April, May, June 2022 Single Oracle/Rune/Tarot

@Siofra_Strega your welcome. This card resonated with me too. I need to release literally some things that have happened yesterday and now thinking maybe I reacted to soon or to harsh. This card is telling me that I need to apologize to the person that maybe I have hurt and he scared me. I have a hard time with men, trusting them with my heart. So I will go and apologize to this man and ask for his forgiveness.

I am glad it can help you, Krissie.


Friday, May 20, 2022

Inner Child Oracle

(By: Amanda Lynn Hails)

I shuffled 3 times, removed the top 3 cards & drew:

Be True to Who You Are

You are your own person but sometimes our sense of safety & self can be wrapped up in something else, which can hinder our ability to trust ourselves & our intuition; & can lead us to betray ourselves for that which we identify with. Separate yourself as you can, so that you have space to come forth. Do not be disheartened if this takes time.


Friday 20th May 2022

image source from Goddess Power Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid

Empowerment Message: Sometimes not knowing is a great gift. Right now, the Greek goddess Persephone invites you into a state of open-hearted learning. Discernment comes with experience, and at this moment, it’s ok to admit you don’t know or fully understand what is in front of you. Be curious and teachable. The goddess Persephone will be with you to ensure you will not fall prey to unconscious commitments and dangerous alliances, just as her own naivete caused her to strike a terrible deal with the god of the underworld. That said, every experience has value. No matter what choice you make right now, the consequences will have a lasting effect as you integrate your lessons and travel the road of destiny.

Alignment Message: The goddess Persephone was forced to pay a high price as restitution for what she thought were innocent actions. Today she is a wiser goddess and is encouraging you to stop what you are doing and pay attention to the red flags. Don’t take a bite of the forbidden fruit unless you are willing to pay the price. The alignment task offered to you by Persephone is simple. If you feel unsure in any way about what is being offered to you, step back and ask, Do I have enough knowledge and strength to explore this without attachment to what lies ahead? If yes, jump in! If not, consider the wisdon of waiting. For this or something better now manifests for you in divine timing. Don’t fall for the seduction. It won’t be worth the price.

Blessed Be :dizzy:


Love this card, thanks for sharing @debra2


Today’s card, was dead on for me! LOVE IT! :blush: :blush:r


Im going to try something new. I’m going to pull some cards.

From the Auset Egyptian deck by Elisabeth Jensen, I pulled Bast with Joy and Pleasure.

Bast’s channeled message:
I am so full of joy to be here and wish to announce that you will soon have a new flow of happiness in your life, so you may release sadness now. New love will come to many. As a cat goddess, I wish to send you all forms of sensual and earthly delights, so invoke me often to allow them to come to you sooner.

**Abundance **: Forget your money concerns as abundance is coming. Go play and be creative to free up manifestation energy.

Love: New love or more love in an old relationship. Shorter term relationships. (?)

Work/Career: Don’t worry so much. The situation will resolve itself if you relax and go play.

**Travel **: To London, New York or any big city will be exciting.

Health: Relax more amd stress less is the answer.

Family: Possible multiple pregnancies.

Future: A good life if you continue to meditate and create happiness for yourself.


Sunday, May 22, 2022

Inner Child Oracle

(By: Amanda Lynn Hails)

I shuffled 3 times, removed the top 3 cards & flipped over the top card:

Let It Come Forth

Repressed emotions can subconsciously fuel many of our behaviors & interactions within the world, & so it is good to explore these when we can. Find a place that feels safe & begin by asking yourself if there is anything needs to be spoken aloud & released. Observe what comes forth without judgment.


Monday 23rd of May 2022

image source from Goddess Power Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid

Empowerment Message: Giving to others is a wonderful feeling! When you have a healthy sense of yourself, you want to share your love, your inspiration, and your experience, and the exchange feels clean. Your boundaries are fluid yet strong.
The Greek goddess of grain, motherhood, and the harvest, Demeter, reminds you that a harvest is meant to be shared. You’ve now tapped into her nurturing love, which is abundant, and your well-meaning gestures will be received with gratitude and in some way returned to you tenfold.
Now is the time to nourish yourself too, for giving must be balanced by receiving. Allow yourself to feel how the universe is like a wonderful nurturing mother that is always there when you need her. Demeter says to trust that you are loved and cared for all day, every day, and for all time – especially now.

