Anyone here from California or lives in California

I always knew I was different. I finally open up and accepting calling myself a Witch. I’ve been practicing Wiccan Beliefs for 6 years now. I never considered myself to be a Witch LOL. I’ve been interested in Magic, specifically Candle Magic something in me is pulling out my witch card more and more.


Oregon here! :raised_hand:

I know @wendy4 is from Southern California! :beach_umbrella:

If you’re drawn to Witchcraft and you feel it’s right for you, then you’re a Witch! Witchcraft is a practiced skillset. Anyone can be a Witch if they put in the effort to study and practice.


I’ve always felt I was drawn to the craft, too. So glad I decided to choose the journey that I did bc I wouldn’t have been able to meet all these wonderful people here!!


I have felt drawn to it since I was in my teens and it started with my mom giving me crystals and introducing me to astrology. My father was Catholic so that’s how we were raised, but I could never fully embrace it. I have always embraced Wicca since I found a friend that was very like-minded and we would practice together.


A very warm welcome to you, @MelaninWitch! :heart:

I agree with everyone else- if you believe in magick, that’s all you need to truly be a witch! :sparkles: We are blessed to have you join us in the forums, I hope you can connect with many others who walk the same path that you do :blush:. We are a gathering of solitary witches from all over the world, who come together in this online coven and forum family! And you are very welcome here- please make yourself at home!

If you have an interest in candle magick, I recommend Candle Magick 101- this page has a thorough guide to candle magick as well as numerous resources for spells and rituals involving candles :candle:


It is a pleasure to meet you and I’m looking forward to talking with you more soon! Blessed Be :sparkling_heart:


Merry meet @MelaninWitch :bouquet:

I’m glad you have chose to continue your journey with us :slight_smile: you are in the right place :sparkles:

Oh and I live in England :slight_smile:


Merry Meet melanin from Riverside CA!

Welcome to the group~ :blush: