Another thank you

The opinions addressed in this paper are strictly mine. It is in no way
meant to offend for recruit anyone.

I’ve been re-reading some of the subjects in this forum and
I am often amazed and delighted by the diversification of
the subject matter. The knowledge and opinions put forth
are always well worded, thoughtful and instructive, or it
lays out an issue someone is dealing with.
We aren’t gossips or mean minded, but kind and thoughtful
We are like minded and free thinking people.
We don’t always discuss a religious or belief system. We don’t
always discuss magic. There is so much I’ve read written by
this lovely, diversified, world group. And we are from all
around the world. We are young people searching, middle
aged people seeking and teaching. We are the elders, wise and
giving. Loving and guiding those who ask. It really is like a
well meaning and loving family. (Only we don’t argue among
Joining a Coven in Wicca, is like joining a community, i.e. The
Amish, the Mennonites, etc. There are rules to follow but no where
near the structure, or dogma of some of the world religions.
Structure is a necessary tool to control humanity, otherwise
we would be lost in chaos. This tragic state is still seen in parts
of our world.
I personally don’t want to be a member of a formal religion, or
belief system’. Yes, I’m a witch, but I’m a solitary practitioner.
“An harm none.” is my life’s theme.


This is a Coven, a site to learn magic…most of all, this site is
based on love in its truest form.
I love you all, each and every one.
Stay safe and be blessed


You’re loved too! :blush::two_hearts: This was nice to read.


@Garnet always so thoughtful. Was a very nice thing to read today. Thank you for sharing that :hugs:


Thank you. That made me smile. And you’re very right. Ever since I have joined this coven. All I have felt is love and acceptance. Which is so very different from what I was accepting in the past. And that is all down to all amazing people that I have met here with the most beautiful and warmest of souls. :purple_heart: I’m very blessed to have found and to have been welcomed by this amazing family.


Sweetheart each and every one of you is a blessing to this site. :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you for the warm fuzzies @Garnet :revolving_hearts:

I know I’m not as active as some but every time I come here, I feel the love and always always learn something new


Thank you for being part of this community. It’s the members that make this place special and that includes you @Garnet!


Thank you for such a loving post :slight_smile:

You are right too. If you ever get a glimpse of the /wicca on reddit, very different vibe. None of that family feel.



Reading your words feels like a hug across the miles- that was beautiful, @Garnet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: So much love back to you- you help to make this coven community as loving and welcoming as it is. Big hugs! :hugs::heart:


Miss Jessica, when I was young there was a book titled
“I’m ok, You’re ok.” and You are ok, getting better every day.