Alignment Message: Do you sometimes overgive to people until you’re an empty well? Perhaps you’ve attracted others who are needy and want you to look after them, or you might be in a pattern of people pleasing because you’re afraid to set boundaries. There is a sticky quality to connections based on this need to be needed. Although the possible repercussions for setting boundaries are in your mind, your body holds on to fear tightly, so it can be scary to make a change. No one wants to admit that they are manipulative or codependent, but it’s important to be honest about where you find yourself now.
Demeter knows the price of this way of being, as it caused her to lose something so dear to her; now she has come to show you another way. Your alignment task is to recognize that it’s time to step back, take a breath, and say no to the behaviors and people you know are draining you. It’s that simple! The Divine is the one with the plan. Gather your love, your nourishment, and your self-worth. Choose how you nurture it and how you want to receive it. You are so loved when the goddess Demeter brings you her nurturing energy to help you course correct.

Blessed Be :dizzy:


Saturday, May 28, 2022

Radiant Crystal Oracle Deck

• By: BouchetteDesign.com
BouchetteDesign | Etsy

(I shuffled 3 times & took the top 3 cards off & drew)


  • Stability, Prosperity, Harmony


  • Heart :heart:

Astrological Sign:

  • Libra :libra:


  • My life is fulfilled with abundance


  • Jade is a symbol of serenity & purity with a loving & nurturing energy. This stone protects the bearer from harm & brings in harmony. It helps release negative thoughts & stimulates ideas & dreams.

Flower/Herb: :hibiscus:/:herb:

  • Dandelion

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Inner Child Oracle

(By: Amanda Lynn Hails)

I shuffled 3 times, removed the top 3 cards & flipped over the top card:

Pull Yourself Close

Our inner being longs for us to reside as one. It is now time to pull close all of the places inside of us that we wish were not there. Imagine embracing yourself in acceptance, the “good” parts, the “bad” parts, the “missing” places, & the “broken” pieces. Knowing that every place inside of you is worthy of the greatest love.


30 May 2022

Magdalene Oracle
by Toni Carmine Salerno


Trying to gain a higher spiritual state of awareness may feel like a long and slow process. Yet remember that a part of you exists always in a higher spiritual state. Higher consciousness is a knowing and wisdom far beyond words or explanation. It is your true nature, the eternal light of your soul. There is no point trying to reach it just as there is no point in trying to escape your physical reality. Higher consciousness means being fully present in each moment. Stop trying to reach it, and you may just realize you are already there.


I Luuhhhhvvvvveeeee :heart: this so much! Thank you for pisting you card draw today! :revolving_hearts:


It was my pleasure :heart: And I absolutely love the card I drew, I had to post it!


31 May 2022

Spellcasting Oracle Cards
by Flavia Kate Peters, Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Artwork by Artwork by Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman


Spell Incantation
Light a black candle and face north, under a first-quarter moon at midnight on Tuesday. Write the name of the item you wish to find on a piece of paper and say:

Direction of north, magic of earth, honour me with your powers of birth.
There’s something I’m missing and just cannot find, I picture the item within my mind.
To find and retrieve from the picture I see, I ask it’s returned for safekeeping to mine, so I can reclaim it, all in good time.

Blow out the candle, fold the piece of paper four ways and bury it in the earth. Your lost item will be returned in an unexpected and magical way.
Now say:

Gratefully I accept the magic of you, of protection to assist in all that I do.
Lend me the courage, build power in me, assist my transcendence, So Mote It Be…


1 June 2022

The Magic of Unicorns Oracle Cards
by Diana Cooper, artwork by Marjolein Kruijt

~ 3 ~ Create Your Vision
Do what makes your heart sing. You are being nudged forward.

Choosing this card suggests you are ready to start another phase of your life. Before you take a step forward or look for a new direction, your guidance is to open your heart and mind to all possibilities.

‘My Unicorn leads me towards my dream.’*



2 June 2022

Wisdom of the Hidden Realms
by Collette Baron-Reid

:triquetra: 8 The Dream Walker
dreams, the collective good, illusions

When the Dream Walker is your Ally, dreams really can and do come true. Spirit has a dream for you that is yours alone, and all you need to do is ask and it will unfold like magic.

When you ask, “Is this the dream for me that serves the greater dream?” the most beautiful vision for your life serves the highest good of others too. Just the act of asking will immediately provide the answer.

The Dream Walker is beside you to help you move effortlessly through the illusions.

The Dream Walker challenges you to wake up and don’t struggle when you’re in the middle of a nightmare. She reminds you that the Divine will lead you out of the bad dream and into a much better one. This too shall pass.



3 June 2022

Fantasy Cats Oracle ~ Magic is in Your Paw :cat2:
by Paolo Barbieri

SUMMER - The wild energy of mid-day

When - Daytime
Advice - Enjoy the moment, live fully, and give value to what you have*

  • Release the struggle, and allow light to expand your intent at a perfect pace.
  • Make your desire known and release it.
  • Trust the day’s magic as sunlight falls through leaves like drops of dew.
  • Play and let pleasurable actions bring joy to the body and soul.
  • Trust the beauty within and light yourself up from the inside.



Sunday, June 4, 2022

  • June 4 Saturn :astrology_saturn: goes Retrograde - when this happens it’s more of karmic energy. You will be brought lessons for some things & rewarded for others. It’s a time of balance of things that have been brought forth in your life.

Inner Child Oracle

(By: Amanda Lynn Hails)

I shuffled 3 times, removed the top 3 cards & drew:

Emotions are the Reflection

Emotions can often be a reflection of how a present event affects our inner child. When an emotion comes out that does not make sense to you, take a moment to sit with it. Ask yourself, what is this emotion attached to the inside of me that goes beyond what I am experiencing now? Journaling is a good exercise to explore these emotions further.

I want to thank everyone including @marsha for posting their draws over the last couple of weeks. I did see that a member, I wish I could remember who it was, that works or is currently working on herself & her inner child… so this seemed like the perfect deck to draw from.

It also was my go-to this morning because I have done it. I broke & continue to smash ancestral abuse/trauma/cycles that go back past the Great Depression but may have been exacerbated by the fall of Wall Street at that time. I acquired some amazing family history items that so far go back to the early 1800s.

It was a week of learning & processing & realizations/answers/cleansing old wounds so they can really start weaving their way into my experience to make me who I am now a better version of myself. I wasn’t born to be famous or have a lot of money. I was born to raise my family the best way I can to settle my roots & my family’s roots somewhere to start anew & be the change my maternal line has needed through a few generations. It’s been quite the journey since last March (2021).


Monday, June 6, 2022

Celtic Tree Oracle

(By: Sharlyn Hidalgo & Illustrated By: Jimmy Manton)

I shuffled the Celtic Tree Oracle deck 3 times & took the next 3 cards off the top & drew:

11. Muin Vine

Keywords Bringing things to fruition, abundance, harvest, community, prophecy, psychic, enjoyment, celebration, laughter, summer, intoxication, ecstasy

Muin Vine initiates in the tenth lunation & the celebration of Lammas or Lughnasa (also known as the Day of the Bread), which honors the first fruits of the harvest. Here all vines & brambles are honored, including the blackberry. What is important, now, is gratitude for the outcome of fertility & for the cornucopia of fruits created through the cooperation of the sun, the flora, & the elements with the cooperation of the Earth Mother. Celebration is encouraged. The sun at its fullest power is celebrated. This is a time for song, dance, & storytelling. Prophesying & consulting an oracle are encouraged, now. We enjoy our abundance. The ogham for this tree is Muin & the letter M.

11. Muin Vine Upright]

When you get Vine in a reading, you are promised abundance & fulfillment. You harvest what you have worked so hard to create. You can expect results & tangible manifestation. Pat yourself on the back, take your bows, & enjoy the recognition & applause. However, you are also asked to watch for signs of arrogance & hubris. Do not take this fulfillment for granted. Rather, sing praises of gratitude & count your blessings.

This card suggests a celebration. This can be simply shared gratitude for the bounty available at this time of year. Get together with others & celebrate your community. Be grateful for all you have.

This is a card for creative expression through the arts, theatre, writing, & performance. You know this is a time ofr something big. Tap into this bigger than life energy & expect expansion, creativity, & generosity. This is also a time to seek the oracle as Vine encourages prophecy. Find a good reader or select your own favorite tool.


6 June 2022

I drew this card yesterday but somehow time got away from me and I didn’t get it posted. All in good time…

Spellcasting Oracle Cards
by Flavia Kate Peters & Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Artwork by Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman

Good Luck

Magical Guidance
Having faced hardship and misfortune, a little bit of luck will be a welcome relief. By stepping away from a negative outlook, you’ve invited in a magical force that supports good fortune.

Think black cats :black_cat: horseshoes and four-leaf clovers :four_leaf_clover: to ensure luck is on your side.

Hold a coin to your Heart at Noon on a Tuesday during the phase of the Full Moon :full_moon: (see footnote below)

Face south and say:

A coin for gain to change the way, good fortune favors me today.
It flows to me and fills my core - bad luck’s thrown out forever more.
A winning streak, the bounty’s in, this stroke of luck will help me win.
Celebrate through dance or song - my lucky day! I can’t go wrong!

Leave the coin in nature for someone to pick up and share in the luck and say:

Gratefully I accept the magic of you, of protection to assist in all that I do.
Lend me the courage, build power in me, assist my transcendence, So mote it be…


The Next Full Moon on A Tuesday just happens to be coming up on June 14, 2022!

Happenstance or coincidence or synchronicity? I find it fascinating…
What are the chances of a Full Moon happening on a Tuesday? How often does it occur?
Inquiring minds want to know!