April, May, June 2022 Single Oracle/Rune/Tarot

April 2 2022 ( Saturday)

Card : ace of wands (upright)
Deck : anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: be daring and brave , he seems to say. Let go the bonds that hold you back, believe with all your heart in the new self that is released.

Upright meaning: an ace of this suit in this position symbolizes a pivotal act, or fateful step, that will set loose a chain of events leading towards your desired goal. It refers to birth or new beginnings, the inauguration to an endeavour, and the building of the necessary commitment to see a project or plan through, it personifies an aroused will that is totally focused, aiming at the bulls eye.


Sunday, April 3, 2022

Radiant Crystal Oracle Deck

• By: BouchetteDesign.com
BouchetteDesign | Etsy

(I shuffled 3 times & took the top 3 cards off & drew)

Angel Aura Quartz

Communication, Meditation, Healing

  • Chakra
    – Heart :heart:

  • Astrological Sign
    – All Signs

  • Affirmation
    – Through releasing what no longer serves me, I find healing

  • Energies
    – By combining quartz with precious metals, a unique vibration of peace & tranquility is created. Angel Aura Quartz assists in communication with spirit & helps in meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: . Its high vibrations release negative energies

  • Flower/Herb :hibiscus:/:herb:
    – Snowdrops :hibiscus:
    — Hope
    — Innocence
    — Purity


Sunday april 3 2022

Card: judgement (reversed)
Deck: anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: the black grave on witch she kneels, is but a cover to the dark realm that lies beyond. Dose she bring salvation; is that a promise on the edge of her lips or a whisper of absolution.

Reversed meaning : the judgement card reversed suggests that you feel like you are bumping into extremely imposed restrictions, even if you thought you had let go of limitations. If thats the case, you need to accommodate those inexplicable blockages wherever they appear, without allowing the growth force rising within you to diminish.
Like water, you will find the openings and seep through, to move past whatever has been holding you back. Keep flowing and you will succeed.


April 2022
by Diana Cooper, artwork by Carla Lee Morrow

Keeps you safe by clearing your pathway.
Trust that you are protected.
Walk on a path of light.

About: Deep blue dragons work with Archangel Michael, the angel of strength and protection. Dragons can delve into deep dense matter, in a way angels cannot, by transmuting lower frequencies; allowing Archangel Michael to connect with us and place his deep blue cloak around us.

Guidance: Call on the deep blue dragons to protect you and/or your loved ones. Relax and trust this is happening. The deep blue dragons are transmuting the lower emotions of those in your vicinity, you are no longer moving through the dense energies of other people. Notice how much lighter and happier you feel.


I love that card dragons are a favourite of mine


Monday, April 4, 2022

Rune Draw

  • Uruz :uruz:

Magical uses: Health & vitality concerns: There’s magic & power in your primordial core, the seat of all creation.

Suggested Uses:

Call upon this energy to infuse yourself with strength, & fierceness, and will be required to manifest that which healing sustains, expands, & elevates.

Draw on the body in red ink to intensify strength before & during athletic competition or workout.

Trace on your forehead with your finger to help find vitality when you are weak or to help with awareness when you’re tired

Overall Meanings:

Primal Force, Power, Strength, Healing, Purification, Overcoming, Sudden & Unexpected Changes (usually for the better), Adaptability, Triumph, Courage, Understanding, Freedom, Energy, Action

Uruz :uruz: is the principle of vital & organic life energy, original procreation, & organic transformation. A primal cosmic bovine force that shapes manifestation & defends that manifested form. Physical strength & speed, untamed potential. A time of great energy & health.

Yang side of the merger with the yin element. :yin_yang:

Raw strength & power are at the heart of the meaning of Uruz. Physical strength can be indicated, but emotional & spiritual strength is just as likely to be emphasized here. If facing challenges this is a reminder that you have the strength to persevere, as well as to defend yourself from adversaries.

Bring new circumstances & situations into your experience, strengthen & focus personal will harness the energy of sudden change to your advantage, healing, on all levels, a deeper understanding of yourself & underlying motives.

Uruz - 2nd Rune of the Elder Futhark & Freya’s Aett :uruz:


Monday, April 4, 2022

image source Spirit Song Tarot Deck by Paulina Fae

The Hermit - Koala

Contemplation and Wisdom

Message: A beacon of well-being, Koala is your guide in acquiring the rest needed to regroup and renew. A seeker of truth and wisdom, he illuminates the way. Calm and observant, Koala stills the mind so that he may access higher wisdom. HIis solitary retreat gifts him with the time and space necessary for introspection. Kola encourages you to slow down and step away from the distractions of the world. Take time to gather your thoughts and find your inner balance. The answers you seek are already within.

KEYWORDS: Contemplation, observation, wisdom, inner balance, solitude, learning, meditation.

REVERSED MESSAGE: A shift in perspective will rekindle your light. Allow your heart and mind to be open to sage advice.

REVERSED KEYWORDS: Isolation, loneliness, sadness, dishonesty, self-pity.


Monday April 4 2022

Card: queen of pentacles
Deck: anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: calm your fears , call on me, i am always here if you should my help to nurture your dreams. Dispite appearances, this is my ability as queen and this offer is made to you, my loyal subject.


Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Inner Child Oracle

(By: Amanda Lynn Hails)

I shuffled the deck 3 times & took the top 3 off the deck & drew:

Remember the Good

In life, it can be easy to focus on what is missing, on what could be better. But if that is where our attention stays, it will hinder us in being able to absorb the magic of living. Take time today to purposefully acknowledge the good things in your life, those that are around you & those that you yourself have accomplished.

This is a great card for me today :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I have been working on this because when I was definitely down in it, there wasn’t much good to remember. Now I have processed through A LOT & the memories are better :smiling_face: I have good memories & now I have to remember to think of those times when the others try to creep into my consciousness.


Tuesday, April 5, 2022

image source Spirit Song Tarot Deck by Paulina Fae


Collaboration and Productivity

Message: Industrious Honeybee is a master of his craft, and uses his ingenuity to accomplish all he sets out to do. He has a clear plan of action, and doesn’t;t rush the process. Honeybee makes monumental progress by engaging in the strength of teamwork and in turn surpasses limitations through the complementary power of collaboration. The honeybee is here to guide you in pulling together with those who are of like minds. When forces are joined, development is heightened, and combined efforts will help fortify your success. Sharpen your skills and boost your determination. Know that you’re capable of accomplishing outstanding tasks.

KEYWORDS: Collaboration, productivity, determination, planning, study, recognition, growth, skill.

REVERSED MESSAGE: If you’ve come to a standstill in a project, allow others to contribute, or seek advice.

REVERSED KEYWORDS: Careless work, lack of motivation, lack of growth.


Completely late but heres my dayly draw.

Tuesday April 5 2022

Card: the tower (upright)
Deck: anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: through necessity she dayly spins her web, to bring order from the chaos. The old ways become the new and so will it continue to be so. Safe in her silken thread.


@Nikita-mikaelson that’s a pretty amazing card for me right now, not just because of the imagery! Thank you for posting & there’s no set time for it, any time throughout the day that you get to it, is fine by us! :heart:


Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Inner Child Oracle

(By: Amanda Lynn Hails)

I shuffled the deck 3 times & took the top 3 off the deck & drew:


The inner child is comprised of many different aspects of our childhood & at different times in our adult life, will need their voice to be heard. Practice listening to your inner child now, asking what it is they have to tell you & responding to them with understanding & kindness. Responsive journaling is a good exercise for this.

  • I feel like I needed this one today. I actually had asked, “What would my inner child like me to pay attention to today?” So at some point today, I will meditate on this card & its message today. :infinite_roots:

I know theres no actual set time i just normally do my draw in the morning as im waiting for coffee to finish making.


Wednesday April 6 2022

Card: the devil
Deck : anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: evil personified, he is the taker and keeper of lost souls. As long as we continue to strive for spiritual enlightenment and ignore his promises, only then good come from his evil.


Thursday, April 7, 2022

Celtic Tree Oracle

(By: Sharlyn Hidalgo & Illustrated By: Jimmy Manton)

I shuffled the Celtic Tree Oracle deck 3 times & took the next 3 cards off the top & drew:

22. Oir Spindle

Keywords Fulfillment, Delight, Light, Sudden Insight, Thunder & Lightning, Release, Energy, Illumination, Your Best Efforts, Completion of a Task

Oir Spindle represents sudden flashes of insight & brings illumination & clarity. She is about fulfillment & delight – in particular, the fulfillment that comes after the completion of tasks. Therefore, this tree encourages us to put aside our excuses, evasions, & denial. We are encouraged to get to work & complete our goals so we can fulfill our aspirations. Spindle helps us to fulfill obligations so we can move forward. She rewards us for doing the very best we can. The ogham for Spindle is Oir & the letters are OI & TH. It is represented by the helmet & is formed by the index fingers & thumbs touching at their tips.

22. Oir Spindle Upright

This card offers you sudden insight & clarity. This tree is about enlightenment. You are asked to remember that you are a being of light & to see the light in every person you meet & every situation you enter. This tree brings illumination & insight.

When you receive Oir Spindle in a reading you are promised fulfillment, but the key is that you must do the work. Lay aside your reluctance & your excuses. Get busy. Success is promised but first must come labor. Spindle will help you to fulfill the necessary stes & give you the energy to complete your work. Choose to do your best & apply your energy to the tasks at hand. True sweetness comes from fulfilling these tasks to the best of your ability.

If you are trying to make a decision, you are advised to investigate. Get all the relevant facts. Do your due diligence. When you have gathered the information, you can make an informed decision, choose, & begin.


Thursday April 7 2022

Card: queen of cups
Deck: anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: contrary to popular belief, the queens heart is tender. Her love for the king is unquestionable and she can offer compassion to those who would quench their fear and ask her guidance.


Friday, April 8, 2022

Celtic Tree Oracle

(By: Sharlyn Hidalgo & Illustrated By: Jimmy Manton)

I shuffled the Celtic Tree Oracle deck 3 times & took the next 3 cards off the top & drew:

3. Fearn Alder

Keywords Guidance, Prophecy & Divination, Strength in a Dispute or Battle, Spiritual Protection, Balance between the masculine & feminine :yin_yang: energies

The Fearn Alder initiates in the third lunation & represents guidance & initiative. This tree also represents leadership, power, & strength. If you need backbone in a dispute, this tree offers you strength & resolve, as well as protection. Alder holds both male & female powers & shows us how to balance these aspects within us. Alder encourages us to seek the oracle to help us update our intentions & assert our plans. We set thee renewed intentions for a new solar year. There is a quality of self-sacrifice for the good of the community, with this tree. The ogham for Alder is Fearn & the letters F, V, & GW.

3. Fearn Alder Reversed

You may be too dependent upon either your masculine :male_sign: or feminine :female_sign: role or energy. Rowan :deciduous_tree: asks you to address any imbalances in this area. Remember, you are not confined to any role. You have full choice in how you create your life.

You may be denying access to spiritual messages & guidance. Perhaps you are ignoring the fact that you require help & healing. Check-in & see if you are being overly resistant. Help is available but you must ask for it before your guides can come forward. They need your permission to assist you.

Similarly, you may be unaware of your need for protection, especially within a situation that involves a dispute or controversy. All that is needed is for you to invite your spirit helper’s protection & guidance & they will come forward for you.

After yesterday, I am really taking this card into account because what I am doing, I needed assistance with something & one of the hardest things I had to do was to tell someone that I couldn’t handle what the situation is anymore & the best thing for myself & my family was a change to help with the dispute that has arisen. It was a great feeling to finally admit that it was too much & step down.


Friday April 8 2022

Card: king of swords
Deck: anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: you come to me seeking justice and i offer my judgement impartially, for that is the course, set down by my regal forefathers and i shall uphold that duty to the best of my abilities.


Sunday April 9 2022

Card: eight of cups
Deck: anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: when the night has ended and the sunrise takes away our freedom, disillusion fills our being . We return again and again to the sepulchre of our dreaming.