Anyone interested in voice chat?

Hello all

I past this idea by Francisco before putting it out there.

I know a lot of us are solitary, and also new to our journey. I was wondering if there is an interest for us to communicate by voice chat as well as thue this wonderful site.

To be honest I much prefer to speak to people sometimes and it would also allow us to get to know each other a little better. To my surprise, we already have a voice chat we just don’t use it. It is FREE and you can connect by PC, phone, tablet all you need is a mic and speakers or a headset (10-15$at walmart) or the earbuds for your phone.

I look forward to seeing what you all think. :slight_smile: )


Ohhhh this sounds like a lovely and very fun idea, @Katt! :heart_eyes: Thank you for bringing it up :+1: Is there a program attached here to the forums, or are you thinking more along the lines of Zoom or another platform?

This brings to mind the brainstorming we did about a potential future Spells8 app- a voice chat or even occasional group call/meeting might be a fun addition to a future phone app! :smile:

Spells8 already has the app, it is called DISCORD, I know a few of you are familiar with it. If there is interest I will set it up and post the link to connect.

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Discord is the best!!! Its s fun little tool. Especially for communication purposes.
I would be very interested in this!!! I would love to hear from all of you.

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I will start to set it up today, and as it goes we can all decide on what topic channels we will like to see. Still on my first :coffee:


Ok so here is the link for discord It should be permanent. If you have any issues with it pls let ne know. also If you have trouble setting up your sound I can walk you thru it.


Thanks for organizing this, @Katt! :blush: I’m afraid I’m not familiar with Discord (although I know it’s been getting very popular lately!). I wonder if there is some way to attach a voice call function (possibly through Discord, but without needing to go through creating an account) to the forums here? :thinking: Maybe @Francisco knows a bit more about this!

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@TheTravelWitch the app has been around for many years now, mostly used by gamers and people who use you tube. I don’t think there is much to setting it up, it should be very easy actually. It also has a call feature built in but i don’t use it much. All you should have to do is copy paste the link I put into your browser and it will open. Very user friendly as long as you are not a moderator…lol the hardest part is just setting up your headset and it will even tell you if that is not connected :slight_smile:


Ohhhh it sounds very interesting! :astonished: Hahaha that’s great that they make it easy- goodness, there’s so many of these platforms these days I can hardly keep up with them all! :laughing: My friend managed to convince me to get a Zoom account the other day, just after I had finally figured out Google Classroom! :sweat_smile: It seems that with the lockdown and quarantine these kinds of platforms are growing in popularity now that they are essential for work/school/staying in touch!

Thank you again for putting this together, @Katt! :sparkling_heart: I’m feeling like I’m spread a bit thin over social media these days, but Discord does sound interesting! If I make an account, your channel will be the first I’ll join! :blush: :two_hearts:

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Morning @TheTravelWitch, it is actually the spells8 channel that already existed. I spoke about voice chat with @Francisco and he gave me access to it :slight_smile: and said I could see if there was an interest.


Ahhhh I think I understand now! :star_struck: Apologies for the confusion- I was picturing some kind of attachment (like a web browser plug-in or something) connecting to here, but it’s a Spells8 Channel in Discord! Ohh that’s awesome :+1: Yes- if I get around to making a Discord (and I hope to someday soon!) that’ll be the first channel I’ll join! :grin:

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I found my Discord name I created earlier in the year in order to play games with my kids and now I am on there. :slight_smile: