Anxiety spells with water

Hello i am very new to all of this but i am very comfortable within witchcraft. I feel a peace when i read about all the different witches and the practices, so thats how i know i belong and it is my calling. Is there a spell for anxiety that i can use with water??


Hi @lea2! I’m Amethyst. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

The easiest way is to take a shower and visualize the water washing your anxieties away from you. But there are several bath spells that can do what you want too! Here is a couple of them!

Then there are tea spells, which take water to make tea. Here is one of my favorites.

You are also warmly invited to join our Group Ritual this Thursday, tomorrow, at any time during the day. Or you can join the Zoom meeting at noon EST. Either way, it’s a lovely ritual and will help you get to know coven members. Tomorrow’s meditation is for peace, which would help with anxiety.

I hope that helps you out and doesn’t confuse you too much. If you have any questions just ask and someone will come along and help you out. I’m also sure that others have their favorite bath spells they’ve used and might link them here for you to use as well. Good luck!


Merry meet @lea2!

Welcome to the forum- thank you for being here, and for sharing your question :blush:

I see @Amethyst kindly shared some fantastic water magick for you to consider! :bathtub: :sparkles: Bath and shower spells are a favorite of mine too, because they can be as simple as allowing the water to wash away negativity to as elaborate as using herbal bath salts, candles, chants, and more. Definitely take a look at the spells shared above and feel free to tweak them to suit your needs :+1:

When it comes to anxiety in general, there are many spells out there- there’s actually an Anxiety Spell Collection on Spells8, as it is a highly requested focus for magickal spells.


For an Anxiety Spell with Water, I would recommend doing the Fearless Sigil Spell with one addition: dip your finger in a bowl of water (which could be moon water :full_moon: or salt water :salt: for an extra layer of cleansing) before drawing the sigil.

Water is a soothing element with ties to emotions- it is a wonderful element to include in anxiety spellwork. I hope you can find exactly what you are looking for, Lea, and I wish you all the best with your casting! :blush:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Thank You for your reply and the your help. since i have joined 2 to 3 days ago , my anxiety isnt that bad now i have started controlling some of the anxiety again. I can feel all the positive energies coming from spells8 it is the best feeling i have felt in many many years. Thank you again


thank you so much for the help and i can feel the all the positive energies coming from spells8 that pulls me and i am completely focus here. I am normally all over the place but i am much more calm and focusing again


You’re very welcome, @lea2! :heart: I’m really happy to hear that you’ve been able to control your anxiety more and that the positive energy has been helping you feel better :blush:

Sending love and light your way- Blessed be, Lea! :sparkles:


Good. I’m glad they helped you. Sending you love and light to get you through the day!

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