Another newbie question

Another basic that my brain can’t retrieve. What size and shape mortar and pestle would be sufficient? I can’t even remember using one. I remember one for okay to ingest and one for not but that’s pretty much it.
I’m on a very tight budget so I want to get the least expensive functional one I can find but I don’t remember how to pick one



Questions are great.

I would say the size depends on what you are using it for. That is your best guide.

If you don’t need it for anything definite, then I wouldn’t buy one until you do. I don’t have one specifically for witchcraft and have not needed one.

What, may I ask, are you going to use it for?


Hi @Nixi!

That’s a great question- I had never thought about mortal and pestle sizes before! The two that we have here are both the same size and shape. I guess I don’t see them in stores very often, but the ones I do remember seeing all seem to be similar- perhaps there is a “standard” size? :thinking:

Here’s a size reference of my mortar and pestle next to my hand if it helps:

I don’t think you’d need anything larger than this unless you’re grinding up a ton of herbal matter all at once.

Size aside, I have seen them made from various materials, though, and I would personally recommend getting a heavy-duty material like stone or marble. The wooden and bamboo ones just don’t grind as well and slide all over the place when using (they aren’t heavy enough). Also, the grinding is intensive- wood and bamboo tend to be more porous, so there’s risk of food particles getting stuck and potentially risking bacteria growth. Not as much of an issue for non-edible crafting, but you wouldn’t want that in the kitchen :no_good_woman:

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that it feels comfortable to you. Grinding up herbs, spices, and what-not takes time and you want to feel comfy with your tools. If possible, I’d suggest going to a store (any kitchen or home goods store will likely have some) and testing them out in-person to see what feels best for you.

Good luck and I hope you can find the perfect mortar and pestle for you!

Blessed be :sparkles:


Ooo… I had never thought of the size before either. Mine is pretty I guess standard? The real thing that is I believe the only real thing unique about it is that it’s made of soapstone & has some Celtic knotwork carved into the bowl portion of it. It’s really not that deep, kind of shallow too.

I’d say it’s about the size of @TheTravelWitch_Bry just wider & shorter.


I have a small one that works well for me. I don’t grind a bunch of stuff :laughing: I think you should get one in a size that fits you. If you grind a bunch of stuff then get a bigger one. If you don’t plan on using it very often then I wouldn’t get a very large one.


@Phoenix_Rose the applications I can remember right now would be incense and maybe bags, like giving a little crush to whole cloves


Thank you all, I think all of the suggestions are solutions


Ahh. Makes sense to get a mortar and pestle. I have used my baby mullet as the kids don’t need it anymore. But grinding yourself adds to the spell you are doing. I mostly work with tarot cards at the moment. However, I want to make my own sachets and your idea has taken root in my mind. We will see if I can get one for Mother’s Day :slight_smile:
I try to find ways forme not to spend Monney but then I work against myself. Lol.


That is gorgeous- it’s a really special mortar and pestle (and so perfect for you and your practice, Siofra!) :heart_eyes: :sparkles:

You’re very welcome, Nixi! I’m happy if it helped you :blush:

Blessed be! :heart:


As many have said it depends on what you are doing with it. I happen to have 4 different sizes. the smallest I keep at my alter for casting work is

this will be the best for most spell work. unlest you use herbs in bulk or make things in large quantities this will do you well


@MeganB im with u on this one. I have two, and they have grippers on them for extra control. And if u do something bigger then it goes into the blender on grind. And vola chopped up herbs.


Ooo… yes! If it’s like resins or woods…1 or 2 quick zips in my coffee grinder… bam… done. :rofl:


Thank you so much @LadyDennaRahl the funny thing is I searched every way I could think of, looked at dozens and never saw that one. It was a great example and I ended up going with one about the same size just a slightly different style.
It reminds me of one in an ‘old medicine’ display at a Pharmacy that my family has used for generations. The owner recently passed and it recently occurred to me that I would never see the display that I’ve been looking at nearly all my life again.
I’ll post a picture when it gets here.
:joy:Anyone figure out yet that I ramble? :joy:


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