and was told I am not allowed to have any physical contact as i am in a Spiritual phase and will have no physical contact until my Initiation.
reading all of these replies i feel like an old fool
they want the weekly offering all at once to buy bit coins??
I am paying $250 per week for class


I believe that they are a Witch but have never heard of a Trader Witch they invest in bit coins
I have paid but was uncomfortable they switched it from goats to herbs I feel better and asked the goats to be given to feed someone else
I am not allowed to communicate other than on hang out and face book messenger
I was told no physical contact is allowed not until i am initiated is that also true.


have you ever heard of a Trader Witch that trades bitcoins
the goats were bought by bitcoins?? unsure
I am against killing animals so was switched to burning herbs.’
Now am asked to pay 1/2 year of offerings at once and buy bitcoins and send them to an undisclosed account


I agreed to the price they wanted $4000 for an adult goat or $1600 for 2 unblenmished kid goats. We decided to not sacrifice the goats and use herbs instead, I was not allowed to witness any of this we performed ritual for 2 hours via hang outs only. I am not allowed to be in any physical contact until after inititiaion due to secrecy


Thank you for your support i feel like a fool


Nice reply


You have received much great advice and information here. But you also have some major red flags here. One the use of crypto as payment means they trying to skirt the tax system where ever they are as crypto for the most part is only taxed when it is cashed out and sales that use it do not account or collect taxes for the most part. The next red flag is you not being able to witness the ritual. Another red flag is no contact other than social media this leads me to believe that not only are they not local to you but most likely from another country together. Another issue I’m having is $250 a week for classes that you said are mainly guided meditations. The whole situation smells bad and I would suggest contacting the police as I strongly feel that you are being scammed. Trader witch is a new term for an old scam that is flooding social media. They are in most cases not what they say they are and what information that they do offer comes from a book or another source. They contact people who are either new to witchcraft or Wicca and use this as a means to bleed money from them. The term trader witch is tossed around by many witchcraft groups on social media to describe these scammers in the same way that gypsy was used by police in the past. These scammers have a way of sweet-talking people into believing that they can cast some costly spell to make everything better most cases they refuse to and do not provide any proof that the spell was cast. Or they use a video of someone performing a sacrifice or slaughter from another country and claim it as their own. Quite a few have even been found to use footage from the many faces of death collection. They love to quote an extremely high price tag in order to cash in on the victim’s nativity, many times this price tag is their currency, and the dollar sign is just added because they know the conversion rate. This is just like the old scams run by card and palm readers in the 50’s-70’s who would claim to be speaking as or to a loved one and request a poor soul’s life savings, inheritance, etc because it was tainted and that in order for the taint to be removed. Then give the person back a wrapped brick or two of cut newspaper in brown paper and tell the person not to open them for a certain amount of time as the taint was being drawn out by the spell that would be marked on it. Most times this was how long before they would be out of town. In this digital age many legitimate mediums, readers, witches, and others are being cloned and these scammers are seeking out their next mark. They will do this by saying a loved one spoke to them from across the vail to seek them out. Some will message because they felt connected to the energies that persons account put off. And others claim that they had an opening and were led to the person. The problem is if they are really professional witches, card readers, palm readers, and such. They are going to be far too busy to speak out mew clients esp seeing as most of their clients will be lead to them via word-of-mouth referrals. Those who do seek out new clients do so in a controlled manner whereas to not only not garner suspicion but in a more personal and respectful manner.


Thank you for this great advice and the warning. I did not know such witches or scammers as u say exist. As a baby witch still learning in my first year this type of information really help. I however believe if something needs to change i can make a difference myself as who knows me better than my own self. Its also a nice excuse to buy and use my own materials :sweat_smile: :woman_facepalming:


Alignment ritual? 2 goats. The Kabbalah only requires one virgin kid with bay leaf around neck. Is This Hatian Voodou
It Sounds like someone is saying you have crossed conditions? Do you know what crossed conditions are?
I will say I agree with those who posted. I do not believe in animal sacrifice period. Flowers or herbs yes early on in my practice. I performed blood offerings and blotted on altar. But was my own blood. I was told by My Goddesses blood was not required or desired. ( after five weeks of adding blood to offerings my offering would not light, I use Gasoline in dish for fire and would not light) Now I burn California sage with mugwort and Paulo santo dragons blood and flowers from garden burns to pure white ash and after gasoline and renin ants of ritual candle for fuel gone ball of fire stays until closing. Blood is not needed

If you are concerned about crossed conditions I would recommend the book protection and reversal Magick beyond 101 by author Jason millar. Changed my life It is less that $20 on Amazon. I have a digital copy as well that I got free. Not sure on rules about posting links to books but I have most of the “rare” “hard to find” grimores I don’t mind sharing. But my drive has over 1300 digital books different prints and so forth. Sounds like your guided meditation may be some kind of hypnosis, I have heard of these teachers be careful. If the admin doesn’t mind and reads this let me know I will post a link to that book I mentioned, mind you I got the free book then bought a physical copy for sake of karma after I saw how it worked. I do the sphere of Hekas Ritual Twice daily I did not like the words used in this ritual to describe the guardians so I looked up and learned the Greek word to describe them each. I will say I did blood blotting early in my practice and was told by the goddesses who I worship that blood is not necessary or desired so do not burn blood anymore. When something I am doing asks for blood as an ingredient I use Dragons Blood Resin. I Believe All Life is sacred and conscious. Thereby when I sacrifice the nicest of flowers or herbs I grow from seed I believe it to be a sacrifice of life. Sacrifice of Goats sounds like a Voodoo voodou practitioner from Haiti. Goat Sacrifice is still very common in those religions. Voodoo is not something to play around with it’s very dangerous be careful


100% agree with @LadyDennaRahl . @david8 u are getting scammed.


I’m sorry to say that the more I’m hearing, the more sketchy it seems, @david8 :worried:

That is a HUGE red flag that some unknown person with no reviews or recommendations reaches out, pins a problem on you, and then asks for your money to solve it. While there is some “cold calling” in the spiritual community, it’s more often than not a sign of a scammer.

Advertising your abilities is completely fine, and it’s one thing if someone connects with you directly and offers to give a free (no strings attached) reading or message out of the kindness of their heart- but no legitimate healer, witch, or practitioner should be randomly reaching out and trying to force sell their services onto anyone.

“Cold calling” to force services is disrespectful, encourages a bad and seedy image of the magickal community at large, and shows that the person in question has such a lack of faith in their own skills that they don’t believe people will come to them of their own free will.

David, I really think you should stop paying them. Have you received anything back from this group- any proof of the ritual? Any worthwhile materials from these classes?

Legitimate businesses are easy to contact and always show proof/receipts of the things you purchase.

NEVER send money to an undisclosed account. Money sent into the darkness will never be seen again, and is extremely hard (if not impossible) to trace.

Please stop sending them your money.

When we are desperate, we become easy targets for bad people. And unfortunately, there are people who take advantage of the kindness and power of the spiritual community to deceive innocent people.

You were right to listen to your instincts telling you something was off- we all make mistakes! And it’s never too late to stop the ongoing damage and change course :sunrise_over_mountains:

My best recommendation for you now, @david8, is to stop giving them any more money. I would also suggest cutting off contact with this strange group.

Remember that you have all the power here- no matter what has happened, you are free to make your choices and chart your course forward.

Many blessings to you! :sparkles::people_hugging: