Any ideas on what these crystals are

I was going through my crystals and there were a few i had been given as a gift but the person who gave them to me couldnt remember what all kf them were. Some i was able to identify but these two ive had trouble identifyung and i wondered if anyone had any ideas what they could be. Any suggestions would be appreciated as right now i don’t know how to use them as i dont know what they are.


Sooooo… I am not sure myself what these crystals or pŕecious stones might be but I do know The ladies qould be stepping in soon to assist. They are quite nice though.

@christina4 :loudspeaker: Calling C4… Calling C4 your help is greatly need hun!


I can’t tell what they are but we do have others that work well with crystals within the coven. @Christina4 comes to mind as well as @Missa & possibly @janis?

I’m trying to think of who else is great with working with crystals & identification. I honestly can’t think of what they may be :thinking:


The one on the right definitely looks like mangano calcite but I had to edit my answer because my intuition is saying pink opal! I have both stones that look like that.

The left is a variety of quartz, possibly milky or rock quartz. Possibly a form of jade. I need @missa for advice on that one.


@danni1 oooh this is a tricky one for me as well. :thinking: Could you upload some additional photos? Natural light would be best against a plain background (black/white) so for these black would be best. And from multiple angles? Just by looking at this the left one that has no pink I see a little bit of blue flash so it could be Rainbow Moonstone AKA White Moonstone. If that isn’t blue flash then it could be Milky Quartz. The other one with pink and a black stripe I’m not too sure. I haven’t seen something that looks like that before. It could be Pink Opal but usually there’s more pink on it. I have some and its way more pink.