Another example of how to cast a circle

Another example of how to cast a circle

I call to you goddess of all elements,
{Or acknowledge your deity & the element associated with them}
Beloved Aset, of 10,000 names
(Your God/Goddess and what their power is)
Give me the power, this circle to cast
Guard my magic and forbid evil to pass.

perform your ritual

My beloved Goddess (your Deity) , your child is done
And as we are finished with gratitude and love
I ask that you bless me and mine.
As I have spoken, let it be so.

Your daughter (or son)

Garnet (or your name)


Beautiful circle casting, and I really appreciate your notes on how to personalize the words to suit the caster! You are very thoughtful :blush::heart:

Thank you so much for sharing this, @Garnet! :o::sparkles::two_hearts: