Antisocial Butterfly from Massachusetts

Hello Everyone!!

I’ve been a practicing witch for a few years now. I consider myself a solitary eclectic witch, with a lot of Wicca influence. I just randomly came across this site after searching ‘book of shadow pages’ on Google! :smiley:

I’m definitely the antisocial / loner type. Uncomfortable and socially awkward. I’d never be outgoing enough to even consider joining a coven, so this online community seems a perfect fit for me. I love to learn learn learn! Can’t wait to dive into these lessons, meditations and rituals.

Hope everyone is staying safe out there!
Blessed be.


Hi @Eclectic_Jess!! Nice username! Welcome to the Forum!! :smiley:

I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many useful things. We would also love to learn from you! If you bump into anything of interest or discover a new topic, feel free to share with us in the Witchy Wisdom section!

I’m glad you feel at home here!! I love meeting pagans but it’s really hard to find the right circle in real life… And it can get boring doing rituals by myself in my bedroom, so online groups are an excellent alternative!!

Explore the forum and comment on any topic you like! Merry Meet! :pray:


@Francisco thank you for the warm welcome!


Very warm greetings to you, @Eclectic_Jess! :heart:

And hooray for another witch from Massachusetts! :raised_hands: Although I currently live in Europe, I was born and raised in MA and my family is still there- there’s a lot of good things going on in the Bay State! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m so glad your search led you to the forums- you are very welcome here! :blush: As a gathering of solitary practitioners from around the globe, the forums are a great place to feel at home in the community, all while never having to leave your own home! :house_with_garden::two_hearts:

It sounds like you’ve already found the Lessons and Courses - great! If there’s a particular topic of interest, you can always search :mag: for it here in the forums, as there are many informational posts on a variety of topics, along with discussions.

Do you have an aspect of the craft that calls to you? Maybe something like herbs, astrology, crystals/minerals, spellwork, rituals, or another area? :star_struck: There are many witches here specializing in all sorts of interests- feel free to check out what everyone is posting about!

And of course, feel free to reach out at any time with questions, tips, experiences, or anything on your mind- we all have so much to learn from each other! :books: I can’t wait to talk with you more as we journey on the exciting path of magick :sparkles:

All the best wishes to you, and Blessed Be! :sparkling_heart:

I am just one state down in Connecticut! Where in MA are you? Maybe after this whole COVID thing blows over, we can have a witchy picnic and be anti-social and awkward together!

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Thank you!

That’s awesome. I am very thankful to be in Massachusetts right now with the way the US is handling the pandemic. It feels almost safe here. Lol.

I’m big into crystals and candle Magick! I need to learn more about tarot. I’m really clueless with it though I have multiple decks! :roll_eyes: Lol

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North/Western Mass. Much closer to VT/NH than CT. In Greenfield. You probably haven’t heard of it. Lol. About 40 minutes from Springfield/Holyoke area if you’ve heard of them.

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I know where that is! I used to do theater up in Northhampton. I always say that anything worth while is at least a 45 minutes drive in New England!

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Haha. That’s definitely true!! Half hour to the nearest Walmart even lol There a metaphysical store I like to shop at (when stores are open!) in Northampton.

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I haven’t been up that way in a while, I had no idea they had a shop like that! Not surprised though. I used to frequent the vintage clothing shop. I forget the name.


All wonderful aspects of magick to practice! :candle::gem::flower_playing_cards: :heart_eyes: I’m also still finding my way with tarot- the cards can be tricky to remember so many symbols and meanings (not to mention if you do reversed card readings too!). I’ve found that getting a deck that comes with a little booklet with the meanings written out is very helpful :+1:

One of my favorite decks is the Ostara Tarot, and it has this cute little information guide that walks a reader through each of the cards :grin: I’ve memorized the meanings of a few (and made a few meanings of my own!) but I always keep the booklet close- I’ve found it to be very handy as I learn! :blush:

Ohh, there’s also the Whole Tarot Course that is super helpful- and has a lot of interesting additional information like tarot history! :books::two_hearts:


Of your tarot collection, do you have a favorite deck, @Eclectic_Jess? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ahhhhh no way!!! I used to live in NoHo- it’s great area! :heart_eyes: :two_hearts: I wasn’t there long, but I performed with the ALSCT in Peter Pan last year. There’s a lot of love for the arts and theater there- it’s a really fantastic place!

For both @Eclectic_Jess and @chelsey1, if either of you have an interest in Green Magic/Herbalism, there is a wonderful herbalist Virginia Ahern who offers lovely introduction herbalism classes (with delicious herbal tea! :tea:) in Northampton. Unfortunately, the cute local apothecary Acadia Herbals closed last year :cry: .

But Inspirit Crystals is still open (or hopefully will open post-pandemic), and they are a lovely witchy shop!


And if either of you ever make the trip over to Worcester, my all-time favorite witchy store is Seed to Stem and it is definitely worth the trip :herb::heart:

I miss these places terribly!!! If anyone makes it to these shops (when it’s safe to go again) definitely let me know how you like them! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@TheTravelWitch I love Inspirit!!! That’s the witchy store I meant. It’s got a great assortment and the vibe is just amazing. I could sit in there all day and be content. :heart:

I rarely venture so far as Worcester but that store looks amazing! I saw the original post the other day :heart_eyes:

If you want a weird little shop to get crystals, there is an actual dinosaur fossil dig in Granby, MA. It’s on some for serious back roads, out of this guy’s shed. The fossil dig is really cool. We found and bough dino footprint fossils for $20 there a few years ago. I assume it will survive post pandemic.


This sounds AMAZING! :sauropod::two_hearts: Wow, I had no idea- it looks like Granby is pretty close to where I was living in NoHo. Is it near/at the Nash Dino Tracks Museum?

Fingers crossed it survives the pandemic- I would love to go check it out someday, whenever I make it back out to Western MA! :grin::+1:

I have no idea if it is near the Tracks Museum. We found it on accident when I was driving in circles with my kids to kill time. I drive fast…and we got up to Granby an hour before we needed to be there!
Another fun place is down in CT, Nature’s Art has an amazing crystal room.

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Hahaha I think some of the best adventures are accidental! Sounds like you all found a great treasure :t_rex: :grin:

Oh, I hadn’t heard about Nature’s Art! Is the crystal room a museum exhibit, or perhaps a shop selling crystals and stones? :gem: