Any one have ideas of this?

Okay I have been going thru all my things & I came across this piece of jewelry that Ive kept for some strange reason. Any one have a clue of what it is & if sacred or something?

Thank you to all whom can assist or guide me.
Blessed be friends!


Hi @KristiAnn, that is beautiful! I can’t tell from the picture if the entire ensemble looks original together or if someone hand pieced it together as an original “bespoke” item, however it reminds me of a couple’s work that has a jewelry line and one of their lines is the Goddess line. They source their pieces in Bali, Indonesia and Jaipur, India, and the Goddess line has gemstones, and is characterized by a moon face! They are all predominantly silver. It definitely looks like a piece either from that area of the world or inspired by the area. The company is “Offerings Jewelry” by Sajen. I have a couple of their pieces I purchased when I was in Mumbai in 2019 — they are very well made by the local craftspeople but designed by Marianna and Richard. They have a line of chakra inspired jewelry that I am interested in currently. I need to find the set that I purchased and I’ll snap a pic for you.

Richard went to school at Yale Art here in CT and they reside in NYC now but read their backstory “Our Story” on the website, it is very unique!

I know I didn’t help much, but it is a beautiful piece if that gives you any purpose for having/ keeping it? :purple_heart:


I have no helpful information but that is absolutely amazing! I’m gonna have to check into the line of jewelry mentioned above to see if I can find something similar!


If I was to guess and I am notoriously bad at it. I’d say the teardrop above and below the moon weres garnet. As for the large stone, I am at a loss.


Absolutely gorgeous piece, @KristiAnn! :heart:

I haven’t seen anything like it before, so I’m afraid I can’t help much if it is indeed a sacred symbol. Looking at it purely from an artist’s eye, it looks like full moon with a face (ivory? marble? Hard to tell what it could be carved from in the picture) with what looks like a geode on the bottom (does it have rough edges or is it a smooth stone?).

I agree with @Garnet that the two smaller gems could be garnet- they do have they deep dark color. You can usually check the metal of the piece and the chain by searching for a stamp- if it was made in the US and is sterling (the most common medium for metal jewelry) it will say .925 or sterling somewhere on the piece.

Regardless of what it is made of or if it symbolizes something sacred, it is a really lovely treasure! May you wear (or display) it with pride :full_moon_with_face: :sparkles:


As mentioned above, it’s a Moon face pendant. It’s a common design in sacred jewelry, you can find more examples here.

And yes, it has so much symbolism. I made a video on what the moon represents as a symbol. The main takeaways are:

  • What makes the Moon so different from all other stars and planets is that it shapeshifts as it goes through its different phases.
  • The Moon cycles represent the cyclical nature of life, magic, protection, fertility and in many cultures motherhood.
  • The Full Moon can be seen as a symbol of comfort and protection, as it provides very powerful light in the dark of the night.

Blessings! :full_moon:


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