Anti-Anxiety Jar Spell with Crystals and Herbs ✨

Yesterday I cast an anti-anxiety jar spell. It’s very small so I can carry it around with me. I enjoyed the entire process of making this and putting it together! I created a little chant to say out loud when I sealed it.

I lit a white candle, had rose quartz out and took in three deep breathes… and repeated this three times.

“Nervous anxiety you are dead. May the items in this jar soothe my head. Bring me your calming peace, anxiety thoughts you will now cease.”

There are crystals and stones in there, a sea shell, black salt, chamomile, lavender, rosemary, bay leaf, and sage - I made my own black salt with ashes from my sage burning…so it was already full of positive intentions.

The charm was added - no special reason other than I felt drawn to it and it seemed like a good focal point for me. I sealed it with my white candle wax and tied the charm on with hemp.


It’s beautiful and very calming to look at. I can only imagine how potent it is to carry around!


I love this!! :heart:

The pictures look amazing and you explained everything that went into crafting this beautiful charm :+1::+1:

I feel it deserves its own thread so if you don’t mind I’m going to separate it from this topic into a unique post!

Thanks for sharing @SilverBear!


Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I added the little chant I wrote to it…in case anyone would like to make one too and they aren’t sure where to begin.


It’s lovely! It totally resonates with the kind of spells and affirmations I use!!

Thanks for sharing it! :clap: :clap:


I figured I’d add what I actually added to this jar if anyone wants to try it out.

My stones were very small, chip sized.

Flame Jasper helps with courage to face unpleasant tasks.

Blue Turquoise is a self love stone - helps to restore a healthy mental attitude.

Moonkaite helps support in time of stress, it brings peace and feelings of wholeness.

Yellow Tiger Eye calms emotions and protects against external stresses.

Amethyst is healing energy and aids in emotional issues helps calm the nervous systems is grounding.

Rose Quartz helps with peace, aids in emotional balance, reduces stress and tension - vibrations of universal love and inner serenity.

Clear Quartz - Amplifies healing energy.

Black Salt - protection

Chamomile - love and purification

Lavender - relaxing, peace, clarity, purification and love

Rosemary - love and protection

Bay Leaf - love, healing, strength and purification

Sage - wisdom and protection


That’s amazing! It helps a lot to see how each individual ingredient is contributing with its own purpose and energy. Thanks for the recipe @SilverBear!


Awesome! I have the crystal chips too & I think I will do this one in my smaller jar so I can keep it in my bra with me.